Story title: The Unfortunate

Fan fiction universe: Harry Potter

Setting: The events of the story begin (and diverge from canon, becoming AU) right after Harry's fifth year at Hogwarts.

Pairing: SS/HP, not romantically.

Warnings: Forced marriage, rape/noncon, underage, violence, mpreg, character death

Rating: M

Genre: Angst/tragedy

Plot summary: The Dursley's abandon Harry after his fifth year at Hogwarts and to escape the corrupted ministry's clutches Harry is forced to marry Snape. What follows are a series of even more unfortunate events. Melodramatic and with characters very OOC.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters featured in this story.

Chapter one – A most unfortunate turn of events

Harry's POV

The last day of Harry's fifth year at Hogwarts was a rainy day. The first thing he noticed when he woke up was the heavy smatter of rain against the window next to his bed.

The day went by fast, Harry's last day of term before the summer break always did. But it wasn't the same as it had been the previous years. Harry didn't feel as connected to his friends as he used to.

As they talked and laughed he found himself tuning their trivial nonsense out. Harry didn't feel like himself anymore. Something had changed in him when Sirius died, and when he learned of the prophecy; the great responsibility now resting on his shoulders.

A part of him could not help but question why he should feel responsible for the world at all though, just because of a premonition by none other than Trelawney, presented before he was even born.

The day flew by and soon dinner was over and they were heading for the train that would take the others home and Harry to the Dursleys.

It was still pouring down, and the moving mass of students was mostly covered by umbrellas in every color.

Just as Harry was about to board the train, following Ron and Hermione, he felt a hand on his shoulder. Turning his head he was surprised to see Dumbledore standing behind him, underneath a big lilac umbrella.

"Harry my boy, there has been a change of plans. You will not be returning to your relatives. If you would come with me to my office I will explain", Dumbledore said seriously.

Harry blinked. He wasn't going to return to the Dursleys? Well that was fine by him, but why? And where would he go instead? From Dumbledore's grave look he guessed he wasn't going to be allowed to just spend the summer with Ron's family.

"Harry? Are you coming or wh-"Hermione had come back out to get him. "Professor!" she said sounding surprised.

"Miss Granger", Dumbledore replied kindly, nodding at her. "I'm afraid Harry won't be coming with you. Due to sudden unexpected events Harry won't be returning to his relatives", he said calmly.

"Oh, then where will he go? Could he perhaps come spend the summer with me or Ron?"

"I'm afraid things are not quite that simple Ms. Granger. I do not want to go into detail out here though. I am sure Harry will write both you and Mr. Weasley later and tell you more. Now Harry and I must retreat to my office before discussing this further", Dumbledore told her pleasantly.

"Okay… write as soon as you can Harry", she said, looking at Harry uncertainly. Harry nodded at her. "I will Hermione", he replied, glancing at Dumbledore questioningly. Dumbledore just gestured for him to walk with him back to the castle. Harry waved helplessly to Hermione before hurrying along with the headmaster.

An hour later found Harry seated in an armchair opposite Dumbledore's desk, his eyes wide. Dumbledore had explained just why he would not be returning to the Dursleys who had apparently taken up and left the country merely a few hours ago.

Realizing the danger they were in by having a connection to Harry, housing him every year, but knowing Dumbledore would not have let them give up guardianship over their nephew, they had simply taken up and left.

Dumbledore did not know where they had gone, merely that they had left Britain. When they did this they automatically gave up custody of Harry by leaving him behind. The blood wards had fallen the moment they had crossed the British border without any intention to return for Harry.

Dumbledore had known the moment the wards fell, but then it was too late. They were forever erased and Harry had fallen into the custody of the ministry.

The ministry had yet to realize this. A document had appeared at the ministry the moment guardianship switched, but the machineries within the ministry would most likely not process the information until a few hours after the paper reached the pile.

When they did catch on though, Harry was in danger. The ministry was corrupt, infiltrated everywhere by Voldemort. This meant that Harry being under the control of the ministry meant he was also, indirectly under the control of Voldemort.

Dumbledore had just explained that they needed to switch over the guardianship of Harry before the papers which declared Harry a ward of the ministry were processed. This was difficult as any new guardian would have to be approved by the ministry. The only way to bypass their approval was…

"Marriage?" Harry questioned dully.

