Well, because it was this story's birthday on the third, I've decided to give you guys a gift! I'm currently working on a summary (that's already pretty long) and you'll be getting that pretty soon…

To cut straight to the chase, I'm hosting a contest of sorts for this story. It isn't a contest in that one person will win, rather it's just fun for participation if you want to.

Basically you can insert yourself into the story as one of Gohan's random classmates.  Give yourself a persona, and have fun! You can follow the entire story line, take one chapter only, take a varied collection of chapters – your choice! All I'm asking is that it's someone who isn't friends with the Z warriors, knows all of Gohan's secrets, etc. If you want, you can be on good terms with Gohan – but no best friends, knowing his family, hangs out with Videl and crowd, etc… I just want a group of normal kids who are experiencing this weird field trip, and what they think of it.

Okay, enough of things you can't do – just have fun! When you're done with it, go ahead and email it to me at demoness22@hotmail.com and I'll read it. If I like it (which I probably will ^^) I'll post it at the very end of the story. It can be as long as you want, and there's no deadlines whatsoever – hell, you could email it to me a month after I'm done with the story, and I'll still probably post it! ^^ Just have fun while you're waiting for me to finish the summary, that's all I ask.

~luv and ^chopstix^~


p.s. While I'm at it, I'd like to recommend a couple of really good stories to you all! For those of you who like humor stories, check out "Gohan's Kat"s Ultimate Guide to Gohan Torture. It's basically a compilation of a whole bunch of really good Gohan humor stories – I've read and enjoyed them all! ^^

Blinded by dragonscales. I think I've recommended this story before, but I might as well do it again! ^^ Gohan, obviously, was blinded during the Cell Games, and the story goes from there.  It's more angst than anything else, but it's still really good! I'm her beta reader, so I have an insider's opinion that this is a really really good story – have fun with it! ^___^

Two Halves of a Soul by DarkHeart81.  This is a Gh/V romance, and it's really sweet.  In fact, all of Dark Heart's stuff is really sweet – read them all! ^^ He's also the only author I've ever read that manages to pull off the whole "Videl as a demi-saiyan" thing.

Low Mans Lyrics by CrazyGohanGurl.  This is one of my favorite stories of all time.  Gohan is a complete badass – smokes, drinks, leads a band, and drives a motercycle – what more could you ask for? ^^ He ran away from home at an early age, but to avoid ruining the story for you, I'll make you go read it yourself! ^^