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Oh, and for those who are curious this takes place before Videl knows about Saiyins, Saiyaman, or even that Gohan is a fighter, but they are "going out"

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~*~ Chapter One: The Announcement ~*~

"Hey Videl, Hey Eraser." Gohan greeted the two girls with a grin. 

"Hey Gohan" they replied. 

"Did you hear about what happened the other day?"  Eraser asked as they began to walk towards class. 

"No, what?"

Curious, Videl looked up. "Yes, tell us Eraser!" 

"Well, it seems that Saiyaman managed to save the day again!"

Videl rolled her eyes and commented sarcastically, "Let me guess: someone robbed a bank and Saiyaman showed up to save the day."

"Why don't you like the guy Videl?" asked Eraser, raising her eyebrows, "Besides, that's not what happened.  Saiyaman caught (a/n blah blah)"

"Wow" said Gohan, making an effort to appear impressed and innocently clueless, "fancy that!"

Videl snorted. She was just about to say something about how full of himself the idiot was, when the bell rang.  They hurried on to class.


When the bell rang at the end of sixth period (a/n last class of the day) the teacher stopped the class from leaving, and began passing out slips of paper. 

"Ok kids, on Friday our class and Mr. Smith's class will be heading out on a field trip to Capsule Corps!" 

The class stared at him for a minute before bursting into excited commentary. 

"Wow!" exclaimed Eraser, "can you believe it! We're actually gonna get to see Capsule Corps!!" 

Videl and Sharpener both grinned in response.

"This is gonna be fun!" grinned Sharpener. 

"Yeah, the owners of Capsule Corps are even richer than my dad!"

Eraser whistled respectfully, "That's pretty impressive." 

Through all of this Gohan just sat and stared at his desk.  ~ What is Bulma thinking! This could turn out to be very dangerous! A hundred things could go wrong.  This is not going to be good

"What's wrong Gohan?" Videl asked, breaking into Gohan's reverie.

 "Nothing… I'm just tired, that's all." Videl nodded and backed off, but eyed him funny.  ~ Something's not right… ~


After school Gohan flew home, fretting about the field trip.  It didn't make any sense!  Why would Bulma put so many innocent kids in a potentially dangerous situation!  He just shook his head and sped up. 

He reached home and /transformed/ back into his normal clothes.  Just then the door flew open and Trunks and Goten both crashed straight into Gohan, making him tumble backwards. 

"Watch it guys!" he said with a grin.  Man those two were really wild!

"Sorry Gohan" they said at the same time, then grinned at each other and at Gohan.  "Wanna train with us!" Trunks asked

"Please!" whined Goten, giving his brother a puppy dog look. 

Gohan sighed, "Alright squirts.  Make you a deal.  Let me talk to mom for a bit, change into my gi, and then I'll come train with you."

"Yeah!!" The two boys cried and bolted off into the forest, laughing and roughhousing the entire way. 

Gohan smiled and shook his head.  ~ Those two are real powerhouses, too bad mom doesn't let me train with them more often ~

With a sigh he gathered his scattered books and entered the house.


Hercule glanced at the paper Videl held out to him. 

"What's this all about?" he asked as he snatched it and skimmed over it.  "Aren't you a little old for a field trip?"

"Well, it'll be a good opportunity to see the famous Capsule Corp from the inside.  Besides, I think we might even get to meet Bulma Briefs herself!" said Videl, knowing that this would be the best thing to say to get her overly ambitious father to agree to this. 

He snorted but his eyes lighted up at the same time. 

"This might be a good experience for you… Getting to meet such a rich and famous lady first hand…" he mused. 

Then he nodded to himself, signed his name to the paper, and went back to flexing and admiring himself in his mirror. 

Videl rolled her eyes, but left him alone.  She had gotten what she wanted.


Chi chi glanced at her son as she finished reading the permission slip. 

"Will you be excused from all of your classes?" She asked, giving him 'the look'. 

Gohan sweat dropped "Of, of course mom!" 

"Well… I don't see why you want to go.  It's not like you've never been to CC before." Chi chi sniffed. 

"I want to be there in case something goes wrong." Gohan replied. "I'm not sure Bulma knows what she's gotten herself into this time." 

Chi chi's face cleared for a second, then clouded up again.  "You're right Gohan, things could definitely get out of hand.  You definitely ought to go."

Chi chi nodded to herself as the signed her name to the paper. 

"Now, why don't you go up and work on your studies." 

"Sorry mom, I promised Trunks and Goten that I'd train with them this afternoon.  Besides, Videl and I did all of our homework during fifth period study hall." 

Chi chi's eyes formed hearts at the mention of Videl's name and nodded happily. 

"Of course son. I'm sure you did, my future daughter-in-law is a good example for you." Gohan sweat dropped and backed away.  "Right mom, sure, but we aren't that serious."  Chi chi eyed him knowingly, and Gohan turned and fled.

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