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"You could've told me she's been sleeping in your room for the past week" Harry shouted.

"It's not like it fucking matters, she's my friend" Draco snapped back.

"Your friend who you used to screw on a day to day basis".

"Well I don't anymore, Merlin, you're so paranoid" the blonde rolled his eyes.

"Well I have every reason to be, It's not like I don't know you're Hogwart's little slut, Draco" growled the Gryffindor.

Draco blinked a few times, bewildered then slowly spoke, "When did you stop trusting me, Harry?".

The brunette looked equally shocked at his comment but continued ranting, regardless, "Oh I'm not sure, maybe it was when you let your fuck buddy sleep in your fucking bedroom" he replied sarcastically.

"You're pathetic" hissed the Slytherin, as he turned and walked away.

"Oh yeah? Well, well you are too!" Harry shouted back, rage consuming him.

Draco turned his head and sneered as he disappeared out of sight.

He made it to the forth floor corridor before his temper got the better of him and he punched a wall in anger.

He hated it when Harry acted like this. Trust had always been a big issue in their relationship, sprung from their childhood hatred of one another, but why the hell wouldn't Harry believe him about something as juvenile as this?

He punched the wall again, this time crying out in pain as he heard his knuckle crack. He whimpered for a few seconds, but stopped when he heard footsteps.

"Did you just punch a wall?" enquired a hypnotic voice

"Oh no Looney, my knuckle is just bleeding because it felt like it" Draco replied sarcastically

The girl ignored the comment and instead smiled and said, "I can help if you like" pulling out her wand.

Draco faltered for a minute, unsure whether to trust such a stranger, before extending his hand towards her.

The Ravenclaw lightly tapped the bone that was now jutting too far forward and murmured "Episky".

Draco winced at the hot and cold sensation running through his veins but didn't make a sound. When he opened his eyes to focus on the damage he could only see the grazed skin from the brick wall.

"I can clear up the cut you've made too if you like?" Luna smiled; her pale blue eyes had a look of pity in them.

The Slytherin noticed how she had said "You made", reminding him of his fault. He thought of Harry and realised he probably should've told him about the sleeping arrangements with Pansy. He suddenly realised he hadn't replied and Luna was still staring intently at his face.

He nodded and the girl whispered "Asclepi"

It was as if nothing had even happened to his hand, good as new.

The Slytherin glanced at her, "You're good at this"

"I want to be a healer when I finish here" she smiled warmly

Draco stood up to leave, but turned to see her still looking at him, enquiringly, "You can tell me what's wrong you know, sometimes it's easier to talk to someone you don't know"

The Slytherin sighed, he never opened himself to anyone, he just couldn't trust easily. Yet there was something in those pale blue eyes that promised anything said would be taken to the grave. He sat back down, took a deep breath, and began to talk.

"We always knew that our relationship would be fucked up, there was no doubt about it, what with so much pressure from my father and Harry had so much pressure from Dumbledore and the rest of the wizarding world but there was something about how taboo it was that spurred us on. It was like someone had pressed a switch and suddenly our hatred for one another was sexual frustration. I didn't think I wanted a relationship, I just loved having him at my beck and call, turned out I probably need him more than he needs me".

Luna just nodded, listening intently.

"I've never trusted anyone, I don't even know why I'm talking to you about this, but Harry doesn't understand why I can't talk to him. I can't tell him anything, I'm scared of hurting him, he doesn't need to know what it's been like growing up with death eaters at your house all the time or being hit by your dad, being constantly told you're not good enough."

The Ravenclaw didn't even flinch as the boy in front of her began to rant, just watched him with her round, blue eyes.

"I know I should've told him about Pansy but it's just not something that stays on my mind when I have so many other things to think about. I know he wants me to tell him what's on my mind but I just don't think he'd understand".

Draco looked up to see the mysterious blues eyes in front of him were no longer focused on him, but behind his shoulder. He whipped round, ready to hurt anyone eavesdropping, only to find Harry, with a pained expression on his face.

"Harry..." the Slytherin faulted, "You shouldn't have listened".

The brunette walked towards Draco, lifted him into an embrace and whispered in his ear, "I'm here for you, but you have to trust me"

Draco began to pull away then stopped and finally let his weight fall onto the other boy.

Harry glanced up to see Luna walking away, and gave her a grateful smile.

"I'm so sorry" moaned the blonde, pressing his face into Harry's robes.

Harry cupped Draco's face, there were tears running down it, and said quietly "I love you".

The two stood in the corridor, holding each other like there was nobody else in the world, kissing gently.

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