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It consists of 5 little 'scenes' of NejiTen fluffiness =D

Warning – The 4th 'scene' contains lemon. You've been warned.


Tenten had many eccentricities; including a profound fascination with pointy and potentially lethal objects, a lack of a last name, as well as a tendency to keep her brown hair tenaciously bound in two tight buns at the top of her head.

This last habit was one that did not go unnoticed by her teammates. Lee, out of his general insatiable curiosity, often pestered Tenten to let her hair loose (in Lee's words, 'unleash her youth and let the petals of her flower bloom') after training sessions.

Neji didn't seem to care, though in reality even the Hyuuga prodigy was intrigued by her hair. Twice or thrice during training he caught himself wondering what she'd look like with it down. He could never really picture Tenten without her typical buns – that would be like picturing Naruto in any color other than orange, or Sasuke smiling, or Ino wearing clothes that actually covered more than 50% of her body. However, the moment he even began to follow this train of thought, Neji, self-disciplined ninja that he was, immediately diverted his mind away from the topic and chose to focus on more important things – in this case, absolutely nothing, since he would generally be meditating when such thoughts arose.

In fact, in all the years the trio was in academy, and for their first two years as Team Gai, Neji and Lee never saw Tenten with her hair unbound; she even maintained her buns while sleeping, and if she fixed her hair it was when she was bathing alone, so they never got a chance to see it.

It was only in their third year together, when Neji was at the impressionable age of thirteen (the age where hormones start to kick in for most young boys, though the Uchiha and Hyuuga may be considered exceptions to this phenomenon) did he see Tenten with loose hair for the first time.

Of course, it wasn't the last.


"Twin rising dragons!" Tenten cried, leaping agilely into the air and releasing a barrage of shining weapons towards her teammate.

"Eight trigram heavenly spin!"

The words left Neji's mouth before Tenten could even complete her sentence, and a rotating shield of blue chakra engulfed Neji, knocking away every single weapon.

A few of them whizzed through the air at Tenten, who was forced to dodge, leap, bend over, and twist her body through rather convoluted positions to avoid every single one. She flipped backwards, catching the last kunai that flew towards her between her fingers, spinning it around and hurling it at Neji just as he stopped spinning and the chakra shield dissipated.

It whizzed past his ear, missing by half an inch.

Neji jumped back slightly, and then looked at Tenten, raising an elegant eyebrow. She glared at him.

"You know I never miss," Tenten said. "If you were an enemy that would have been aimed at your heart."

Neji shrugged his shoulders.

"You've improved," he said simply.

Tenten grinned.



"We should take a break for a while!"


The two settled on the grass under a shady tree, Neji's favored meditation spot. Tenten was sprawled on her back, and Neji leant back against the tree, legs crossed and arms folded primly.

They didn't talk, only rested in the comfortable silence. Of course, it wasn't silent for too long…

"TENTEN! TENTEN!" came a loud shout and a green blur hurtled towards the resting duo. Neji (who was sleeping under the pretence of meditating) cracked open one white eye to see Lee launch himself at Tenten, who had just sat up.

"Lee! What the hell?!" Tenten protested as the ebullient boy pounced on her back, grabbing her by her buns.

"I promised Gai-sensei I would show everyone what our precious flower looks like with her petals blooming, and I will not go back on my word!" Lee proclaimed enthusiastically. "If I fail, I will run 500 laps around Konoha on my hands!"

Tenten scowled, rather annoyed at the ridiculousness of Lee's latest 'mission'.

"Get off me right now or I'll stick a kunai right where it hurts!" Tenten growled threateningly.

Lee, though intimidated was not to be deterred from his self-appointed task.

"Please, Tenten, only once!" he whined, grappling with her hair. Tenten flipped him around and punched him, and soon the two were engaged in a full-fledged brawl, rolling around, kicking and pulling like dogs.

Neji watched the scene with mild amusement, which he concealed with a rather disapproving look.

He considered pulling Lee off Tenten – but he hadn't quite reached the possessive stage yet so the touching didn't bother him. And he was pretty sure if anyone could handle Lee in a fight, it was Tenten. After all, she had three years of experience training one on one with him.

So Neji decided to close his eyes, and meditate, blocking out the ruckus his other two teammates were creating entirely.

