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Chapter 8


I run my finger slowly round the nape of her neck feeling every pore. As my finger rounded gently her neck, she lent her head back nestling into the crisp white linen covered down pillow. Her eyes closed as I continued to slowly move my finger up her neck and touched the lobe of her ear.

I felt her chest rise and then she slowly exhaled a breath of eye, the faint draft of it brushed against my cheek as I lowered my lips to gently touch her moist lips.

"I love you, Bella," I said softly, my lips drew away from her lips that slightly clung to mine from the moisture of her skin. She gave a responding smile and a light sigh, which I knew, indicated that she loved me.

I moved my palm around and under her the back of her neck wrapping my fingers around and firmly squeezed as I lifted her head slightly and kissed her lips softly. I felt her body push over as our lips pressed harder. Her lips then parted and I felt the warmth of her tongue and its familiar texture on mine.

My fingers moved up, entwining themselves in her soft silken hair. It had a new smooth and lush texture since she became pregnant I thought. I moved my other hand onto her body, which lay on the bed parallel to mine. I ran my palm over her hip and felt the first curves of her tort arse. Her body moved sensuously with my touch and with the hand behind her neck wrapped in hair I pulled her head, her lips and mouth pressed harder against mine.

I squeezed her buttock firmly and then slowly ran my fingers round the arch of her back and across to her waist as she kissed me with increasing sensuality and passion. Soon I felt the curve of her breast and the smoother skin as my fingers moved and sensed the rise of her familiar goose bumped Aeolia, and her firm and hard nipples. I run the tip of my finger across her nipple and she bit my lip softly.

I squeezed her nipple hard in response to her teasing bite and her back arched and our lips parted and she breathed deeply, opening her eyes. We looked deep into each other eyes, her dark chocolate brown eyes seemingly warm, moist and deep.

"Edward," she whispered "the others".

"Don't worry! We're alone!" I replied kissing her softly again, "they're still pretending they're at the Alamo, you're in our bed".

Bella crooked her neck slightly up and looked round the bedroom.

"What? How?" she asked with a touch of alarm moving her body away slightly.

"You got a bit faint when they all started going nuts with the Uzi's down there," I laughed softly. "So helped, well, carried you up here for a rest."

I noted a frown form around her beautiful eyes.

"Don't worry, you're okay, just a bit tired, too much excitement about the twins, and it's been a busy week," I said stroking her perfect breast. "You need to relax and take it easy, you've got three to carry now!"

"Three, fucking triplets!" She squealed her eyes widening, her body lifting from the bed, my hand reflexed from her sudden move making my fingers squeezed her breast tightly. Upon realizing, quickly letting go.

"No No, silly, YOU, and the TWINS, make Three," I laughed moving my hand in front of her face and holding up three fingers. I then rolled back away from her laughing.

"Oh Oh .." Bella said then started laughing, "sorry…..but thank GOD!" She said as she pulled me back into her and our lips kissed.

"Thank god," I replied as we parted lips then kissed her again. We wrapped our bodies around each other as we sunk into the soft down of the large plush doona over the bed. Our kiss increased in passion as I felt the warmth of her body.

After what seemed a timeless period of sensing each other's lips as we kissed, and my skin tingled with the touch as we run our hands through dishevelled clothing, we stopped. Knowingly and laughed.

We quickly rolled the doona back as we scrambled our clothes off either side of the bed and dove under the bed covers. Laughing we embraced and I could feel Bella's soft, warm skin. Her whole body moved against mine and I could feel every curve, every sinew and muscle against mine, and felt her blood pulsating through her body, as her chest and firm breasts moved with each breath.

I run my hand down her stomach, over the soft but firm skin of her belly now curved with the pregnancy. The skin felt extra smooth as it stretched tightly over her belly, the belly button now protruding just slightly. My fingers continued down over the bump and could feel the increasing heat, or what felt like warm breath, of her pelvis and the lips of her vagina. Bella arched her back and pressed into me harder as my fingers moved down.

Bella's hand moved down and wrapped round the hard shaft of my penis and then firming her grip round the shaft pulled me hard towards her body. My hand reflexed as she continued to pull me hard and slow around the lips of her shaved pussy and I pressed the palm of my hand hard into her until I could feel my hand press into her pelvic bone.

