It had been two days since the final defeat of the Clones and everything was now peaceful, Bubbles was lying peacefully on her bed in the hospital, Boomer was sitting next to her while gently stroking her hair, after Boomer had annihilated Brash, he, Blossom and Buttercup took Bubbles to the hospital while Brick and Butch went and told the professor and Sara what had happened.

As Boomer was stroking Bubbles' hair she groaned a bit before slowly opening her eyes, the first thing she saw was a blurry figure, once her eyes had fully adjusted she saw the happy and relieved face of Boomer.

Boomer wrapped his arms around her and gave her a tight hug "Boomie how did I get here" she asked as she hugged him back, Boomer then told her what had happened, when he had finished Bubbles pulled the front of her gown forward and looked down to see that her midsection had been bandaged up. Bubbles then looked at Boomer and smiled "finally the clones and Him are gone for good" she said "yep and thanks to all of the knock offs the world is going to be a much safer place" Boomer said with a smile.

Bubbles looked Boomer straight in the eyes and kissed him on the lips; Boomer's eyes went wide at this before slowly closing and returned the kiss.

The End

And thus is the end of my sixth story, for those of you who have been wondering why Bubbles is fat is Because this and my other story Attack of the Clones are Bubbles weight gain fanfic's, also i realised that this story and my other story Attack of the Clones titles are close to Star Wars titles which might explain why my story Attack of the Clones has gotten so many views, but with that aside I'd like to thank everyone how both read and reviewed my story, so until my next one, see ya.

p.s. I've got a sequel to this story coming soon ^_^