The Twilight Twenty-Five
Prompt: Alone
Pen name: stolenxsanity
Pairing: Edward
Rating: T

One would think that spending over a decade as the only unmated vampire in our family, the inherent solitude that came from being single wouldn't bother me so much anymore. For the most part, it didn't. Despite my talents, I was generally able to block out the more lascivious of their actions and, when that proved to be difficult, I found refuge in the surrounding forests, running or hunting to pass the time.

The thought of spending the rest of forever by myself would continue to haunt me, though, even if the decision to so was of my own making.

Disclaimer: Twilight and any/all recognizable components belong to SMeyer; these drabbles are simply my views on certain scenes.

A/N: My undying love and gratitude to naelany, gypsysue and Le Holster, vi0lentserenity. Have I told you all that I really couldn't have done all this without you? And I don't mean just writing these.

On another note, I wrote all of these drabbles – yes, all twenty-five – in the span of about one weekend. I needed a distraction and something to get me back into writing again after my unplanned hiatus due to RL happenings. If you read either of my multi-chapter stories, please know that I will be back to working on Verum Quod Eventus shortly. However, Purest of Pain will be on an indefinite hiatus due to certain circumstances. I hope you all continue to stick with me despite these occurrences and I'm looking forward to writing again. -- stolenxsanity

What is "The Twilight Twenty-Five?"
The Twilight Twenty-Five – or TT25 – is a LiveJournal community that challenges the authors who have signed up to write twenty-five one-shots and/or drabbles using predetermined prompts as a starting point over a three month period. A drabble is defined as a work of fiction that is neither no more or no less than one-hundred words, even.

Where can I find this LiveJournal Community?

The link will be posted on my FFn profile, but for now, go here: http://thetwilight25(dot)livejournal(dot)com - I encourage you to do so as there are 71 participants involved meaning that there will be over one-thousand new TwiFic stories posted.