Our lips kissed hard and I could feel Bella's tongue vigorously toying with mine, and with each push of my hand she lightly bit my tongue. I inserted my finger into the wet moist warmth of her and she leant back and bit my lip delicately pulling its flesh slightly up with her teeth. Her eyes shut and she breathed deep as my fingers glided up and down the increasingly wet velvety flesh. Soon she was breathing rapidly and I could feel her juices flow inside her. She grabbed my chest and pushed me back hard. Bella's hand was firm around my cock and she dragged me over her and guided my throbbing shaft into her warmth.

As I held her shoulders down and pushed hard into her she gave a loud moan of pleasure. I could feel her clench tightly; she was dripping wet, warm and hot. It felt amazing around me as I moved up and down with increasing force until Bella bucked, moaned, and let out a loud scream.


Bella started kissing my chest, then bit my chest and then moved her tongue to my nipple and bit my flesh as I came hard inside her.

I collapsed onto her and she kissed with teasing bites the side of my neck as our bodies heaved with our synchronised deep breathing as I lay on top. A felt a shiver up my body as we melted into each other on the bed and our pulses slowed.

BANG BANG BANG …. Three loud knocks boomed out from the door.

"Edward! Bella! Edward!" Dave shouted at the door. We both looked at each other with wide eyes and then grabbed to pull the large doona cover back over us, which was now half on the floor.

Next, the door was thrust opened wide with Dave bursting through yelling "Edward! You okay..." and stopped half sentence with Emmett crashing over behind him, dropping a 9mm Luger that bounced across the bedroom floor.

Dave pulled up to a stop as he realised we were in the bed naked and diving for cover. He drew a deep breath and started straitening himself up to be virtually standing at attention just inside the bedroom door. He looked about embarrassed, drew himself upright a bit more and gave a little cough to clear his breath.

"Fuck sorry guys, I thought I heard a scream," Dave said as Emmett picked himself off the floor and looked across the room and then roared in laughter.

"Yeah a scream, thought it was …" Emmett spluttered and paused, "You Edward!" and he and Dave broke up in laughter at the joke.

"Fuck off Emmett! Christ …Fuck you guys are paranoid, going over the top a bit." I snapped then realising how funny it must be from their angle gave a wry smile. Bella surfaced from under the bed covers. She was ever red with our lovemaking or embarrassment, or both I thought.

Bella looked at Dave and Emmett standing awkwardly at the door and laughed.

"You guys are fucking hopeless!" She laughed.

Dave and Emmett looked at each other and laughed again but with a certain glint in their eyes.

"We're fucking hopeless! What about you guys!" Quipped Dave "Can't stop, like fucking rabbits!"

"Yeah, how many babies you guys want, Triplets!" Roared Emmett.

"Stop with the Triplets everyone," Bella said crankily.

"What?" The rest of us said nearly in unison.

"Do you think I'm that fat!" Bella replied, "That I'm having bloody triplets!" and dove back under the covers.

"You… fat, you're damn hot," I replied, then looking at Dave. "Well I think you should go, so we can get dressed and join you at the bar, oh and take Inspector Clusoe with you," I finished pointing at Emmett.

Bella looked gorgeous with an afterglow, or was it the pregnancy? I thought to myself as we entered the bar and lounge area. The fireplace was glowing as Jasper prodded at the logs and red coals with a fire poker raising little red embers and sparks. He sipped a large glass tumbler of brandy. Dave and Emmett lounged back in the couch with their feet up on the large coffee table looking at Jasper stoking the fire. They also sipped large tumblers of brandy with the bottle of Chivas between their feet on the table.

"Now this is the life!" Dave said sipping his brandy, "I feel like an old Middle Ages Lord or soldier of fortune after a long campaign," he added in a classic English royalty accent. "With my old comrades in arms, warming our weary souls whist our fair maidens cook us a feast!" he finished taking a long slow sip from his large bowl like crystal tumbler.

"Fuck me dead, what are you guys on?" I laughed.

Dave nearly spilt his brandy as he jerked upright, Emmett followed suit, in surprise of me and Bella walking in on his little fantasy.

"Bloody Lords!" I laughed aloud, "long campaign and maidens, Christ Dave more like the stumbling bumbling detectives!"

"That was fucking Emmett!" Dave said regathering himself and shoving Emmett back into the couch.

"Hey leave me out of it, you were the one who said it would be funny to bust in on them!" said Emmett with a wide grin.

"Oh and we thought you were fucking worried about our safety," I replied.

"Well lucky we weren't in danger," laughed Bella.