"Yes, if a marriage bond is already formed, there is nothing the ministry can do about it. If one of the spouses is underage while the other is of age, guardianship transfers automatically to the elder party of the union as the bond is completed", Dumbledore explained.

"But I can't get married, I'm only 15…" Harry tried helplessly.

"Once the binding ritual has been performed age doesn't matter, it's a magical as well as legal bond. The bond is breakable and you will of course be able to divorce when you come of age and are no longer in danger of falling into the ministry's clutches", Dumbledore said sounding apologetic. "It is the only possible way to transfer guardianship without the ministry interfering. Time is of the essence, the papers could be processed any moment now, and when they are officials from the ministry will come barging in, demanding you come with them", the headmaster finished.

"… Who then? Who am I supposed to marry?" Harry asked, hardly believing he needed to pose such a question.

"We have no time to lose, leaving the only possible candidates the people inside this school right now. The people currently within the walls of Hogwarts, excluding myself and you are; Professors Hagrid, Trelawney, Vector, Snape, Mr. Filch and Madam Pomfrey. Hagrid and Filch won't work; the old wizarding rites do not accept half-humans nor squibs as a party. Vector is already married, as is Madam Pomfrey. That leaves Sibylla and Severus…"

Harry stared at Dumbledore, horrified. "I have to marry Trelawney or Snape?"

"Yes… Severus is the preferable alternative; his cover was blown a few weeks ago, therefore he would not jeopardize anything further by being married to you, he is already one of Voldemort's most wanted. He is also a member of the order, which Sibylla is not, and is therefore a lot more thoroughly aware of just what part you are to play in the impending war. Besides that he is a very competent wizard, well able to defend you against possible attacks during the summer, while defense is hardly Sibylla's forte", Dumbledore stated.

Harry just stared at Dumbledore unblinking. "You want me to… marry… Snape?"

"We have no time Harry, he is the best option within close vicinity", Dumbledore said looking contrite.

"… What about you, professor?" Harry asked, grasping for any alternative.

"I must perform the ceremony Harry. I am the only person within this castle with both the knowledge of how to do this, as well as the legal authority; as a member of the wizengamot I have the right to perform such rituals", Dumbledore told him gently. "One cannot execute a binding, oneself being one of the participating parties, I'm afraid", he added.

"I see", harry replied weakly.

"Do you see that this is the only course of action we can take right now if you are to escape the ministry's clutches?" Dumbledore asked him seriously. Harry nodded reluctantly, still looking doubtful.

"Please wait here, I have to go find Severus and let him in on the situation. We will of course need his cooperation as well, but I am certain he will understand the necessity once I explain the circumstances to him", Dumbledore said, rushing out of the room.

Harry sat very still in his armchair waiting, his thoughts reeling. Then after only ten minutes or so the door behind him opened. Harry turned his head, spotting a very sour looking Snape entering along with a glum Dumbledore.

"Severus has agreed. We need to perform the ritual right away, before it is too late", Dumbledore said swiftly, stopping in the middle of the room. "Harry, Severus, if you would come both come stand before me", Dumbledore ordered next.


Half an hour later Dumbledore had completed the ceremony, binding the two very unenthusiastic parties together. They both now had a thin golden wedding band on their finger, symbolizing their unwilling union.

Dumbledore was currently explaining further what the bond meant.

"-and so, much like the blood wards on Privet drive Harry, your home needs to be with your husband for this bond to stay valid and strong. You must therefore spend at least your summer with Severus", Dumbledore went on, looking contrite.

Lovely, looks like my summer is going to about as much fun as usual then, Harry thought bitterly.

"-the bond needs to be consummated within the set time limit, or it will become null after the time limit has expired and Harry will fall into the hands of the ministry again. This time over, they will be prepared and we would have no time to make other arrangements, this cannot happen", Dumbledore said this last part a lot more quietly than his earlier statements.

"What do you mean consummated? I thought we just completed the ritual just now?" Harry asked confusedly.

"He doesn't know?" Snape snapped, speaking up for the first time since taking the vows included in the ritual.

"Know what?" Harry asked suspiciously.

