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"Bless you," Eisen said to his partner.

Yasuaki turned to the smaller male and blinked in confusion at what he had said. "What did you say?"

"I said bless you because you had sneezed."


"It is something I had learned from Miko. There was a time I was with her and I sneezed, then she blessed me with those words. It must be something from their world."

"Do you suppose they have a reason as to why they bless people who have sneezed?"

"I am unsure. Though, sometimes when people sneeze too much it is a sign of illness."

"Ah. I understand. People are blessed when they sneeze so they do not sneeze too much and exhibit signs of illness."

Eisen sweatdropped and chuckled politely. "I am afraid that may not be the reason, Yasuaki-dono..."

"Then what other explanation is there?"

Eisen was about to reply when he felt a tickle in his nose. He quickly raised his hands to his face and let out a sneeze.

"Bless you. Huh. Now I'm saying it."

"Maybe we should ask Miko, Tenma-dono or Shimon-dono why people who sneeze are instantly blessed," the young monk suggested.

"That is a good idea."


Tenma was surprised that two of his fellow Hachiyo had approached him only to ask about why people are blessed when they sneeze. "Funny, I thought you guys had something else to ask or tell me. Right, well it's said that people say bless you to someone who sneezes because when they sneeze, their soul may escape and be devoured by a devil. So, by blessing them, it brings the soul back in and stops the devil. But, that's just one of the stories."

Eisen paled, while Yasuaki appeared very displeased. "A devil can capture our souls when we sneeze?" they asked in unison.


Next time Yasuaki was with Eisen and the monk let out a sneeze, Yasuaki quickly brought out an ofuda. He found it would be more effective than saying bless you.

Eisen, on the other hand, was trying to make certain his soul wouldn't escape.

Such behaviour was very strange, and Shimon asked them why they were doing what they were. Once he received the explanation, he couldn't help but laugh. "Sorry, that was rude of me. What Tenma-senpai said isn't necessarily true. There are many reasons why we say bless you to someone who has sneezed. In the end, it's really more like something to help someone feel better about sneezing in company. You don't have to worry about your souls escaping or devils waiting for you to sneeze and be caught off-guard."



"Bless you, Yasuaki-dono," Eisen stated.

"Sneezing in company does not bother me," Yasuaki replied.