Chapter 1

Torrance walks into the living room where her mom and brother Justin are sitting.

''I got Captain.'' Torrance tells them

''yea and you sent a girl to the hospital on your first day AY AY Captain!'' Justin says

''You were litstening on the phone MOM!'' Torrance yells

''it's true she really should get her own private line ya know shes growing up so fast.'' Justin says

slaps him on the back of the head.''Justin go away.'' she tells him

Justin gets up. ''at ease captain.''

Torrace pushes him

gets up and walks over and picks up a piece of paper.

''well this blistering academic schedule shouldn't get in your way you should be happy about that.'' Mrs Shipman says

''why can't you accept the fact that I'm not a genius... it just kills you that I'm not an honor student.'' Torance says

''no it kills me that you barley make time to study if you studied half as much as you cheer you'd be in great shape you're priorities are...'' Mrs Shipman tells her

''No!... Those are your priorities mine are just fine!'' Torrance tells her

''look I'm just saying that college might be less of a shock if you take an extra language course or something what do you think?'' asks her

''will advanced chem get you off my back?'' Torrance asks her

''not completely but it will help.'' tells her

''done.'' Torrance says as she rolls her eyes and starts to walk away and turns around.

''you know mother's have killed to get thier daughter's on squads.'' Torance tells her

''that mother didn't kill anyone she hired a hit man.'' her mom tells her

Torrance just rolls her eyes.

A little 3 year old girl in pink feetsie pj's with blonde pigtails comes into the room with her blankey and teddy bear

''mommy...'' the little girl says and rubs her eyes

Torrance picks her up ''hey little bear you smell good did grammy give you a bath, did you have a good day with Uncle Justin and Grandma?'' Torrance asks her

''I did and yes she did.'' her mom tells her

The little girl lays her head on Torrance's shoulder.

''ok well she's tired I should get her upstairs and into to bed.'' Torrance tells her mom

''ok g-night Gabby night hun.'' says

''night.'' Torrance says

Torrance carries Gabby upstairs and Gabby is falling asleep.


''me go say nite nite to Justy?'' Gabby asks her

''ok you go and say goodnight to Justin.'' Torrance tells her and puts Gabby down and stands at Justin's door and watches Gabby say goodnight to Justin.

Gabby comes out and runs over to her room and jumps up onto her big girl bed.

Torrance comes in behind her with her blanket and teddy bear and tucks her in with them.

''where's Awon?'' her daughter asks her

''daddy is far away at college sweetie but he loves you very much and I love you very much now go to sleep mommy's tired and needs to shower I love you munchkin.''she says and kisses her forehead and makes sure she's comfortable with her blankey and teddy

Gabby falls fast asleep.

Torrance leaves the room, turns off the lights, shuts the door, and goes to go and take a shower then goes to her room to go to bed.