"So what do you want to drink before dinner?" Jasper asked from the fireplace as he placed the poker back in its stand next to the fireplace. "Maria, Alice, Rose, Esme, Carlisle and Sam are cooking up a banquet and we are having a feast in that huge un-used dining room of yours!"

"A debauched, drunken middle ages feast with wenches!" Chuckled Dave, throwing down the last of his brandy and standing up and banging his glass onto the table. "I might just see how our buxom wenches are doing," he said walking off.

"Do you mean Carlisle?" I asked.

"Most definitely!" snapped back Dave as he strode past. I grabbed the shoulder of his jacket and pulled him in close to me.

"So busting in would be funny hey! No changing the subject and running away," I said shaking his shoulder, "Go on Dave run away, into the kitchen with the girls!" I laughed letting go of his jacket with a push.

"Hey that's a bit sexist!" Bella chimed in.

"It was very sexist in the Middle Ages Bella, I was just playing along with Richard the Lion heart here," I answered. "Are you taking your squire to help?" I said pointing at Emmett who was pouring another brandy.

"Nope he would just fall over and wreck something," Dave answered without even thinking and headed off past the spiral stairs that lead to the roof top pool area and to the large double doors that lead to the dining room and the restaurant grade kitchen beyond that. He gave a little wave over his shoulder as he entered the dining room.

Jasper asked us again what we wanted to drink and headed across to the bar area after we gave our orders. Bella and I sat down next to Emmett on the lounge as he took another good sip of his new glass of brandy.

"You okay mate?" I asked, Emmett smiled and nodded. I knew though, I knew the look.

"Emmett if you're not cool with what's going on fine, let me know, I know it's been rough and probably unbelievable," I said with concern.

"Fucking Unbelievable alright!" Emmett said smiling and putting his glass down again on the table,

"Lovin it!" he said with a touch of excitement.

Shit I got that wrong! I thought to myself. As Emmett leaned across and gave me a quick small hug.

"It's like an action mystery movie! I don't know what the fuck is really going on but Lovin it! Fuck I was getting a bit bored in old Oz and Cairns, Fuck now some action, in New York, Living good and yep I'm pissed!" he laughed. Then regaining himself and looking in deep thought "Sorry I fell over when we busted in, I was drunk!"

"You had a damn Uzi!" exclaimed Bella.

"Yeah yeah but it wasn't loaded, the clip is downstairs," Emmett answered, "Dave wouldn't let us take ammo out of there yet," he said looking disappointed.

"Thank Christ!" I said slapping him on the back, "Okay that's good you're cool about it, as we have to get moving tomorrow."

"Great…sure…after a good dinner and good sleep I'm ready for some action," Emmett smiled and took another sip of his brandy. "Can I Get clip for the Uzi then?"

"Action, what action?" Jasper asked as he placed two large margaritas with well-salted rims on the table in front of us.

"Ahhh thanks I need that," I said leaning forward and picking up a glass.

"Yep you would need to get some liquid and salts into you," Emmett chipped in, laughing as I took a sip.

"What?" I enquired before realising his little joke " Yeah right okay, yeah Jasper were have to get moving tomorrow, we will discuss it tonight when Gabriel gets here at Dinner".

The dining table was covered in plates of food, roast duck, suckling pig, roast beef, sauces and dips, Roasted vegetables, fruit and grapes, large loaves of baked bread. Three large gold candelabras with a dozen candles were placed evenly along the large table throwing beams of glowing light across the room.

An orange yellow light as if a setting sun shimmered across everyone's cheeks and long shadows behind crossed the floor and up the walls. The room was noisy and animated with the sound of talk, cluttering of glasses, cutlery as people gorged themselves with the food, and downed red and white wines from large carafes scattered amongst the food round the table.

All except Emmett who was pretty trashed and had been banished to drinking water for the rest of the evening. Protesting loudly that he was no drunker than Dave, Jasper or Carlisle. Carlisle who had been sampling in the kitchen numerous Sherries, Brandies and especially the Grand Marnier when basting the duck had admitted he was also pissed and would join Emmett in water until as Carlisle put it "further notice".

I noticed only half an hour later that Carlisle must have received "further notice" as he was sampling a very nice red from the Andes in Chile. Emmett though looked a bit pale and had beads of sweat that captured the yellow light of the candles highlighting his face. Obviously going downhill and seemed happy enough to stick with the water.