"What does consummation usually refer to Potter, when speaking of the fulfillment of a marriage bond? What does a newly wedded couple usually do the night following their… union?" Snape asked him in a mocking tone.

Harry just stared at him for a moment before realization struck. "You don't mean..? That we'd have to… No, that cannot be right. He doesn't mean what I think, does he?" Harry asked, looking at Dumbledore pleadingly.

"I'm afraid it's true Harry. You need to consummate the bond for it to stay valid", Dumbledore informed him unhappily. "Only one single… act is required. Then the bond is sealed", he paused looking uncomfortable. "I am quite sure ministry officials will appear here soon enough. I will handle them when they do. It is however of outmost importance that your bond is sealed before the time limit expires tomorrow. Now, you both better move along to Severus' quarters, it is getting quite late and there is no point in you getting involved in the argument with the angry ministry representatives. I will see you both at breakfast tomorrow I trust", Dumbledore said, trying to offer Harry an encouraging smile. Harry's face must have reflected betrayal as that was what he felt, as he reluctantly followed Snape out of the office at Dumbledore's dismissal.

Harry mindlessly followed Snape through the corridors down to the dungeons, his head spinning with everything. They stopped before the portrait of a strict looking elderly woman in an armchair.

"Mundus vult decipi", Snape said in a neutral tone of voice.

The portrait swung open after throwing them a piercing look and they entered what Harry assumed to be Snape's living quarters.

He lifted his gaze which had been directed at the floor as he entered. They were in a murky living room. The walls, floor and furniture were all made out of a very dark wood. There was a fire burning in the fireplace casting some light on the room; this was the only light illuminating the shadowy room. The walls were lined with several bookcases filled with rows of thick volumes.

Snape motioned with his hand towards one of the armchairs in front of the fireplace. "Sit."

Harry who was still in shock obeyed without a thought. He glanced at Snape who was retrieving something from a cabinet on the other side of the room.

Thinking about what they were going to have to do within the next few hours made Harry queasy. This situation felt utterly surrealistic.

He kept hoping to himself it was all an absurd dream. He knew his mind wasn't this twisted though, deep down, he knew this was really happening.

The thought of the other man touching him disgusted him. First of all Harry had never been attracted to men, he held nothing against those who preferred their own gender, but he himself had never had that inclination, at all.

Secondly, aside from the fact that he was straight was the fact that this in fact was not any man, but a man he hated, a man who hated him even more fervently in return. He didn't find Snape physically attractive on any level, besides that Snape was one of the most unpleasant people Harry'd ever met, even taking into account his dreadful relatives.

Snape sat down in an armchair a few feet away, holding a bottle and two glasses. Pouring a liberal amount into each glass he handed Harry one. "Firewhisky", he informed curtly before downing his own glass. He instantly poured himself another one, looking even more severe than usual.

Harry sipped at his own drink frowning, this was stronger than anything he'd ever tasted before. He stared at Snape who was now downing his third glass. Snape looked up at him. "This was a very abrupt, extremely unwelcome turn of events. I could hardly have procured a worse scenario in my worst nightmare…" Snape muttered glaring at Harry as if this was all his fault.

"We will leave for my home, where I usually spend my summers, tomorrow. When we get there I expect you to stay out of my way, we will see as little of each other as possible while living under the same roof. After we get the… consummation over with all we need to do is share a… home. You will of course have your own room, where I expect you to stay as much of the time as possible, out of my sight. Yes, we will not have to see more of each other than absolutely necessary…" Snape muttered the last part wistfully, sounding like he was trying to convince himself. "As to the matter at hand… We have until tomorrow afternoon, 24 hours, but I suggest we get it over with as soon as possible", Snape said frowning horribly, Harry noted that he was well into his fifth glass of firewhisky. Harry had still hardly touched his first.

After Snape had downed the rest of the glass content he put the glass down hard on a small table beside his armchair, beside the half empty bottle of firewhisky.

"Follow me", Snape ordered frostily, standing abruptly. He swayed slightly before regaining his balance and walking to a door on the opposite end of the room.

Harry closed his eyes taking a deep breath. Looking down at the foul liquid in his glass and then at the open door through which Snape had disappeared he swallowed the glass contents in as big gulps as possible, frowning at the taste, before slowly approaching Snape's bedroom.

