Shax written.

In 2101... war was beginning.
Outer Space was location of war. Captain was pilot ship 'ZIG' carrier, on routine mission to base. Hoped that not confront Cats, believe dead from great destruction.
"Glad uneventful trip through system," Captain remark.
"Yes," Operator reply, "Much good is from not see danger."
But danger was. See, invisible nearby was large ship of Cats, no see. Cats not dead!! Instead, face arms half body made of metal replaced. Revenge was wanted.
"Set up them the bomb." Cats command.
"Yes!!" Evil Operator reply.
Meanwhile, on 'ZIG' carrier, "Almost at base," say Captain, "Start thruster."
Suddenly, explosion!! 'ZIG' carrier rocked by massive explode, many parts lose. Fire start in ship!!
"WHAT HAPPEN?" Captain scream, trying to stabilize self, ship.
"Somebody set up us the bomb!" Mechanic reply.
Who set up them bomb? Sudden was attack, Captain surprised, pants wet.
"We get signal!" Operator exclaim.
"What!" Captain shout.
"Main screen turn ON!"
Main screen turn on. On main screen stood regognise man. Captain step back.
"It's you!!"
Cats smile on screen, evil was. Scared he people on ship. "How are you gentlemen!!" he shout, "All your base are belong to us. You are on the way to destruction."
"What you say!!" Captain scream, slap hand forehead, hopeless express.
"You have no chance to survive make your time." Cats continue, wait for moment, then add "Ha ha ha ha."
Main screen turn off.
"What we do?" Operator ask.
Captain stand up. He know what do. "I know what do," say he, "Take off every 'ZIG'!!"
"Take off every 'ZIG'?" Mechanic ask.
"YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DOING!!" Captain shout, "Move 'ZIG'."
Mechanic take off every 'ZIG', move 'ZIG', know what doing. Captain watch 'ZIG'.
"For great justice." he say.
"Ha ha ha ha." say Cats, "They make their time. Now that all their base are belong to us, we succeed in great revenge."
Suddenly, explode!!
"WHAT!!" Cats shout, "What happen?"
"'ZIG'!!" reply Evil Operator.
'ZIG' move, Cats ship explode. Captain cheer.
"They had no chance to survive!! 'ZIG' for great justice!!"
"Yes!" Mechanic reply, "I fix our ship."
"What!" Captain say, smile, "Now for us go home to base."
End good story.

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