Hermione Granger prided herself on taking care of her friends, so when one of her closest ones didn't turn up for breakfast or lunch, she began to worry. As she slowly climbed the stairs, she pondered why he wouldn't have got up, he could be ill; he'd been suffering from a lot of stress she thought sympathetically. A sudden thought struck her – what if he was with a girl? They weren't children anymore, but she didn't think he'd been seeing anyone, in fact, the last girl he was with was Cho, two years ago.

She called his name quietly as she knocked on the heavy oak door; to be sure he wasn't with anyone.

She called him again as she stepped into the dormitory. On looking over at his bed, a slight rustle in the curtains caught her attention followed by a light sigh. Worried he was having nightmare or perhaps a fever she walked slowly over to the heavy red drapes and gently pulled them back, expecting have to wake him.

She was shocked, to say the least, to find her friend curled up asleep, with his head on the chest of none other but Draco Malfoy.

The blonde looked up and nodded curtly, "Granger" he smirked.

Hermione, lost for words could only manage a quiet sorry, then scuttled from the room.


Draco smiled, and stroked Harry's hair, "I thought you put a sticking charm on the curtains?"

"Must have come unstuck" mumbled the brunette, sleepily

"Well clearly you have some awful wizarding skills"

"I'll show you my wizard skills" he whispered

The blonde raised an eyebrow "Oh really?"

"Mmhmm, not now though, I'm tired"

Draco rolled over, pushing Harry off him, "Wrong answer"

"That was mean, I'm cold now" complained the younger boy

"That's what you have a duvet for" replied Draco, condescendingly

Harry turned and curled round Draco's back and planted soft kisses on his neck, "You be my duvet"

"Hang on" said Draco raising himself on one hand and making his way towards the door. Harry murmured something about the lack of a duvet.

Slowly turning the door handle, Draco peered round the frame "Granger, can you go away?"

"Oh, sorry, I wasn't listening, I was just, um, looking for nargles, Luna says they're on the increase"

"Right, well I can assure you, this area is nargle free, so you can go" he said scathingly

Hermione practically sprinted down the stairs as Draco turned to climb back into bed, "What is wrong with your friends?" he asked, confused.