It was stupid to even admit it, but despite all the drama
and semi chaos that the whole Vicki incident brought upon everybody, or everybody with some resemblance of import to him at least, one good thing came out of it. Which was sadly a highlight of his stay in Mystic Falls as of yet.

Why sadly? One might wonder, and well, the thing is while he enjoyed every single one of his meals (humans that is), it just wasn't as fun as it used to. Must be that after all those years it had just become a habit, not a hobby.

And trying to make Stefan's life miserable was fun as always. It just wasn't as much of a challenge as it once was.
Kill one person, kill another one and then another one and that'll do it. Yeah, fun times. But there's no such thing as too much fun.

Anyway... The one good thing that came out of it was that he got to meet Jeremy. He just helped him because, who knows why, he sort of felt guilty about it. It was all Elena's fault. Why, oh why does she have to look like Katherine.

It was a soft spot, but the important thing about the whole mess was that the boy was just delicious, in a -i-wanna-drink-your-blood- sort of delicious. And really good looking too.

Blame it on the witch trials, the Nazism, the racism and a few other ism's, but he was way over labels. What's wrong with variety after all right?

So yeah, he had to admit that Jeremy was adorable. And he did meant adorable, cause he is 15 years old and being just a few hundred of years older than him, it did sound weird to say he's hot.

Not that Caroline was much older than him but unlike her, he wasn't planning on sleeping with Jeremy. Now, that would break havoc between him and Stefan now that he was oh so in love with Elena, and imagine her reaction.... OK he really needed to stop there cause now it was starting to sound like a good idea.

He was sitting on a branch high enough to avoid been caught by an unsuspecting passerby when, as luck would have it he saw him approaching. His own personal unsuspecting passerby.

And it wasn't really a coincidence as that particular tree was just on the way to the Gilberts. And just as Jeremy passed it he jumped, falling right in front of him.

Jeremy got so scared he falled on his ass, which was hilarious or so Damon thought.

-Oh it's just you- Jeremy said with a sigh when he saw him. -For a moment i actually got scared-

And then there's the part where he knows about the vampire thing.