Chapter 7

"Thanks for doing this Nico" Sonny said for the fourth time as they sat at one of the booths in the back of the small restaurtant waiting for Chad to enter with Tawni.

"Your welcome anything to make you happy."

"But what about your rivalry with Mackezie Falls" Sonny said back and Nico shook his head.

"Sonny as long as there is a smile on your face then I'm happy for you, who cares about rivales, oh Chad's here" Nico said before the two started talking again and when Chad passed by the table, Sonny put her hand on Nico's smiling and laughing which made Chad stop in his tracks.

"Oh Hank, I love you too" Sonny said laughing in a giggly way just as Chad grabbed Nico who was disgaused great and threw him away shooting into Nico's seat.

"Why did you do that?" Sonny said but before Chad said anything he kissed her.

"Sonny it was me, I was the one who kissed you, it was all me and I need to tell you something, I Chad Dylan Cooper am in love with Sonny Allison Monroe."

"How did you know my middle name?" Sonny said still trying to get over the fact that Chad had finally just admitted that it really was him that had kissed her not too very long ago.

"Sonny it was always me and I want you to be mine forever."

Sonny nodded her head and in that second, Sonny really had a lad.

She was finally Sonny With A Lad.