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Kagome didn't know where she had 'gone wrong' in life. Growing up, her life could be judged as ordinary by any standard. She was raised by a normal family, or as normal as a family could be with only one parent. With her father's death, her mother moved the family into the shrine owned by her father-in-law. So while Kagome had no father, her grandfather filled the role of the male figure in her life. She had always been labeled as the 'good girl.' All the way up to high school, her grades were superb. In high school, she was always in the top three of her class. Never once did she find herself in trouble. She dated several boys, but looking back, none of the relationships were ever serious. After hanging around for a few months, her boyfriends slowly discovered that they weren't going to get past kissing and left. While heartbreaking, she had always been able to quickly land on her feet. Her family was overjoyed when she was accepted to the prestigious Tokyo University, even if it was expected. So with much fanfare, tears and hugs, Kagome, armed with a few boxes and a duffle bag, headed off to Tokyo. And thus her college life began.

Kagome settled in quickly with her roommate Sango. Like her, Sango was from a middle-income family and had gotten in by brains rather than her parents pocketbook. Sango, being from a decent sized city herself, helped Kagome acclimate to her new surroundings. Meeting Sango was probably the second best thing that had ever happened in her life. In just a few short weeks, they were the best of friends. They told each other everything. It seemed like there were no secrets between them. Having a friend that she could share anything with was something Kagome had been missing in her life and her friendship with Sango was truly priceless. She couldn't recall how many times they sat on one of their beds and just talked and talked and talked. It didn't even have to be a specific topic… just having someone to talk to that really understood you was fulfilling in a way Kagome had never experienced before. They shared so many interests it was scary.

It was towards the end of her first year that she met the most important person in her life. Standing a few inches taller than her, long platinum-colored hair and amber eyes that radiated a boyish youth, Inuyasha was the man who swept her off her feet... eventually. He was a stubborn bastard, even mean-spirited; but he had a kind and gentle heart. It just took her awhile to discover it. It wasn't a love-at-first-sight for her. No, it had been quite the opposite. She had hated him. They were constantly butting heads. She hated his better-than-thou attitude whenever he was around her, which being Sango's boyfriends best friend, was quite a lot. She got back at him with his ears. Those cute, white, fluffy ears made for delicious targets. But despite the bickering, the two found that they just… clicked. When they finally decided to stop trying to wring each other's necks, it felt natural to start going out. Kagome knew right away that her relationship with Inuyasha was different than the others she had before. It felt… right. She remembered the night she lost her virginity. They had been going out for six months when she decided to accept Inuyasha's invitation to stay the night at his apartment he shared with Miroku. She knew the night would end with them having sex. Miroku was out for the weekend visiting relatives and he wasn't as skilled at hiding his intentions as he believed he was.

That night was probably the night her life changed forever. Inuyasha had been the catalyst that opened a door to a life she never expected to find herself living. As it turned out, Inuyasha was an insatiable lover. If he had always been like he was with his ex-girlfriends or just with her is a mystery she probably will never solve. At first, it started out innocently enough. The bedroom, shower, kitchen, living room and soon every room and piece of furniture they owned had been christened by them. Then, they found themselves in odd places. A car, photo booth, public bathroom, movie theater, a parking garage, a late night at the park… the list continued to grow. It seemed like Inuyasha was constantly pushing her boundaries ever farther away from her comfort zone she had lived in her entire life. So long as there was a high probability of them not being caught, she was willing to go along with it. After all, it seemed more like his fetish than hers. She was just happy to be with him and that he was happy with her. No… her poison was discovered much later. Her little sexual quirk was the very reason why her fiancée was currently busy pounding himself into a woman that wasn't her.

It was Sango who originally planted the seeds that would unlock Kagome's secret desire. They had been talking about Miroku and his usual perverted antics. Miroku had convinced himself that he was going to have a threesome. For the better part of the night, Kagome listened to Sango's tales of Miroku's failed and sometimes pathetic attempts to convince or trick her into agreeing to one. It was after they had gone to bed when a simple thought crossed her mind. I wonder if Inuyasha fantasizes about that? It was that simple thought that led her to this moment, naked, watching her future husband pleasure her best friend.

