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For the next couple of hours Jeremy just laid in bed thinking about what had happen. Because what exactly had just happened? And why had the thought of it keep making him horny?

When he finally left the bed it was to take a cold shower, though he ended up just jerking off anyway. Twice.

After that he got dressed but sat on his bed for a couple hours more trying to get his head around what it all meant.

He didn't really know how being a vampire worked. Did they get exited just as humans do? At first he thought Damon had looked like he was horny when he saw him touching himself, but come to think of it he looked just the same as when he fed from him. So his eyes looked the same when he was hungry? Whichever kind of hunger it was?

There was always something sexy about letting Damon drink his blood, he even got a boner the first couple of times, but he either didn't think much of it, or ignored whatever it made him think. Or feel.

God he was so confused. He got comfortable in bed and did the only thing he could think could get his mind off things, moved his hand inside his underwear an proceed to masturbate again. But of course all he could think about while doing it was Damon. His eyes darkening as he watched him, his fangs visible as he growled.

He focused on that though as he came inside his pants, and while he recovered his breath he decided that he needed to confront Damon. Even if he was still afraid of him sometimes.