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I don't own Shugo Chara or anything to do with it.

I don't own Shugo Chara or anything to do with it.

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Amu's POV


My eyes were as wide as saucers as I saw Nadeshiko and Rima walk in.

'Nadeshiko... Rima...' I could hear my heart beating, fast. Oh no, oh no, oh no. I didn't want to meet all my old friends here, considering they probably hate me because I didn't tell them I was leaving. Well, I told Utau, but I made her promise that she wouldn't tell anyone.

Their eyes continues to stare at me in disbelief, until Rima finally broke the ice.

'Why are you here, Amu?' She looked sad, and I felt deep regret for all I'd done. I couldn't say anything though, I just couldn't.

'No...no, no, no! You're not supposed to be here!' I was in hysterics, and I ran from the room. I seemed to be running away from everything now. I stopped when I was feeling out of breath and Ipulled out my phone and called my best friend Yoko, who also worked under Midori.

'Hello?' Yoko's calm voice came through.

'Oh, Yoko! I can't do this anymore! I keep meeting my old friends and I keep running away! I can't see their faces without wanting to cry, cuz it's all my fault that I left! I just-' Yoko cut blabbering off.

'Amu! CALM DOWN. Your head is all over the place! Look, do you want me to transfer into Seiyo High with you? That way I can help you with the mission, and you won't feel so bad.'

'But Yoko, will Midori let you? I mean, she's kinda strict you know?' My breathing was still uneven, but I'd calmed down a lot. Yoko was really good at making you feel better.

'No, I already asked her, just as a back-up plan in case anything went wrong. I'll probably enroll on Thursday, okay? So today is Monday, and I'll be packing my stuff. Midori can make it so that I'm in the same dorm as you, alright?'

'Thanks, Yoko. You're a lifesaver.'

'I know I am! Byes.' Then she cut off the phone. I felt so much better, although I still didn't know what to do about Nadeshiko and Rima... Wait, if they're here, then that means everyone else is her too! ... crap crap crap crap... aarrrggghhh.

Ikuto's POV

I'd been watching Amu through the window, while sitting on a tree. And hell, is Amu different. And I don't mean just in looks. She'd changed from that fun-loving bubbly girl to.. this. Why had she changed? And who was that on the phone? And a mission... so that meant she wasn't here because of education..I started to wonder. I had so many questions in my head that needed answers. I clambered through the open window and walked out the door as if it was the most ordinary thing to do. I saw her, curled up against the wall, her hands clutched around a small black phone.

'Amu.' Her head whipped round and I saw she was pointing a penknife at me. Woah! Then she saw who I was and dropped it.

I'm sorry, I thought you were... someone else.' She took back the weapon and put it in her pocket.

Amu's POV

Ikuto popped up again. It's so annoying, he always shows up at the most inconvenient times. 'Well, I'll be going now...' I said, while getting up. But Ikuto grabbed my wrist.

'No.' he said, with a tone of authority. 'You're not running away from me again.' I tried to struggle against him, I didn't want a confrontation now. I didn't even want to see him! I managed to pry his hand off, using a trick Midori'd taught Ikuto grabbed me again.

'What's with you?!? You keep running away .?docid=17404491rom me! You're even running away from Rima, and she was your best friend!' How did he know I'd ran away?

'Are you spying on me?! People need privacy you know!' I shouted at him, and he flinched, as though he wasn't used to me being this way.

'What's happened to you, Amu! I thought you loved me!' I gave him an icy glare.

'You thought Ikuto. Well you thought wrong.' I hissed. ' You left me, and that's that. I don't love you anymore, in fact, I hate you. So just leave me ALONE.' His face was shocked, and I felt an aching in my heart. I was gripping the penknofe in my pocket, but it was still open, so I ended up cutting my hand. Ikuto seemed to notice the blood seeping through my pocket.

'Amu! You're hand!' My eyes were dead as I spoke.

'The pain you caused me was much greater than this.' I then walked back into my dorm, slamming the door behind me, locking it as fast as could with one hand. I seemed to that a lot, now. I pulled out my bloodied hand, and went to the bathroom. The water that came from the sink stung my hand greatly, but I thought of it as a punishment for all I'd done.

I bandaged it with the first aid kit I'd brought along with me (A/N: well, Amu is quite clumsy...) and sat on my bed. It'd only been the first day and yet I'd already hurt so many people.

I lay down and fell into a deep sleep.

Yoko's POV

I got a call from Amu to pack, I can't wait to get out of this dump, *cough* I mean Midori's base, it's so boring there with all the training and crappy lessons... But now I get to hang out with Amu! So that's cool. I can't wait to meet Amu again, I haven't seen her that much, even when she was in base so... yeah. Gotta pack.

'Yoko.' I jumped. It was Kimiko. I stood up immediatly, Kimiko is mega scary.

'Yes, ma'am.'

'Midori wants me to pass a message: She said that you must do the mission if Amu is unwilling or unable to, and that you must not get distracted. The mission is the most important. I must go now.' And with that, she walked out. She's got this really scary aura around her, you know, one of those Don't-talk-to-me-or-else-I'll-murder-you ones. I carried on packing, my mood slightly dampened since Kimiko walked in.

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