Both were panting heavily, Sango's hands running along Inuyasha's hips before gripping them tightly, pulling him against her as she thrust her pelvis out, bucking wildly against him. Leaning down, Inuyasha brushed his lips against hers. She responded by opening her mouth, allowing their tongues to entwine. Their tongues battled one another before disappearing as they mashed their lips together in a heated kiss. Inuyasha pulled away several seconds later, straightening and placing his hands on the outside of her leg, pushing them closer to his body as he hammered away at her. She responded by letting out a loud, throaty moan. Running his hands along her skin, he slid his way up to her breasts which rocked up and down from the force of his thrusts. She cried out as he pressed his hands against them, kneading them forcefully. A loud yelp escaped Sango's mouth as Inuyasha pinched her nipples between his thumb and index fingers. A grin formed on Kagome's face. Inuyasha was a fast learner. In the months since they first started, Inuyasha had learned how to push Sango's body to the edge as well as he knew hers. From the sound of Sango's pleasure-filled cries and Inuyasha's expression, they were both getting close.

As if on cue, Inuyasha's bucking movements picked up speed as his breath turned to short gasps. With a loud gasp, he pulled out just in time to spray his hot liquid across Sango's smooth stomach. Smiling, she relaxed her body as he frantically beat at his hard cock, milking the last few strands out onto her bare skin. Finally, he collapsed back into a kneeling position, leaning back on his hands as his cock stood out before him, gradually softening from full attention. Out of breath, he glanced over at Kagome, a weary grin on his face.

"That's two," he gasped, still holding his grin. "I think I have one more in me."

Kagome frowned. "You went four times the other day."

He sighed dramatically, leaning sideways as he rolled his head around. "That was a fluke. And technically, we never actually finished in that fitting room."

Smiling, Kagome looked over at Sango who had propped herself up on an elbow, her free hand hovering over Inuyasha's fresh deposit as she contemplated on what to do with it. Finally, she just left it, looking up to meet Kagome's gaze. "You hear that? He has one more in him," Kagome said happily. "You up for another round?"

"Sure," Sango said, turning her head to look at Inuyasha. "That is, if you're not saving it for a certain someone," she said with a grin as her eyes flicked playfully back to Kagome.

"Err, well…" He started, casting an anxious glance at Kagome. "I've been with Sango the whole time. What about you?"

"We've been over this before. I'm fine." A mischievous smile crossed her lips. "I'll get my turn later today."

"You could at least join in," Sango pouted. "I can't help but feel a little guilty screwing your fiancée and you just sitting there watching."

Kagome gnawed on her lower lip, debating silently with herself. She didn't really like threesomes. It was odd saying that considering how many she had been in. She thought that she had found her secret fetish the first time she convinced Sango to join her and Inuyasha in bed. It hadn't been easy to get either of them to sign on to the idea and ended up making agreements with each of them. Inuyasha was the easiest. Every time he went along with her fetish, she would go along with one of his, whatever it was, no exceptions. It was surprising how fresh and exciting it kept things. So after an awkward night together, Kagome had to rethink why she was so attracted to the idea in the first place and why it had turned out so horribly. At first she thought it had just been inexperience, but subsequent tumbles two to three times a week by the trio didn't yield better results. The sex was great in its own way, but that special spark was missing. She had stumbled upon it by sheer accident nearly a month after their first threesome. While preparing for a long night together, Kagome left the room temporarily and returned to find Inuyasha and Sango had started without her. The sight had hit her like a physical blow. She could never forget the beauty of it; Sango, her best friend, straddling Inuyasha, making small rocking movements as she rode him, head looking to the side as she bent backwards, hands planted firmly against the bed for balance. Her friend was screwing her boyfriend! And she loved it. So she had stumbled upon her magical spark. As odd as it was, she loved watching Inuyasha with other women. Odder still, she loved it when he told her about it during their lovemaking. It had taken awhile for Inuyasha to warm up to it, but he came around eventually. He did ask her to marry him after all.

Tired of their stares, she finally let out a soft sigh. "Fine, you win," she said, throwing her hands up in defeat. Sango clapped her hands excitedly before getting up off her back. True to his word, Inuyasha had one more left in him. Kagome's affirmative brought him back to full attention without a single touch. A admirable feat considering how much work it had done already. That's my half-demon, she thought proudly. He seemed like he was always ready to go. Gaze flicking over to Sango, she found her friend eyeing it excitedly. After spending so much time bitching about Miroku wanting them, it turned out Sango loved threesomes as long as Kagome was there with her.

After some maneuvering, Inuyasha ended up on his back. Throwing a leg over him, Kagome straddled him, towering above him. He grinned up at her. Inuyasha tolerated Sango to make Kagome happy. Just like Kagome tolerated the shocked gaze of strangers as they hurried past her and Inuyasha's pubic displays of rather intimate actions. Well, tolerated was the wrong word. He enjoyed his time together with Sango, but then, he wasn't in love with her. He loved Kagome and she enjoyed the rush stranger's eyes on her caused.

