(Jack/OC, Dex/Ben, other couples implied) The Chosen One who was destined by fate to become the hero she was born to be. She is sentenced to rigorous training and harsh ways of life to become the hero of the future and the past. Really? She's nothing like that. This "hero" would rather be the sidekick and only helps because she's asked to. However, the fate of all of Cartoon Network's Universe rests on her shoulders! It's time to step up to the plate, as she waits for her twin brother to awaken. But how long will that be? And can she hold off that long?!

---The Past---

She glared at the mirror with her cold, bright green eyes. She hated her reflection. But for now, she was "pretty" and just what Dex was asking for. Well, actually, her brother was, but he didn't wanna go anywhere without his twin. She was his more sane half.

"Dixie, stop staring. Hurry up and get up here."

Dixie sighed and then stretched. She got up, dusting off her brown, cargo pants with it's many pockets with her miscellaneous items. She snatched up her blue jacket off the back of the chair and made her way towards the lab she'd known from outside only. Dixie flipped her black hair away and quietly pushed the bookcase aside.

"Dex, she's here."

Dirk, Dixie's reason for being here, was smiling down at her from a perch on a broken computer. Dirk had kind of long hair for a boy. But he'd trimmed off most of it. His kind green eyes were quite the opposite of Dixie's harsh eyes. He wore a red shirt with a pair of headphones constantly around his neck. He wore black gloves with the fingers cut off and black jeans with a red pair of belts holding onto his upper left thigh. Dirk was much like Dixie when something horrible happens.

But at the moment, Dirk was same old Dirk, calm, collective, kind, sweet, and much of the gentleman.

"Dixie, this is your pod. I just need you to give me your finger prints, your signature, and some personal info." Dex held out two different pads. One was an electronic pad with a bunch of windows flashing. The other was a basic, writing pad. "When you're done, give a shout. I'm going to place Dirk in his pod."

Dirk jumped down and patted Dixie's shoulder. "See you on the other side, Di."

"Right," Dixie mumbled. She was signing the contract stating she was giving over personal info to Dexlabs. She finally put down the pen and pad. Now, she was waiting for the windows to stop. When they did, she put her left hand on the screen. It scanned her hand twice before accepting it. She put that down and waited. Dixie wasn't someone who would urge anyone to hurry.

Dex came around, eventually and stopped. "When--?"

Dixie just got up and put her coat on. "Whatever. When do I leave?"

"Erm, now." Dex started typing away at a key alter near a very round orb with a door. The door hissed open and showed Dixie what looked like an up-right bed with restraints.


"No worries, really." Dex smiled and adjusted his glasses. "It's only for when you arrive. I don't know how rough the ride will be. But the good thing is that I'll trigger the wake-up sequence when you get closer to your destination, because only you'll know if you need the support when you land." Dex smiled brightly. "I'll see you on the other side, Dixie WinterVampire."

Dixie rolled her eyes. "Stuff it and get this over with."

Dex closed up the pod and watched the power cells activate. He punched in the exact time he would like her to wake up. Not far from her brother's time. Dex watched the pods seal themselves and was also quite curious when the dry ice would need to be changed.

---inside the pod---

Dixie looked around her. Needle-tipped tubes were advancing towards her. She watched an oxygen mask fall on her face and felt the gentle puff of oxygen coming in. One of the needles jabbed her in the back of the neck and stayed there. Another was stabbed into her right leg. She flinched when another went into her left leg. There was one on either arm as well.

Dixie suddenly smelt something like vanilla and strawberries. But there was a soft, pungent odor just underneath that....

---outside the pod---

Dex's eyes widened. "No!"

He was too late. The system was malfunctioning. There was something inside the machine. Dee Dee had triggered it when she'd pushed "the button" just now. He groaned. They were going to probably end up dead now. It was going to be all his fault....

---The Future---

Dex ran a hand through his hair. The green slime was coating the ground quite thickly now.

His greatest technological feat was also his greatest downfall now. Dixie and Dirk WinterVampire would be immune to the effects of Fuse's fusion matter. They would never have to face a fusion them. But he couldn't wake them.

The pods had been overtaken by Fusion Dexter, who was probably going to figure out how to open the pods. He would turn Dixie and Dirk. That was for sure.

Dex closed his eyes. Hero Square was going to be part of Fuse's domain soon. So was, eventually, Dexlabs. Dex looked at the sky. In four days, they would lose Hero Square for sure. Four days left to fight back.

Four days....