Hi there everyone.

Im so sorry after all this time all you get is an author note but please bear with me.

I've had a couple of PM's regarding Consumed by Fire and it occured to me that I haven't let you all know what's been going on.

A few of you know whats been happening in my RL and it's not been pretty :(

As I mentioned before, I lost 2 wonderful friends last year which completely devastated me, then we moved to a much bigger house and I was without a pc for a while.

Then I got pregnant and OMG I am the crankiest person on the planet when pregnant and severe sciatica/SPD stopped me from being able to sit too long (excuses excuses, I suck I know :( )

So then I gave birth to my amazing little boy Cai and yes I was very sick after having him thanks to a nasty staph infection that just would not go away and then at 6 weeks old my world came grinding to a halt..

Cai stopped breathing and was rushed into hospital where he was eventually found to be in heart failure. He had 3 major heart defects and needed immediate surgery or we would have lost him.

We were in hospital with him for almost 4 weeks which was the hardest of my life, even though the surgery fixed his life threatening problem it still didn't solve everything so my life at the moment consists of cardiologist appointments, dietician appointments, paediactric assessments so I don't have that much time to myself.

BUT, I have started writing CBF again and I PROMISE you despite my hectic life I will get it finished.

Thank you all so much for being so patient and standing by me it means so much.

love you all

Sae xxx