Shit. Shit. Shit.

I am never going to get this paper written for tomorrow. I've been sitting at this desk for over an hour just staring at the blinking death drum of a cursor on my damned laptop, and I've got nothing to say about Pandora and the theme of temptation. Why I ever let my parents convince me that I needed an extra Greek Mythology Lit class for an elective, I have no Earthly idea. Couldn't I just have an extra PE like Emmett? No, on second thought, that wouldn't be pretty. I really don't need Emmett pants-ing me in the middle of the gym. Again.

Frustrated beyond relief, I get up with my laptop and go sit on my bed with my back flush against my headboard. I start to bang my head lightly against the wood, hoping I'll smack some amazing literary analysis into it.

As I'm on the verge of genius, I hear a very loud beat that sounds familiar, but it isn't coming from our house like it usually is. "Who the… fuuuck?" As I hit that last word, my eyes fall upon a hell of a sight through the window across at the Swan house. Chief Swan's house was always quiet. Well, unless Washington makes it to a play-off; then he and his buddies scream their heads off, but never once did I think I'd hear "I Love Rock n' Roll" blaring from his second story. And I sure as shit didn't think I'd be looking across our side yards into his house at the back end of a brunette- in little tiny shorts and a tank top thingy with lace on it- gyrating around, hips swaying and pulsing to the drum beat and guitar licks. She's standing between her bed and the window with one of her hands braced on a desk chair.

"Holy fuu-huck." I say to myself as I sit up on the bed, eyes glued to the female form across the way. At the beat before the guitar solo, she drops down and slaps her hands on the ground then juts out her backside and drags her hands up her legs slowly. I audibly let out a ragged breath as I realize I'm hard as fuck, and my dick is now acting like a metronome against the bottom of my god-damned laptop. No work shall be done now. I thought I was frustrated before, now I need to go take another shower

I watch as she moves her hands over her ass and glides them up her sides and ribs. As she gets close to her breasts she slowly turns so she's now facing me. I'm frozen watching her hands as they softly press into the flesh of her tits achingly slow, her hips now swaying gracefully, going against the rhythm of the music. My brain is screaming, "Look away, jackass!" but I continue to stare and follow her hands as they move to the back of her neck and into her deep brown and red hair.

The feeling in my pants is becoming extremely uncomfortable. I look down and realize I'm leaning completely over my laptop, pressing my clenched fingers into the opened lid. I don't dare move it just in case my mom decides now is the time to pay a visit. I glance back up at the girl and she has her hands behind her neck and she drags her hair up slowly until it's piled on top of her head, messy chunks floating around her face. She starts swinging her head and hips with the music. When I finally chance a concentrated look at her face, a wicked smile is playing across her full, pink lips.

Oh fuck, can she see me?

Her eyes are closed and I highly doubt she's able to see into my room since my room is at an angle on our house, but she is smirking like she knows she has an audience.

Fuck that's hot.

Maybe someone's there with her? No. This has to be Chief Swan's daughter from Phoenix he told my parent's about. The one they asked Alice to show around. No way would Police Chief Charles Swan ever allow some lucky douche-bag to get a lap dance from his only daughter in his house.

Which is a shame… she's good at it.