A few seconds later the pair stopped scrambling around, and Lee emerged from the tangle looking triumphant. Tenten's hands were holding her head, and she was scowling at Lee, who leapt away from her, whooping.

"I got them! I got the hair-ties, Gai-sensei! Now we can see our flower in all her beauty!" he yelled.

At this, Neji, unable to restrain his curiosity, fully opened both his eyes.

Tenten had stood up, and was still glowering, and clutching the buns to her head to prevent them from unraveling.

"Lee, give them back right now!" Tenten growled.

"And forfeit a mission after achieving success! Never!" Lee crowed.

"Leee… I mean it…" Tenten's voice had adopted a menacing tone, but Lee just danced around, holding the little pink hair ties out of reach.

"You're so screwed!" Tenten shouted, leaping at him. Momentarily forgetting about her hair in her desire for retribution against her spandex-clad friend, she reached for her shuriken, throwing them with a deadly precision.

It was lucky Lee had his inhuman speed, or he would have lost a pretty vital organ or two then.

However, Tenten had fallen for his trap – her hands had left her hair for her weapons, and the brown locks now loosened, tumbling down her shoulders like a chocolate waterfall.

Neji, for a moment, was transfixed.

Tenten's hair was quite long, only an inch or two shorter than his own. It was chestnut brown, and looked really soft. Neji had a sudden urge to run his hands through it which he immediately dismissed.

Her hair fell in perfect waves, curling and corkscrewing beautifully at the ends. Neji realized with a jealous pang, that perhaps he no longer held the honor of having the nicest hair in the team. Though his long, dark, perfectly straight strands far outclassed Lee's and Gai's ludicrous bowl-cuts (and the hair of most ninjas in Konoha, including that Sasuke Uchiha and his chicken-butt head; how could Tenten possible find him cute, Neji wondered indignantly) Tenten's hair was much prettier, at least in Neji's opinion, though he would never admit this to anyone.

"Wow! You look really pretty Tenten!" Lee complimented, and Tenten turned red.

"Just shut up and give me my hair ties you idiot!" she shouted, embarrassed.

However, she then noticed that Neji was looking at her. His expression seemed slightly more relaxed than his usual grim, tight one, and she took this as a good sign. Her heart gave a little flutter at his gaze, but she dismissed it. However, she did notice that he stared at her for a full five seconds before diverting his eyes.

Tenten knew she was probably being stupid, but she couldn't help but feel slightly thrilled at the prospect that she had captured Neji's attention for something other than her sparring or ninjutsu skills.

Maybe I won't kill Lee, she decided, and giving a defeated sigh, Tenten plopped herself back down on the grass for a few moment's rest, ignoring Lee's comments.

She watched Neji out of the corner of her eye, (though she wondered why she even cared so much about what he thought). He didn't look at her again, or rather made it a point to avoid her eyes.

A few minutes later, Tenten quickly retied her buns, after Lee finally conceded and handed over the hair ties, a small secret smile on her face. Neji's Byakugan was activated, she noticed, something he usually didn't do whilst meditating. Unless he was trying to count the number of birds in the forest (which for some reason she doubted) Tenten was pretty sure he was secret looking at her.

And for some unknown reason it made her heart flutter even more.


The second time Neji saw Tenten with her hair open was during Konoha's Grand Spring Festival, when they were fifteen.

He was waiting outside her house to pick her up, dressed in his usual white Hyuuga robes – however, these were made of silk, in honor of the occasion, rather than the cotton ones he normally wore for training and missions.

Neji knocked on her door, and a few moments later Tenten emerged.

He stared at her in shock for a few seconds, blinking his eyes. He'd barely recognized her.

Tenten was wearing a deep red kimono with a dragon pattern embroidered in silver. It hugged her petite figure, and it was the first time she was wearing anything form-fitting.

Neji noticed she had a nice slim figure, and decent curves as well, and the thought made a slight blush dust his pale cheeks.

Her hair was loose again, cascading down her back, her bangs nearly obscuring her large, chocolate-colored eyes.

"Oh, hi Neji!" Tenten said brightly, fully aware of the fact that he was looking at her (not in the perverted way of course).

"Hello, Tenten," he murmured softly.

"Let's go! Lee and Gai-sensei said they'd meet us near the Hokage Tower."


The rest of the day passed quite well for the duo. Though they met Lee in Gai, both dressed in hideous green kimonos, after a few minutes of their asinine blather, Neji was rather frustrated.

