PROMPT: HRM. Can I has Anders stealing Nathaniel's clothes while he's in the bath? Please?

The plan formed in an instant. The whys? Why not! The Whats? Clothing! The whos? The Howe!

Make comments about my robes, will he?

Anders scooped up the neatly folded pile clothing and spirited away with his newly found epic loot in clutch. He practically skip-ran back to the campsite.

He tucked the stolen good beneath the folds of his robes, storing them between his feet as he took a seat on a fallen log near the fire. Nothing to see here. Please move along. He didn't do it. He was innocent of all charges.

Anders' eyes widened as the whistle upon his lips ceased its blow at the image of the naked man walking into the camp through a break in the trees. Nathaniel's hand extended as he walked toward Anders. The jig was up. No amount of wishful sky searching or smoothly whistled tunes could disguise guilt's pointy arrow. And all he could think about as he handed Nathaniel back his items was: Mmmmm, and Howe!