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WARNING: This story has M worthy depictions of abuse and rape.

Summary: Things go from bad to worse for Bella when the Forks Police Dept. becomes involved with a sadistic Charlie. Can the Cullens save her? Or will someone pay the ultimate price? AH Rated M

The Mocking Moon

Chapter 1: The Beginning of the End of My Life

It was a typical rain soaked evening in the small Pacific Northwest town my family lived in. My mom and I were heading home, chatting animatedly about the softball game we had just witnessed. My dad's team, the "First Responders" (which was made up of policemen, firemen and EMS guys) had just crushed the team from the local logging company, the "Chainsaw Massacre", 21-4. We talked and laughed about the mud filled contest, and how mom was going to insist on dad being hosed off in the driveway so he didn't track mud all over the house.

Our jovial conversation was ended abruptly with my mom's sudden sharp intake of breath. I looked up quickly and was horrified to see a semi truck hauling enormous logs barreling toward us out of control. Its locked tires were desperately trying to find traction on the slippery road as its trailer began to swing out and into our lane.

"Bella! Hang on!"

Those were the last words I ever heard my mother say. Her scream was followed by the screeching of tires, a flash of headlights, and then . . . blackness.


As my brain started to break through the fog that it was trapped in, I became more aware of the noises around me. I could hear a soft beeping noise that seemed to be keeping rhythm with the throbbing in my head. And somewhere, a little further away, I could hear a hushed conversation. There was panic in what I recognized as my father's voice.

"Chief Swan? I'm Dr. Cullen."

"Dr. Cullen. Could you please tell me what's going on with my wife?"

"I'm very sorry Chief Swan. We used every resource this hospital can provide, but her injuries were too severe. Please find comfort in the fact that she did not feel any pain. It was very quick."

"NO! Not Renee! Oh no, no, no… Wait! What about Bella?"

"Isabella's side of the car did not sustain the full brunt of the impact, but she did break her left ankle and left forearm. She also broke three ribs on her left side and has a moderate concussion. Having said all that, she's fighting and she seems strong. And even though it will take some time before she's up and around, I see no reason, at this time, why she shouldn't make a full recovery."

"Thank you, Doctor. Could I have a minute alone please?"

"Of course. Take all the time you need. I'll be back a little later to check on Isabella."

As the door clicked shut I heard what sounded like a body crumpling to the floor and then the soft, grief stricken sobs of my father.

"Renee… Oh my sweet Renee…Why? Why you? Why did you have to leave me all alone…"

That was the first and last time I had ever heard my father cry.

I didn't realize I was crying too until I felt the warm wet tears rolling down my cheeks. It was slowly sinking in. My mom was gone. Our own personal ray of sunshine was gone.


Dr. Cullen released me from the hospital to attend my mother's funeral on the condition I went in a wheelchair and return as soon as it was over. The service was simple. The church was filled with the brightest flowers the florist could find, and everyone seemed to have a happy memory of my mom to share. She was well loved by the people here and her sudden death had shaken them. There were a lot of tears and some laughter too. I was sure my mom would have been pleased with it, but my dad seemed very determined to make it through without showing any emotion at all. He was, and still is, the Police Chief of our sleepy little town, and he seemed to feel that any display of emotion might cause the town to lose faith in him somehow. It seems so ridiculous to me now. Would anyone really expect him to just be fine with the sudden death of his wife? But back then I just blindly trusted in him and did my best to follow his lead. He was my hero.

My dad tenderly held my one good hand throughout the service, and kissed me gently on the forehead before the nurses took me back to my room in the hospital. It was a kindness that had not been uncommon at that time in my life. We had been a happy family. We loved each other deeply and after my mom died I thought I could rely on my dad's strength to get me through. But sometimes the Fates are cruel. I was only twelve. What did I know about life? My parents were everything to me. I had no idea that the day my mom died, my dad died as well. I will always treasure the memory of the kindness that my dad showed me the day of the funeral, because I have to believe that the man who I've lived with ever since is not my father. I have to believe it to stay sane. My dad died that day, and "Charlie" took his place.

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