He grabbed Tenten's hand, dragging her away from the dynamic duo and into the crowd.

Tenten's stomach leapt. It was the first time he'd held her hand, and his fingers felt warm and smooth intertwined with hers.

They extricated themselves from the crowd, and he immediately let go, and Tenten missed the warmth. She reveled in the fact however, that Neji Hyuuga, the boy who required a personal space of at least one meter, had willingly held her hand.

Don't be foolish, her inner self chided. You're acting like one of his fangirls!

Tenten however, had finally accepted her feelings for Neji – what had started with a slight crush at the academy (mainly for his good looks and calm, polite demeanor) had now grown into quite a massive crush. However Tenten suspected it was more than just an infatuation, but preferred not to dwell on this thought, occupying herself with her weapons, missions and ninja skills instead.

Still, after spending so much time with a boy like Neji Hyuuga, Tenten thought, it was impossible not to fall for him.

I'm not a fangirl, she scolded. I'm his best friend! And he wouldn't even touch a fangirl.

The duo spent the rest of the day avoiding their teammates, mainly in each other's company. They spent some time with Hinata and her team, as well as with Sakura and Naruto, though a majority of the time they were alone together, wandering around the festival, or just sitting on their favorite spot at the bridge over the river, talking.

Neji, contrary to what most people would experience (most people here referring to everyone in Konoha except Tenten) could actually be decently talkative. He also had a sense of humor, albeit a sarcastic one, and to Tenten was an extremely interesting person to talk to. Though he maintained his polite tone and manners most of the time, the political correctness which he displayed with others wasn't always used when with her. If Neji did anything close to complaining (or bitching, if it may be called so) it was only to Tenten.

So they sat on the bridge for nearly 4-5 hours, chatting amicably about a variety of things ranging from weapons, to ninjutsu, to the future Hokage, and somehow (after they considered Naruto's dream for the same) their talk landed them to Team 7, namely the defected Sasuke Uchiha.

The sun had set, and it was nighttime. Tenten noticed that Neji looked exceptionally handsome that night, the silver light from the moon illuminating his chiseled features.

"…and those chakra webs were really strong, and he summoned so many damn spiders even I had difficulty eight trigram palming them away…" Neji was saying (in a slightly boastful tone) as he recounted his fight with Kidomaru to Tenten, for quite possibly the fifth or sixth time in the past few years.

Tenten was listening, though she was more focused on his face, and the movement of his lips as he spoke. She blushed and looked away when she realized what she was staring at.

"…it was stupid of him to go seek power in that kind of method. Those seals are strong, but not unbeatable. He would have been better with the Konoha jounin," Neji continued.

"Well Sakura told me his mind was pretty made up," Tenten said. "She tried everything to stop him, she even told him she loved him. Even Naruto did everything he could but-"

"So he rejected her?" Neji asked. Tenten found it rather funny that he was interested in this kind of gossip.

"Knocked her out and left her on a bench," Tenten said sadly, shaking her head. "Poor thing, she was devastated. But I'm pretty sure he must have kissed her when she was unconscious, he always seemed pretty possessive about her, I think he really cared about her, more than he showed…"

"Like Uchiha would do anything like that," Neji said, rolling his eyes. "You let your imagination run away with you. At least Lee has no competition now."

"You're forgetting Naruto," Tenten reminded him. "Though he seems rather interested in your cousin," she added slyly.

"Just shut up. I'd really rather we not go there," Neji said shortly, eyes narrowing. "Stupid blonde loudmouth."

"Yeah," Tenten sighed. "Too bad Sasuke's such an ice cube. Must be a clan thing."

"What do you mean?" Neji asked suddenly, straightening up.

"Well," Tenten said carefully, not wanting to accidentally insult his clan (though he wouldn't mind if she did, though anyone else would probably have to face the wrath of his gentle fist). "Clans have all these rules and customs, especially the big ones. He must have been bought up that way – not to mention the Uchiha always kept to themselves, so he wasn't very social… stuck up would be a better word to describe him."

"So… does that mean you think I'm stuck up too?" Neji asked, suddenly turning slightly to face her. "Since I'm also from a pretty large, insular clan, with lots of rules and customs…"

"N-n-no!" Tenten spluttered, blushing. "Not at all! Y-you're so sweet! I mean – with me at least," Tenten covered up hastily, though she meant what she said. Though Neji projected an air of arrogance, with her he acted like a completely different person.