His grin disappeared as Sango lowered herself onto his face. Taking the hint, Kagome did so as well, guiding his waiting cock to her entrance. It was still slick from screwing Sango just moments earlier. A shiver ran through her as he slipped inside her. A cooing sound escaped her lips as she began moving up and down in slow methodical movements. Sango smiled broadly at her before pulling her into a kiss, tongues entwining. The slow pace didn't last for long. Soon the room was filled with shouts and screams of pleasure. Kagome's up down motions caused the mattress to bounce below them. Every so often, she would stop to grind herself against Inuyasha in a circular motion before continuing her feral ride. Sango was gasping and moaning steadily as Inuyasha's tongue attacked her sensitive clit. Sango, excited over the sight of Kagome's wild ride, came first with loud moan. Inuyasha didn't pause for a second and soon she was well on her way to a second one. Kagome, wanting to join her friend, focused on her fiancées cock sheathed inside her. Closing her eyes, she concentrated on the feeling as it worked itself in and out of her. Just a moment ago, it was inside Sango. Another shiver ran down her back as her moans filled the air. Repeating it over and over again, thinking and picturing Inuyasha with Sango. Inuyasha's orgasm caught her by surprise. So caught up in her own thoughts, she hadn't noticed his bucking against her. One moment she was focusing on an image of Sango atop him and suddenly, warmth was spreading out inside her. Fortunately, that surprise was all she needed to be pushed over the edge. Biting her lower lip, she rode the bliss of her orgasm in silence. The room was still, quiet broken only by their heavy breathing as the three stayed motionless in the glow of their own climax.

Sango was the first to move, rolling off Inuyasha to collapse against the bed to stare at the ceiling. "Fantastic as always," she whispered. Kagome didn't move right away, staying mounted atop him and meeting his smile with an equally large one. No words were exchanged between them. They didn't need them to understand what the other was saying. 'I love you.'

Sango sighed contently before rolling her head over to look at them. "Say, are we going to continue doing this after you're married?"

Kagome blinked. "Why wouldn't we?"

Her friend blushed. "Well, I mean, you would be married."

"Well, we're engaged and still doing it. If we were planning to stop, it would have been the moment I said 'yes.'"

Sango thought about it for a moment. "Point taken."

Kagome smiled. "Why? Worried?"

Grinning, Sango looked up at her. "A little." Rolling over, she glanced at the clock on the nightstand and sighed. "Damn, it doesn't feel that late. I guess the funs over. I should get a shower."

"I'll join you," Kagome said with a smile, lifting herself off Inuyasha. Not even the idea of two women in the shower together could rouse his deflated member.

"I'll… just stay here," Inuyasha grumbled, shoving a pillow under his head and closing his eyes. The girls only smiled.

Nothing happened in the shower, just the two scrubbing clean. By the time they cut the water, no one would have been able to tell both had just had sex. Chatting softly to one another, they both walked around the bedroom, Sango gathering her clothes while Kagome picked out a fresh set. In ten minutes, both were dressed. Kagome tapped the foot of the snoozing Inuyasha, causing him to jerk awake with a snort.

"Huh?" he asked sleepily.

"Sango and I are going shopping."

He frowned. "Now? This late?"

Sango reddened. "He thinks I went shopping with Kagome today. It would be suspicious if I didn't bring anything home."

"Oh, right," Inuyasha said, reddening, reminded that Sango was a taken woman. Miroku had no idea Sango was doing this with them, which was exactly the way she wanted to keep it.

Smiling, Kagome moved over to the bed and gave him a quick peck on the lips. "I'll be back in a few hours."

"Right," he grumbled, settling back into bed.

Nodding to Sango, the two headed out to Sango's car. Opening the trunk, they both began moving the shopping bags to the back seat. They were filled with nothing but cheap trinkets and empty boxes but that was fine considering Miroku and Inuyasha never checked inside them, which was great since they could keep reusing them. Buckling in, Kagome took a deep breath, eyeing the house as Sango started the car.

"Ready for round two?" she asked with a smile.

Kagome returned it. "Lead the way," she said, pointing forward. It was all part of the deal. Sango agreed to join Inuyasha and Kagome in bed. In exchange, Kagome agreed to join her and Miroku. He wasn't like Inuyasha who took quite a bit of persuasion to agree to allow Sango into bed. Miroku was more than happy to have Kagome join them, even more-so after the ring appeared on her finger. Kagome just didn't like threesomes; maybe because between Miroku and Sango she'd spent more time in threesomes the past several months than being alone with her fiancée. Inuyasha had no idea Kagome was doing the exact same thing with Miroku as Sango with him, which was exactly the way she wanted to keep it.


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