Bella sat next to me looking gorgeous in a tight black low cut dress. The upper skin of her chest glowed orange and shone up her lovely supple facial features. The skin contrasted starkly against the dark black of the dress, which barely clung above her nipples. The dress so dark it seemed to swallow up the light and reveal no detail, looking smooth as silk.

Rose and Alice were also dressed in stunning revealing dresses and like Bella, with high heel high leather boots. Rose in blood red and Alice in deep dark sapphire blue. They had originally been seated between Emmett and Jasper but soon moved to be able to talk continually about New York or anything that came to mind.

Sam sat with Dave who had his best James Bond Black Dinner suit, looking quite dapper and chatting up a gorgeous Sam. Sam was in black leather and leather boots. A diamond necklace draped over her breasts sent beams of yellow light from the candles over the table like a mirror ball.

Esme and Carlisle sat quietly eating and drinking, would occasionally whisper and then sneak a small kiss and laugh. They looked very happy in each other's company.

Next to Bella sat Nessie and then Maria. Nessie was very excited about the news of an extra brother and sister. They were all chatting away about twins and babies, toys, clothes, movies and New York in between eating.

Nessie had made me find a large chair for Wolf to be able to also sit at table height and enjoy the dinner as he, "was one of the family and everyone had forgotten about him and he was sad." Or something like that. I hoped he liked the antique French high chair of Toulouse Lautrec that Nessie had seen in my gallery room as being the most suitable for Wolf. He ate some bones from the lamb rack Dave had given him on one of my best dinner plates, and like the others seemed to have air of happiness with a little edginess of adventure.

I took a long slow sip of the Californian Napa Valley red I had I opened as I looked about the surreal vista. The room was a din of happy noise and feasting. Maybe not Middle Ages but I felt the warmth of good friends, of family, of love, and the energy of adventure, danger and camaraderie.

This was heaven; I thought it a pity we had to leave the next evening. I looked at my watch and took another sip. Gabriel was late, I wanted to get my short speech and update out of the way so we could all relax and enjoy the dinner.

As if in response to my concern, I heard the lift open and Gabriel's familiar footsteps were echoing off the timber floors as he crossed the lounge room over towards the dining room. He soon entered the door, also wearing a black tuxedo like Dave.

"Sorry I'm late couldn't find a monkey suit shop open on such late notice," Gabriel announced as he entered the dining room and strode down the table and pulled up a chair next to mine.

"This looks awesome guys," and looking round the table "and especially the ladies," Gabriel added tweaking his bow tie.

"Dig in, it is awesome," Dave boomed and raised his glass. "To everyone!" he toasted.

"To everyone." We all said standing to our feet and raised our glasses, clinking as many of each other's as we could reach, plenty of laughter as people clinked and stumbled over the table before drinking.

As we all sat down Gabriel grabbed my arm gently and whispered.

"Edward, all set, tomorrow at 6pm, but they have been trying to hack into and either block or take the funds in your accounts," he said as he sat and moved cutlery about.

As I was about to reply, probably with a profanity, Gabriel continued quietly leaning into my ear.

"Spotted some weird behaviour with some trade confirmations on the markets, and some strange requests re settlements of some transactions, so spoke to the banks and they confirmed that someone had attempted to corrupt their security and data base." He paused and took a sip of his glass of Californian red before continuing.

"Now could have been a co-incidence so I came back and started to tap into Janes and Caius phones and also got into a few areas of their systems and that confirmed they are the fuckers stuffing with the banks. It's all coming from their usual ISP's and IT network links." He paused contemplatively, "Now Edward they might not be after your trusts and funds, or be trying to fuck with your trades, but the whole fucking system!" Gabriel finished matter of factly.

"Mmm, your right," I said thinking "They might want another GFC, fucking worked for them last time."

"Yep, except for Aro and a few others getting popped by you and your merry band," Gabriel laughed and looked about the festive room.

Dave entertained them in his black tuxedo doing an impersonation of Tom Jones singing, "It's not unusual," at first then jumping into "What's new pussycat," gyrating in Sam's face as she blushed red in the candlelight. Bella covered Nessie's eyes laughing as Dave started a pelvic thrust motion at Sam. Everyone was in hysterics. Dave had a damn good voice and sounded like the real Tom.

"We'll have to put him on water next," I said to Bella laughing. Then noticed Emmett had a large glass of green liquid in ice. The colour was obviously Agwa Tequila and then I saw a bottle tucked behind a large bowl of chocolate mousse; he must have ducked to the kitchen after Gabriel had come in.