"Sweet?" Neji raised his eyebrows, smirking slightly. "I've never been called that before."

His eyes were twinkling, something quite uncommon for Hyuuga in general, particularly Neji.

Tenten blushed deeper, meeting his eyes shyly.

"Well, you've been – a very good friend to me," she said softly.

He smiled at her, and it made Tenten melt. It was a genuine smile, a dazzling one at that. Maybe it was a good thing he didn't smile too often. Though the arrogant expression suited his handsome countenance well, his smile would probably make his fangirls die of a heart attack.

Neji thought Tenten looked very pretty at the moment, all shy and coy. He lifted a hand, softly stroking her hair. Tenten's eyes widened, and she felt her stomach leap wildly.

"Well you've been a very good friend too," Neji replied, his voice barely above a whisper. He was looking at her tenderly, and Tenten thought, or rather hoped that he'd kiss her.

He didn't, but scooted a fraction of an inch closer.

"You have nice hair," he said suddenly completely changing the topic, as he twirled a brown lock around his finger.

"Umm… thanks?" Tenten offered, ecstatic at the compliment but not knowing how to respond to this new side of Neji.

"I was jealous at first," he admitted, smiling again. "That you had nicer hair than me. But I think it makes you look very pretty."

Tenten gaped at him – firstly, he'd been jealous of her because of her hair. Secondly, he'd called her pretty!

"You should leave it loose more often," he concluded, untangling his fingers and moving back to his original position.

Tenten couldn't trust herself to come up with anything sensible to say, so wisely kept her mouth shut, squealing inwardly.

"It's getting dark," Neji said, standing up. "I'll drop you home."

Tenten nodded, and her stomach gave another excited leap as he offered his hand out to her.

She took it, and relished in the feeling as his warm hand wrapped around hers, and he pulled her up.

They walked towards her house, and only when they had reached her door did he let go of her hand.

"Goodnight, Tenten," Neji said, nodding to her.

"'Night, Neji," Tenten replied, and before she could stop herself, added, "Thanks for – today. I had fun."

He looked at her oddly for a moment, and then smirked slightly.

"Yeah, me too. I'll see you at training tomorrow then?" he asked. "Same time, same place."

"Yeah," Tenten said. "G'night."

He looked at her for a moment longer, a soft expression in his eyes, before turning around and walking away.

She stared after him as he walked away, before turning around and entering her home.

The first thing she did was jump on her bed excitedly, squealing, "Yes!"


The third time Tenten left her hair loose was in the middle of a mission, when they were nearly eighteen.

It wasn't an ordinary mission though, but rather a political one, and Team Gai had been chosen to attend a function at a nearby village; it was merely out of politeness. The village was a potential ally, and a relatively strong one at that, and Tsunade seized the invitation as an opportunity to show Konoha's goodwill and as a sign of friendship. Team Gai had just come back from a rather exhausting mission (in which Lee broke a bone, Tenten tore a ligament, and Neji suffered minor blood loss amongst other injuries) so Tsunade thought it was better to give them a relatively light mission which involved no fighting until they recovered entirely.

The village was a rather atypical one, with quite a modern, open culture. Moreover the function in question, Neji realized in horror, was actually a disco party.

His horror and apprehension lessened considerably when he saw Tenten, dressed in her outfit for the 'mission'. Tsunade, fully aware of the fashions in the village had equipped them with appropriate clothes, though by Hiashi Hyuuga's standards, these clothes would certainly fall under the category of inappropriate.

Neji himself looked absolutely delicious, in a black and white tuxedo, the first few buttons of his white silk shirt open to reveal a few tantalizing inches of a pale, smooth chest. His dark hair framed his face, and the overall effect was such that Tenten had to physically clench her fists to stop herself from ravishing him when she first saw him.

Not to mention he looked adorably lost and out of place when they first entered the nightclub (which was the venue of the party) and set his innocent white eyes on all the lasciviously dressed people pressed suggestively against each other, and took in the booming music and the flashing lights.

Of course this adorable look was quite different from the one he had not long before when he saw Tenten in her dress.

