Paano? by planet p

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Bilingual weave: 90% English / 10% Filipino

"How did they die?"

Harry hadn't even wanted to talk about his parents. It had been Dudley's idea. "I don't know," he told his cousin.

Dudley was incredulous, as though Harry was so stupid, maybe even the stupidest person he knew! "You don't know?!"

"Ayaw ko." Harry fought hard not to shout. He didn't want to answer Dudley's questions anymore. With all of his might, he thought, Tigil!

It didn't work.

"That's stupid!" Dudley remarked.

"Pabayaan ninyo akong mag-iisa ditto."

Dudley wasn't listening, "Why did they die?"

"I don't know!"

"Bakit?" Dudley pressed.

"Puwede bang umalis na kayo!" Harry screamed. Pakisuyo lang!

Dudley's face contorted and he said, "You're stupid!" He'd won. He could go now, secure in his victory.

Harry burst into tears. He hated Dudley; he hated him!

Dudley walked away, unsure whether he was more annoyed or more elated. He'd won, he reminded himself, and a slow grin wormed its way onto his face. Yes, he'd won!

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