It dispersed to reveal Dixie.

Her body was covered with veins of slime. It steamed out of her mouth and there was a crystallized piece coming out of her left eye. She looked like a hybrid between some of the Fusions and the Jumpers. Her right hand was sharp and had a bird's claw shape. It was menacing and frighteningly close to being animal.

Fuse looked shocked.

Dixie just smirked and several voices escaped her lips. "You find us ugly and putrid, do you not?"

"No, I just find you an insult to my creatures."

Dixie's smile suddenly turned to a straight line and she looked sadly at Dirk. "We are sorry. She is losing. There is not enough will-power reaching her heart. But we could not sit still and wait for her to recover. This is our chance to fight back. She still fights on for you."

Dirk didn't show it, but his heart felt lighter and much more glad to know she was fighting it as much as she could. "Doesn't matter. She's fighting, that's all I care about."

"Then onwards and upwards is all we can do." Dixie suddenly brought her body back and she vanished into the fog. "We will not let them die. Too many have fallen to your putrid smell, Fuse. We will not let you take another."

Dirk made a quick prayer that she would still be in there before he backed off. "Pull back! Don't let the fog touch you!" He was turning to call out to Jack when he saw a horrific sight.

Jack was surrounded with several Jumpers who were returning to the nearest portal, almost five miles away. Jack's hair was coming lose from his styling. He shook his head at Dirk. "Do not stop! Push the assault! We must keep them from interfering with Dixie's mission!"

Dirk nodded. "Regroup!" He signaled for them to regroup to help box in some of the Fusions that were holding Five and One to one side as well as Jack against a ruin's wall. So many Jumpers clustered together and made it so the Fusions had to stand and fight or try to take their ally. "Don't let them leave. They have to stop regrouping to Fuse."

"RIGHT!" came a collective yell from all of the Jumpers.

Dee Dee smiled sadly. "You want to help, don't you?"

Ben shook his head. "All I can do is wait. The part of the plan that Dex and I have to deal with isn't here yet. Dixie just sped it along."

Dee Dee hovered near him. "So many Jumpers are down. So many will need air support to get back."

Ben's light bulb exploded. "MOJO!"

The monkey glared at him. "What?"

"Mojo, will you take some of your flyers to the portal? You and the KND can bring in support fast!"

Mojo scratched his chin. "Can we drop these flea bags?"

Ben nodded. "We just need them to be in and out as quickly as possible."

Mojo nodded. "I will do this. But not because it's convenient for you!"

Ben did the same with the KND operatives. "Now, we stand a chance."

Dee Dee giggled. "You're so quick." She leaned on his shoulder. "But how long before you have to help?"

Ben knew exactly what she was talking about.