Tenten was wearing a short black dress – it was a halter neck dress which ended a few inches above her knees. She was wearing stilettos as well (the heels functioning as detachable kunai) which made her nearly eye level with Neji. The dress hugged her now fully developed curves, and she'd straightened her hair. It was as straight as Neji's now, and it made her look different. Neji decided he liked her natural hair better, but this straight hair was a nice change – it made her look classier, sexier.

Not to mention the clothes. Neji really likedthe clothes.

Abandoning his usual self-control Neji allowed his eyes to rake over her figure appreciatively. Tenten was fully aware (and thrilled) at the fact that Neji was checking her out! She shivered as she caught the look in his eyes; if it had been anyone else she would have said it was a lust-filled gaze. However with Neji, she couldn't really be sure.

Still, she was excited. She had a good feeling about how the night would turn out.

The party itself wasn't as bad as Neji and Tenten had expected. Lee, upon entering, immediately thrust himself into the gyrating crowd with ebullience, and minutes later, he was on the bar top, dancing like a madman.

Or at least it looked like dancing. Neji and Tenten knew better – it was actually a combination of Lee's funkiest taijutsu moves. Of course he executed them quite gracefully, and it was fun to watch. Half an hour later, Lee would became so popular that half the club would stop their grinding to attempt spinning around, kicking their legs up in an attempt to imitate some of Lee's awesome 'dance moves', which were actually his 'Springtime of Youth' attack.

In the meanwhile, even Tenten had decided she wanted to dance; it was something she never did, and somehow it appealed to her.

"Come on, Neji," she urged, attempting to drag the handsome boy on the dance floor. She'd noticed a lot of the females ogling shamelessly at him, and apart from wanting to dance with him, she wanted to show those damn girls that he was hers, so they better back off.

She wondered why it bothered her. She usually never cared about his fangirls in Konoha. Maybe it was the tuxedo – it made an already irresistible Neji even more irresistible.

"No," Neji objected flatly. "I will not do that vulgar thing they call dancing."

He gestured at a couple, making out wildly, hands wandering as they grinded in rhythm to the music.

"I don't want to do that!" Tenten retorted, blushing furiously at the idea.

"Well do you see anyone not doing that?" Neji pointed out, and Tenten had to admit he had a point.

The whole club seemed full of couples whose sole purpose seemed to be to suck the air out of their partner's mouth.

"We can just – uh – normally dance…" Tenten suggested.

Neji just looked at her.

"Come on," she begged, making her eyes wide, knowing that Neji wouldn't be able to say no to her if she did. "Please. For me, I really want to."

"You go dance yourself," Neji said. "Go embarrass yourself for all I care."

"It won't be embarrassing if you come with me," Tenten wheedled. "Please, Neji, I'll look like a moron their by myself!"

"If I come you won't look any less moronic. We'll both look like morons."

"No we won't! It'll be fun!" Tenten persisted.

"No way. It's degrading," was the stubborn reply.

"It's just dancing!" Tenten exclaimed. "Pleeease, Neji…" she leaned towards him.

This action unconsciously offered him quite a good view of her chest. Suddenly the idea of doing vulgar, dirty things with Tenten seemed rather appealing to Neji. Not to mention, he couldn't resist her if she begged him like that. And she looked really pretty…

"Nejiii…" Tenten pulled at his hand.

"Fine," he relented finally, allowing her to pull him into the crowd.

"Thank you so much!" she squealed, squeezing his hand.

"Only for you," he muttered, the annoyed expression on his face softening.

For the first few minutes, Neji didn't move, just staring at his dance partner.

"Come on, you're no fun!" Tenten persisted. "This is a nice song!"

The music blared, and Neji had to admit, it was a catchy tune. (1)

'It's you… and me… moving at the speed of light, into eternity…"

Neji shook his head.

"Tenten, don't make me do this…"

'Tonight… is the night… you join me in the middle of ecstasy!"

"Aw, Neji, you know you want to!"

"Hell no."

"Yes you do. Stop trying to be so proper!"


"For me, Neji, please…"

'Feel the melody and the rhythm of the music around you… around you…'

And so they started dancing. Hesitatingly at first.

'I'ma take you there, I'ma take you there, so don't be scared, I'm right here, ready? We can go anywhere… go anywhere… but first, here's your chance, take my hand, come with me…'

Neji began to loosen up and he actually seemed to be enjoying himself. Their movements were perfectly in sync, just like their sparring.

