This is my story (yay!).... uh... enjoy!

also: I don't own anything in Shugo Chara, because if I did, Tadase would be out of the scene and Amu and Ikuto would be together.


'You understand what I'm telling you, right?' Midori looked me in the eye.

'Yes, ma'am.' I said for the 100th time.

'This is not time for fun and games, Amu, this is an important mission in order to find about our target. You will not do anything out of the ordinary, just act like you would. I hope I can trust you.'

'Yes, ma'am.' I feel like a robot. She glared at me one last time.

'Good. You're dismissed.'

'Yes, ma'am.' I walked to my room to pack. I couldn't wait to get back, to see him again.