Open Your Heart

Prologue: Absolute Chaos

Thunder, rain, and lightning…

That was the weather on that fateful night. Was it coincidence? Just to set the mood? Or maybe some twisted combination of both? No matter what the cause, the storm had happened, and the Master of the Emerald had to sleep in it. He was used to it- as long as his duty to protect the Master Emerald was still intact, he could survive anything. And speaking of this, this is just what the echidna was pondering in his sleep…

"As far back as I can remember…I've been living here on this dark island, always guarding the Master Emerald from anything that could harm it. I don't know why I was given this job (why it was my fate) destined to be here…forever."

It was a scary, and saddening, thought. Living on a cold, dark island…guarding something…being alone… forever? Knuckles hated it, but he never complained. Not that he anyone to complain to. Someone had to do it. Although- he'd never admit it- that one time…the last time he saw the hedgehog, and his little two-tailed fox side-kick…he almost thought he had made a friend or two. They certainly didn't get off on the right foot, but in the end, they saw eye to eye -as much as they would ever get, at least.

And then they had to leave, and Knuckles had to stay behind on his island.

It had been five years since he'd seen them…he was 16 now, the hedgehog a year younger, and the fox was nearing his ninth. Every few days, he'd wonder how they had been doing…but his mind was always set on the Master Emerald.

In fact, he wasn't even supposed to be sleeping now, but animals can only go so long without a decent rest…and that night was the worst night for a snooze.

A shatter woke him up on the spot, a bad vibe rocketing up his spine. He was on his feet in no time, turning to the Master Emerald.

"What the-"

A water-fish like creature was standing right behind him with a blank gaze. It had empty green eyes, and its brain was visible through its water body. Knuckles would've cringed if his emerald wasn't at stake.

"What's going on here?" he demanded to know, though the likeliness of an answer wasn't very. Nevertheless, he glared at the creature until he saw the thousands of sparkles twinkling in the rain behind it. "Oh no…something's happened to the Master Emerald!"

The precious jade emerald had been fractured into at least a dozen pieces, but what worried the echidna slightly more was how it had shattered. Knuckles bared his fangs and roared at the intruder.

"Who are you? Did you do this?" Something told him it did. "Oh, I'll get you for this!"

His fists put on a display of their might, ready to teach the criminal a lesson. Right as Knuckles charged at the figure, it jumped 10 times higher into the air. Its eyes seemed to narrow before it crashed down on Knuckles, sending him tumbling down the stairs. He grunted the entire way down, his head hitting the stairs twice. Despite the throbbing pain, he was back on his feet and charging like a bull.

"Hey! No fair!"

Knuckles returned to the top, his fist held out, ready to strike back. The water creature just melted into a puddle and shrugged Knuckles off like he wasn't even a threat. It disappeared. Knuckles was too jumbled to even talk straight.

"Wait! What happened to you? Come back here!"

Aw, who was he kidding? It was gone; it certainly wasn't coming back.

"Whoa…that was incredible! I've never seen anything like it!"

He didn't even have a chance to think something out or about the phenomenon that happened before him when the entire floating island started to quake. It then occurred to Knuckles…that it was definitely not a good sign. At all.

"It's starting to happen! Without the Master Emerald's power…this whole island will fall into the ocean!"

His mind was so busy rushing he didn't notice the red-orange sparkle flittering above the remains of the Master Emerald. It hovered away, flying into Mystic Ruins…

The Sky Island rumbled and shook, detaching itself from midair. The magic keeping it airborne finally failed, causing it to fall out of the sky with a mighty roar of wind. The impact into the water caused several hundred foot waves to rise and wash out any land surrounding the area. The nearest area, however, was Mystic Ruins…

. . .

Deep in said lush forest, a big purple cat was taking a light snooze on a dock with his best friend, Froggy, waking up after sensing the large crash not too far from where they were.

Danger, water rising…

The water in the nearby fishing stream had been pretty shallow- but now it was deeper. Froggy noticed that, but didn't find anything strange out of it. What he found strange was an oddly shaped pile of blue goo. The goo seeped into the water and lurked for the innocent frog. The poor amphibian was so paralyzed with fear, he just put on a terrified face and let the goo take him over.

Moments later, Big the Cat started to stretch and yawn, signaling he was starting to wake up. He rubbed his eyes and glanced around.

"Huh? Er- wha? Froggy? Is that you?"

The frog before him was Froggy, and a frog…but it had a tail.

"You're lookin' kinda weird, good buddy."

Froggy just turned around, fear plastered on his face at the fact he wasn't really sure of what had happened to him. His feet slipped ever so slightly when he tried to hop out of the deeper water, but he hopped away nevertheless. Big was struck confused.

"What's up with the tail?"

Froggy ignored his friend and leapt behind him, the force that created his tail pushing him toward an interesting shiny rock. Against his will, Froggy swallowed a Chaos Emerald. Big turned around and yelped.

"Hey, wait a minute! You swallowed my lucky charm!"

Froggy hopped off, a much slower Big trotting after him. However, Big gave up and just looked on.

"What's wrong with you? Something's not right…we've always been friends…for years!"