'It's like I've waited my whole life… for this one night… it's only me you and the dance floor… cause we only got one night, double the pleasure, double the fun…'

Soon, Neji's hands were on Tenten's hips, and they were dancing like they had been doing it forever.

'And dance forev-ev-ever… forev-ev-ever… forev-ev-ever… forever on the dance floor…'

Ten minutes into it, and Neji and Tenten were grinding like every other couple.

Hiashi would have thrown a fit if he saw his usually reserved genius nephew at that moment.

A few songs later, the pair left the disco for some fresh air, Tenten leaning heavily on Neji after they had danced rather shamelessly, bodies rubbing against each other every now and then. Neji had been a gentleman to some extent – his hands never wandered above or below Tenten's waist or hips.

It was similar to their sparring session in intensity, not to mention dancing could be tiring too. But the physical contact, was far far more, and far far more satisfying than anything that occurred during sparring, which at the most consisted of palm hits or punches.

"That – was fun," Tenten panted, nearly toppling over in her heels. Neji grabbed her arms to steady her, wrapping one arm around her waist.

"Mmhmm," he agreed, pulling her close, his breath now ghosting against her cheek.

"N-Neji?" Tenten asked, shocked (but pleasantly so) at his action.

He pulled back slightly, looking at her in the eyes. There was something in his eyes, something intense, that made Tenten giddy. A few strands of dark hair fell over his face, and with a trembling hand she brushed them away.

Neji caught her hand in his own before she could retract it, bringing it to his lips. He kissed the inside of her wrist once, never breaking eye contact.

Tenten shivered, and her legs turned to jelly. She would have fainted if Neji didn't have such a strong hold on her.


Neji studied her face, one hand releasing her wrist to run through her hair, finally resting on her collarbone. His fingers traced random patterns on her collarbone, as the hand resting on her lower back pushed her even closer to him, so that pretty much every part of her body was pressed against his hard chest.

"Wh-what are we doing?" she whispered, as Neji cupped her chin, the hand on her back slowly sneaking downwards. Tenten shivered again.

"I have no idea," Neji whispered back, his lips brushing the top of her ear. "I can't seem to control myself."

Tenten decided she really liked this hormonal Neji, who was touching her in ways she'd even blushed to fantasize about.

She pulled back slightly, looking straight into his pearly, lust-filled gaze. Her eyes sparkled.

"Kiss me, Neji," she said before she could prevent herself.

He looked at her for a moment, smirking, and Tenten was quite sure that he'd deny her request just to piss her off. She didn't care all that much, as long as he got to it eventually. She wanted it so badly.

"With pleasure," he murmured, fingers brushing her cheekbone as he gently pressed his lips to hers.

Neji's lips were soft, warm, as they slid over Tenten's, and she responded immediately, feeling euphoric.

Soon, his tongue was running along her bottom lip, and she opened her mouth to grant him access, one hand wandering over his hard, silk-covered abs, the other tangled in his silky locks.

Their tongues clashed, and it was like they were sparring again, only on a completely different level. The kiss deepened, and Tenten moaned into Neji's mouth.

He was a genius, so obviously he'd be an amazing kisser… the things he was doing with his tongue were making her lightheaded…

When they finally broke apart, still entwined in each other's arms, Tenten thought for a dreadful second that he may apologize, say it was a mistake.

Luckily for her, he didn't. Instead he looked at her straight in the eye, and spoke, almost confidently.

"Be my girlfriend, Tenten," he asked, stroking her cheek.

It would have been impossible for anyone to say no to the offer, especially Tenten who accepted it with a gleeful yes and another passionate kiss.

They would have been quite happy to spend the rest of the night making out, but unfortunately, it was not so.

A few seconds later, a resounding crash was heard from inside the nightclub, and Neji and Tenten broke apart, identical looks of horror on their faces.

"Don't tell me…" Neji began exasperatedly.

"The idiot managed to get himself…" Tenten continued, shaking her head.

"Utterly and helplessly drunk," Neji finished, now intensely annoyed with the circumstances he knew would soon arise, as more crashes filled the air, followed by a familiar voice shouting something about youth.

Neji spent the rest of his night, in what he considered an absolute waste of what could have been precious time with Tenten, assisting Gai-sensei in capturing and controlling an inebriated, wild Lee.