"Well that fucks that Idea up, Emmett's hitting the Agwa! May as well surrender now," I said to Gabriel and then stood up and grabbed a large crystal tumbler started chiming it like a bell with a silver fork. Then loudly started, interrupting the raucous laughter of Dave as he collapsed mid song onto Sam's lap.

"Okay Okay, Thanks Dave, everyone a big hand for the one and only welsh James Bond in life…Tom Jones!" I said leading a loud cheer and a long applause for Dave who climbed off Sam's lap and took a bow.

"Many many thanks to my loving fans," he said standing back upright and spreading his hands, "But I am disappointed with my performance," he paused and looked around the table of glowing faces. "As obviously not good enough, as I was expecting some underpants from the ladies to be thrown at me when I'm at my best, my apologies," he said and bowed again.

"Okay Mr Underpants thanks very very much," I said signalling him to sit back down as everyone laughed and took sips of their drinks.

"Right, I was going to go through a bit of what we will be doing, some detail and some planning, But after that performance by Dave I don't think people will be focussed or remember anything!" I paused and took a sip as Emmett and Jasper nodded in agreement, as Emmett passed Jasper a large glass of ice and the green of Agwa and chinked glasses and downed them.

"So I will tell you that tomorrow I want you ALL up and recovered and refreshed for lunch, then we pack, then at 6.00pm we will be off from here," they all looked a bit saddened by the news.

"Now the good news, we will be going first to a place I have in Melilla on the Mediterranean, it's a Spanish territory near Morocco," I paused looking at everyone's faces. Noting they didn't seem to get it. "And I don't think you noticed I used the word ALL, all of us are going," I said and saw some smiles starting to appear.

"Yes I don't want us to split up and have to worry about each other, whether you would have been staying or going you would be worried about the others so were sticking together," I could see the looks of relief in their eyes. Bella gave a big smile, grabbed my hand, and gave it a loving clasp. Yes, I couldn't leave her, I thought to myself, so may as well take everyone.

"And Melilla is amazing and of course so is Morocco," I smiled "That's the holiday side of it, that's our base, but we have some shit to do over the other side of the Mediterranean," I said seriously and they all nodded that they understood. "And we will go through that on the way, so enjoy but tomorrow be ready and get packed."

Dave had his back to the door, he smiled and winked at me and turned and unlocked the Gulfstream 650 front door lock and swung the door open. Around his silhouette, I saw the boarding platform and staircase moving to position itself at the door.

I felt the hot dusk air of the desert blow around Dave and into my face, it was dry, I could taste and smell the familiar sandy dust of the air of Melilla. The orange red sunset cast its glow on the tarmac, the side of the plane and the buildings across the tarmac the air hit me like an open oven. 45degree's Celsius or 113 Fahrenheit sweltered before us.

Dave guided the platform in and turning round took a huge deep breath through his nose.

"Agggghhh I love the smell of North Africa in the morning!" he growled in a bad attempt at Robert Duvall on the beach in Apocalypse Now and gave me some space to move onto the platform.

"Very Funny Dave, but what the fuck is going on?" I said over the plane and airport noise and pointed back across the airport. On the runway an EF 18A Hornet twin engines blazed in the shimmering heat as it ripped up the runway and burst its way up and into the air.

"Shit!" Dave said as he looked an pushed me back into the door a bit and grabbed his gun out of its jacket beneath its holster.

"Fuck put that way!" I yelled grabbing him by the shoulder. Dave turned to me and I could see that look in his eyes I hadn't seen for years. "It's the Spanish air force! But something's up for them to be scrambling!" I yelled as another Hornet with Spanish insignia tore past and ripped into the sky.

"Sorry Habit…..Fucking great, we've landed in a war zone!" Dave mumbled as he put his gun back in his holster and re buttoned his jacket up. He turned to an airport worker in a jump suit with orange safety vest over the top, who was at the top of the platform, at the controls lining it up with the Gulf.

"Hey Mate, what's all that about?" Dave yelled over the noise and pointing at yet another military jet taking off. Then Dave paused and then spoke in a foreign language.

The worker answered back in the local Berber interspersed with some Spanish. I few words I could pick out, something about Tunisia, Libya and Gadhafi. Dave nodded and seemed to thank him in Spanish.

"The US and the EU have started a no fly zone over Libya due to some riots and uprising against Gadhafi," Dave informed me as Bella joined my side. "So not world war three yet!" Dave laughed. "But we better get moving as people are pretty worried and it's a bit chaotic round the town the guy reckons".