Now Froggy was turning against Big, against his will. Froggy knew, and understood, he was Big's one and only friend. It wasn't that Big was a mean guy; it was just that there were people "better" than Big to be friends with. The day Big had found Froggy…Big had cried out in happiness and swore they were friends forever. Big's eyes were so innocent…all he wanted was a friend. So Froggy stuck around and never left.

Big's eyes tightened at the memory, and at the fear of betrayal from his friend. His yellow eyes flashed open; adrenaline kicked in.

"Froggy! Wait up! Oh dear…"

Big the Cat had a mission now- get his friend back.

Later that Night-

It started as a simple night in Station Square. People were strolling casually, heading home from work. The night was calm and cool, so everyone decided walking home would be for the best. Stars, a cloud, and a helicopter peacefully hovered in the sky above…wait…

The helicopter's spotlight was following something unidentifiable, and the helicopter itself was being followed by the red-orange sparkle. Lucky for city, Sonic the Hedgehog decided to take a quick jaunt around town, and was slightly pleased to hear that something interesting was stirring up. He jumped from building to building, finally stopping when he had a good vantage point of the situation.

"Oh yeah! This is happenin'!"

Clamor, sirens wailing…


Four police cars tore chaotically down the street below the building Sonic was standing on. The cars drove sporadically in small spurts. It was so bad, they were just about hitting each other. Sonic just watched, curious as to why they were all jacked up-or hesitant, maybe?- in the first place.

"Maybe I'd better get a closer look…" Sonic thought, jumping down and ready to follow the police cars. The sirens kept on blaring, the cars continued to take off, and Sonic was still confused, and if possible for his positive no-worry attitude, concerned.

"What's up?"

He curled up into a ball and propelled himself after the law enforcement.

The cars all stopped at a dead end, which happened to be a large building. As if on cue, the very same thing that ambushed Knuckles suddenly jumped out of the sky, ready to cause more chaos in the city. The police ran out, guns steady in their hands.

"You are completely surrounded! Surrender yourself!" the leader shouted. All men crouched down and took precise aim. The plasma-being took another leap, landing in perfect firing range.

"Lock on target, men! Ready! Fire!"

The sound of bullets pierced the night, while the bullets themselves pierced into the criminal. Yet, it was made of some type of liquid, therefore rendering the bullets useless. They fell like dropped pennies onto the walkway. The police were dumbstruck.

"Oh no! Our weapons are useless! Retreat! All personnel, fall back!"

The leader fired two more useless shots before taking off after the others. Sonic, however, was eager to do their job for them. He landed on the leader's car before it drove off.

"Oh yeah! This could be fun!"

It had been awhile, after all…Sonic hadn't done any true fighting in a few months, and fighting evil was his second main hobby. He cracked his knuckles and smirked at the water-logged creature.

"Ready to be washed out?" he snickered, jumped off the car and flying into battle. Chaos 0, which was the perfect name for the absolute chaos he was causing, narrowed his eyes. It was the very same way he had done when Knuckles dared to challenge him. Sonic started off by jogging around Chaos, just out of curiosity. He could find a weak point, learn some of his attacks, anything. It had its advantages. He did find a weak point- its brain. Sonic smirked and threw himself into him, causing the monster to melt into a puddle.

"That's a new one."

Chaos slithered away from Sonic, taking shape once more a couple steps away. His brain lit up, allowing its fist to enlarge in a purple aura. Chaos swung at Sonic, Sonic bending over backwards to avoid being hit. He melted into a puddle, giving Sonic the chance to gather up some rings.

"Okay, let's do this for real!"

Chaos became solid-ish once more, this time taking off into the sky. He landed on a pole and launched a purple fist at Sonic. Sonic yawned and simply stepped out of the way.

"Is that honestly the best you got?"

Chaos growled, jumped to another pole and attacked again. Sonic tried to see where he was, but was blinded by the helicopter light. The sparkle floated up to Sonic's ear, and a light, calm, female voice called out.

"Dodge to the left!"

Sonic obeyed, not sure if he was hearing things or if it was his conscience or something, but he just barely avoided a strike to the face. Chaos' fist lightly brushed against Sonic's rightmost quill. The hedgehog grabbed the fist and threw it to the ground, bringing Chaos down with it. Sonic homed in on his weak point and attacked again. Chaos grabbed his head and melted into his puddle form once more.

"Sorry! Didn't mean to give you a headache!"

The liquid goo bubbled in response, gliding away. Sonic chased after it.

"Come on, you big drip! Where you goin'?"

Technically, that's what it was, after all.

Chaos slipped through the crack of a sewer drain, disappearing under the city. Sonic walked up it, staring down, and thinking.

"Oh well-I'll play with you some other time!"

Up above, on a building to Sonic's left, stood a man with a red coat and a large orange mustache.

"You know nothing fool…" he muttered."It's Chaos, the God of destruction!"

Doctor Robotnik cackled insanely after that, the bellowing laugh echoing into the darkness of the night...

It's such a bad sign…

Sonic Adventure is my favorite game that I've never played! ^.^

This is my first fic of 2010! Whoo! And am I really doing Sonic Adventure? Apparently so. It's a combination of the real game-for those picky people- and originality -for those people looking for something different. It's mainly Sonic, Tails and Knuckles until the epic Chapter 6, but everyone is included at one point. Bla bla bla...just please tell me what you think so far!