Tenten on the other hand, had to convince the leader of the village that Lee's destructive actions were not indicative of any hostility on Konoha's part – he was always like that when he was drunk, and Konoha would certainly repay them for the destroyed nightclub bar and stage.

Luckily, the leader found the whole situation hilarious, much to Tenten and Neji's relief.

As Neji pondered the situation later, he thought maybe it was fortunate he and Tenten had been disturbed. Otherwise, in their crazed state, who knows how far they may have gone…


(A/N : Warning – Lemon ahead.)

'Knock knock'.

Tenten jumped up from her couch, rushing to get the door. She was pretty sure it was Neji and wondered why he even bothered to knock considering he had the spare keys to her house – probably out of common courtesy and Hyuuga etiquette.

Grabbing at her loose hair, Tenten quickly twisted it up into a messy bun, her fingers skimming over her coffee table to find the first thing she could use to fasten it. She finally caught hold of something long and smooth, and shoved it into the bun, holding it up.

Of course, Tenten being Tenten, had grabbed the first thing she could lay her hands on, which in this case was a kunai. Completely disregarding the potential risk of sticking a sharp object perilously close to her head, Tenten ran to open the door.

Despite Neji's protests, Tenten still had a propensity for tying her hair in buns, mainly for comfort and functionality rather than anything.

It had been a few months since their first kiss, and Neji and Tenten's relationship was going very well.

"Hey," Tenten smiled brightly as she opened the door.

Neji didn't respond verbally, instead grabbing her and placing a searing kiss on her lips.

He could get quite passionate when they were alone, something which delighted and surprised Tenten.

Minutes later, they were on her bed, and Neji was pushing her down onto the pillows, his fingers trailing up her neck to loosen her hair.

He caught hold of the kunai, and pulled it out, watching her brown curls fall down to frame her face.

He then looked at the kunai in his hand, and glared and Tenten who smiled sheepishly.

"It was the first thing I found," she said.

"You're an idiot," he replied, tossing the kunai to the side. "You could have injured yourself. This is why you shouldn't tie it up in the first place. And for God's sake, if you really have to, don't use something sharp."

Rolling her eyes at his reprimand, Tenten kissed him, shutting him up effectively.

He pushed her onto the pillow, pressing himself into her, slipping a hand under the shirt she was wearing (his old shirt) to caress her bare skin.

Tenten shivered at his touch, and the kiss turned more heated, as Neji's hands wandered upwards.

A few seconds later, he was fingering the top button of her shirt, looking at her softly.

"May I, Tenten?" he inquired, and her eyes widened. They'd never taken off clothes before, always restraining themselves before they got too far.

But she was more than ready to give herself to him; she had been for quite some time.

"Yes," she whispered breathlessly, and he began attacking her buttons with fervor. It proved to be too tedious a task for the impatient Neji, and he suddenly smirked, reaching over to grab the previously discarded kunai.

"What're you doing?!" Tenten gasped, and his smirk widened. She thought it made him look incredibly sexy.

Neji said nothing, holding the kunai to the shirt and swiping it down with one clean motion. The material slipped off Tenten immediately.

"Neji!!" Tenten cried, suddenly feeling self-conscious and drawing up her knees to cover herself.

She was secretly thankful she'd chosen to wear some of her nicer undergarments – particularly the lacy black bra.

Neji was looking at her predatorily, as he coaxed her knees downwards, kissing her gently, and bringing his hands up to cup her breasts through her bra.

Tenten moaned, pressing herself into his hands as he fondled them, fingers soon slipping underneath the lacy material.

Soon, the bra was off altogether, as was his shirt.

Tenten's hands shamelessly explored every glorious inch of his pale, muscled torso, from the washboard abs to the rock hard pectorals.

Really, he was too hot for his own good, she thought.

Neji seemed to think the same about her.

"You're beautiful," he whispered against her skin, eyes clouded over with lust.

His lips were at her neck, though he was careful not to be too forceful.

Last time he'd given her a hickey, which had led to awkward questions from Lee and Gai at training the next morning.

Soon Tenten was beginning to find it difficult to convince them that she'd injured herself with a blunt kunai. Repeatedly. On different parts of her neck.

Neji's hand slipped between her thighs, parting them gently. His warm hands stroked the skin there, teasingly running up and down.

Tenten had to bite back a command for him to hurry the hell up. He was torturing her, though she was enjoying it immensely, something even he knew.