"Okay, and Saidia is about 60 clicks so we better get moving," I said turning to Bella and taking her arm and started leading her across the platform and down the stairs to the tarmac.

"Why in such a rush, are we in danger again?" Bella gasped sounding a bit afraid.

I stopped and turned to her and looked at her face, which was framed with worry. I then laughed.

"No No, I just want to get to the Villa I've got at Saidia, we will stay there tonight and few days first, not Melilla," I said kissing her on the cheek.

"What? Why? Saidia?" Bella asked looking puzzled.

"Oh we were going to stay at my place here at Melilla, but I was given a place at a beautiful beach over the border in Morocco called Saidia. Its remote and amazing, ancient, the whitest long beach, and I thought would be nice and quiet after seeing what's going on here," I paused I knew I was rambling, but I could see a doubt in her eyes. I drew a breath and spoke calmly "it's lovely and it will be safer there if this is happening," I said pointing back at the runway.

The others followed us across the tarmac and into the building. We crossed the floor and out to the two waiting black hummer limo's. Piling all in we took off as the sunset and the night darkened. We watched the beautiful stone walls of the ancient outskirts of Melilla reflected the street lights. We drove from the airport and then turned away from the lights and the outline of the city and headed towards the Moroccan border.

"Passports everybody" Dave said holding his up in one hand and I noted he already had himself a nice dram of scotch in a tumbler glass in the other. Everyone searched jackets or handbags, pulled out their passports, and handed them to Dave, as he took a sip of his scotch.

Soon the Hummers pulled up at a well-lit Border crossing. Both Spanish and Moroccan soldiers milled about, searched under cars, and closely inspected the inhabitants of the cars in front of us. Soon two Moroccan soldiers approached one on each side of the vehicle. They looked cautiously at the black hummer. It seemed to have them more worried than the beat up local vehicles, which they had previously been looking over. I noted their fingers were now on the trigger of the machine guns that hang across their arms.

One leant in and clicked his fingers in the drivers face.

"Passports, Passports!" he asked loud and firm in bad English. He knew we were not locals or Spanish. How? That worried me.

"My good man, here they are!" Dave said merrily as he swung the hummers' door open, the soldier jumped and wheeled round ready to let loose, I saw his finger clench firm on the trigger.

"Whoa Cowboy!" Dave yelled, jumping back, hands up and passports in the air. He then started talking in Spanish. They started to relax and then amazingly they started laughing. God knows what Dave was saying but it was doing the trick.

Dave then walked over and gave one the passports, and slapped the other on the back and continued talking in Spanish and laughing.

Gabriele and Sam had climbed out of the hummer behind us and walked up to Dave and the Moroccan soldiers and joined in the chatter, and soon were laughing. Then to my surprise gave the soldiers a bit of hug and came back and stood in front of myself and Bella who had climbed out of the hummer whilst Emmett leant out the door.

"Now what the fuck was that all about?" I asked.

"Bloody small world that's what!" laughed Dave, "Those two guys, well actually the whole platoons on border duties tonight are elite Moroccan commandoes that we did a bit of work with a while ago," he said looking at Gabrielle and Sam and nodding. "Fucking small world!"

"AND!" I asked.

"We can cross the border and they will watch our arse!" Sam replied in defence of Dave.

"I'm sure they will watch your arse," laughed Dave giving Sam a punch on the arm, "It's hot!"

Sam and Bella laughed. I looked around and then smiled.

"Okay let's get going, you wait and see what I've got in store for you lot!"

"Keep your eyes open though; they said there are armed bands between here and Saidia, both bandits and terrorists in one!" Dave said slightly seriously.

"Okay, lock and loaded." I said and turned to Bella, looking her in the eyes. She gave a faint smile and clasping her hand as I pushed Emmett back into his seat in the hummer with the other, and climbed in and wrapped my arm around her as we sat.

The Hummer soon throbbed back into life, pulled out, around the queue of old, battered vehicles and trucks loaded with crates and sacks, and headed around the heavily fluorescent lit up border offices. The soldiers gathered around with buttons and guns glimmering in the light as they waved us past as we then headed up the road into the dark of the desert.

"Small fucking world alright!" I thought to myself as I looked at the stars now shining bright in the desert night.


Thanks for reading, can't wait to get to the villa, I think you will like it very much.

How I'd like to take you all away in the Gulf Stream with us.

Missed you all