Almost immediately his mind felt slightly fuzzy. How Snape could have drunk five glasses of that stuff and still not be unsteadier than he was, Harry wondered.

Snape did look slightly affected now, swaying a bit where he stood with his arms folded in the middle of the room. He still managed to throw Harry a look of contempt as he entered.

"Take of your clothes and get into the bed", he ordered in the same cold tone he always used when addressing Harry.

Harry wanted to throw up. He didn't think he could do this. He was thankful he had forced down the alcohol though as the situation felt even more surreal with his fuzzy mind.

He knew he didn't really have a choice, Snape was right, it was better to just get this over with. Sitting down on the bed with his back to Snape he slowly unbuttoned his shirt. Standing up he removed all of his clothes, hanging them on a chair standing nearby. He tried not to think about Snape's presence in the room as he did this, pretending he was just getting ready for bed.

He quickly crawled under the bedcovers, feeling self-conscious nevertheless, being completely nude. Looking up again he saw Snape, also naked, rather ungraciously getting into bed as well.

The alcohol had really set in it seemed, Harry surmised as Snape looked at him with unfocused eyes.

"I'm topping", he stated in a no-arguments- tone of voice. Harry didn't really care; he didn't think he could do this either way.

He was starting to hyperventilate. He was in a bed. Naked. With Snape. This could not be happening. He closed his eyes, trying again to breathe deeply. He flinched and gasped as he was suddenly grabbed and turned over onto his stomach.

He felt and saw Snape kneeling behind him, laying half on top of him with his chest to Harry's back.

"Wait. Just wait, not yet", Harry gasped. Snape obviously wasn't listening as a cold slick finger abruptly entered him, making him cry out in both surprise and slight pain.

"No! No, stop, wait!" Harry tried to get the other man off of him. Snape however was much bigger than him and held him down effortlessly with his weight as well as a hand now pressing down on Harry's lower back, he was held firmly in place, unable to move.

"Please, Snape, let me go, I just need a minute", Harry pleaded nervously. This was all much too sudden and it felt horrible being held down like this.

Another finger entered him beside the first, Harry gasped for air, this hurt. The fingers scissored inside of him for a moment and it felt very uncomfortable. This all felt so wrong, Harry wanted nothing more than for it to be over, he wanted the fingers gone from his very private area and he wanted to be set free.

The fingers where removed and Harry could take a deep breath. The weight on top of him shifted and his legs were being pushed open wider. Hands roughly grabbed his hips on each side and then he felt like he was being torn apart. He couldn't even scream, the sound got stuck in his throat.

His eyes teared up from the pain and tears began rolling down his cheeks as Snape started pounding into him at a ruthless pace. Harry was quiet now, his breathing irregular, as he gasped and sobbed every now and then. A few minutes, which felt like hours to Harry, went by. Snape's pace increased, he slammed into Harry even more relentlessly than before. Then finally, Snape huffed before collapsing on top of Harry, who felt something wet spread deep inside of him.

Harry's breathing had already been irregular, now with the extra weight on top of him he felt like he was suffocating. Snape at last rolled over, off of Harry, immediately going to sleep.

Harry lay very still for a few minutes, still silently crying, staring vacantly before him. After getting his breathing under control he carefully turned over onto his side. His lower part hurt awfully as he moved.

With gritted teeth he slowly eased up into a sitting position, with his legs over the side of the bed. Then gradually he stood up.

He limped little by little towards a door he dearly hoped would lead to a bathroom, which to his relief it did.

Harry closed the door behind him and sank down to his knees, leaning heavily against the door with one hand. He had felt something wet running down his legs as he limped to the bathroom, and looking down he saw his thighs smeared in semen and blood. He managed to crawl over to the toilet before throwing up.

Authors note:

Melodramatic and cliché, I know, but I just had to write one :P

This is not a fluffy story, and its main feature is melodrama, because I love angst. Also I'm a bit tired of all the forced marriage HP/SS-fics where they almost always end up falling in love and fluffluffluff and more fluff ensues. I wanted to try a different take.

Mundus vult decipi; the world wants to be deceived.