Tenten gave another loud moan, which soon turned into a gasp as Neji pulled her shorts down in one fluid motion, his fingers now brushing dangerously close to her womanhood.

"Are you sure you want this?" he asked softly, looking slightly concerned.

She looked at him trustingly and nodded.

Neji, however didn't do what she wanted so badly from him. Instead he trailed his fingers up and down her thighs again, getting tantalizingly close but not quite touching what she wanted so badly.

Tenten was already wet, and she could feel the heat pooling downwards. It was made worse when he picked up the kunai again, trailing it lightly across her skin.

Somehow the idea of him teasing her in such an intimate way with her beloved weapons made her hornier than before, no matter how kinky it may have been.

"Just hurry up already!" she moaned finally, unable to stand his teasing. Neji smirked.

"Impatient, are we, Tenten?" he asked huskily, licking at her earlobe and discarding the kunai to slide his hands over her ass, squeezing.

Tenten moaned again, though her inner ego was calling him an arrogant bastard.

It didn't really matter, she still wanted him, more than ever.

He finally satisfied her, his fingers brushing against her folds, and Tenten bit back a scream. Gently, he slid one finger into her wetness.

This time she did scream.

He rubbed his finger against her, watching her writhe and moan in pleasure. The expressions and noises she was making had turned him hard as well, and he was sure he wouldn't be able to control himself much longer.

Soon, a second finger joined the one inside, sliding in and out.

Tenten, in her ecstasy was randomly reminded of his gentle fist style, in which he used two fingers to close off his opponent's chakra points.

His fingers were skilled indeed, but so much better when used in this way.

"Neji, please…" Tenten gasped.

"What do you want, Tenten?" he breathed. "Tell me…"

"I want – you," she managed, biting back another scream as his fingers brushed the sensitive bundle of nerves inside her. "N-now!"

Neji nodded, but didn't remove his fingers. Tenten noticed his Byakugan had activated – he was concentrating on something, and she loved the look on his face.

Tenten shrieked (in pleasure) as a sudden tingling feeling flowed through her – it seemed to come from his fingers, and spread through her body. She wondered if she had got her orgasm, but she didn't think she had. Still it was the most amazing, exhilarating feeling ever.

"What did you do?!"

"Contraceptive jutsu," Neji murmured, smiling.


"Hn. I know."

"Just – get inside me will you."

Neji stared at her intensely, his gaze smoldering.

"You asked for it," he said huskily.

That had been the first time they made love. Incidentally, it was also the fourth time he'd seen her with her hair loose.


The fifth time was on their wedding day. Neji and Tenten were both twenty one.

During the ceremony itself, Tenten's silky hair had been tied up in an elegant knot, courtesy of Ino.

But Neji, of course, had yanked the studded pins from her hair the moment they were alone in their bedroom, a night before the honeymoon.

This time when they made love, it was slower, not the usual fervid sex they usually had.

This time there was no teasing, but just soft promises of love whispered against lips. The whispers soon grew into screams as Neji slid himself into her, sheathing himself in her warm, wet folds.

In their married life, they'd soon realize that sex was quite a nice replacement for sparring at times. Not that they'd give up either.


The counting stopped then, for after their marriage, Neji made it a point to tweak the Hyuuga traditions, which his new wife, Tenten Hyuuga had to abide by.

All Hyuuga woman were now compelled to leave their hair loose after marriage. Hiashi scoffed at Neji when he suggested this seemingly ludicrous and pointless precept, but accepted it nevertheless.

Needless to say, Neji's rebellious wife was furious, and didn't obey what she considered a purely chauvinistic display of male dominance. In reality, she was flattered that Neji liked her open hair that much, but rebelled just for the sake of flustering him.

In Tenten's opinion, nothing was more adorable than a flustered, annoyed, sulking Neji who didn't get what he wanted.

So he took to hiding her hair ties – or pulling them out when they kissed, either method was fine.

Tenten Hyuuga once had many eccentricities; but now she was wed, and bestowed with a proper and fitting last name. Her husband, though he found her buns cute, ensured she loosened her hair every now and then. Her morbid fascinations was the only quirk which remained.

Perhaps, her marriage to Neji had exacerbated that particular habit.

Kunai and katana, chakra threads and shuriken, nunchucks and ropes… these no longer functioned only as weapons. Neji and Tenten found many more creative ways to utilize these ninja tools.


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