Alice and What Came After: Between the Glass

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Epilogue: Home

The Hatters returned to their flat with a casket, an out-of-place computer/dinosaur expert, and a dying daughter. Connor didn't say much. He went straight to his room to check on Rex, Sid, and Nancy. Hatter laid Sarah down on the couch while Alice went to grab the phone.

He knelt down beside his daughter, listening to her heart slow down.


"I'm on hold!" she called back from the kitchen.

"Taxi. We'll take a taxi."

Hatter went down the hallway to retrieve his wallet and a blanket for Sarah. She looked cold lying there on the sofa.

When he stepped back into the living room, Sarah was coughing.

"Alice! C'mere!"

His wife hurried into the room. The phone in her hand hit the floor, breaking apart. "Sarah, oh God!"

On the sofa, Sarah sat up, coughing. "Da?"

"I'm here, baby, I'm here…" he said, his arms around her. He listened to her heart beat, nice and strong.

"Where's Chase?" she asked, her voice rough.

His brown eyes met Alice's blue. Neither of them wanted to remind her about her ex-boyfriend's murder. Not like this. Not after almost losing her.

But that didn't matter in the end.

When Connor Temple brought them back, he'd stepped back in time just a few days before the mirror broke. Apparently by taking that leap back, despite their physical wounds, Sarah and Chase were alive. None of them really understood why they'd survived.

All that mattered was that they survived.

With Connor's help, the four Hatters and Chase traveled back to their Wonderland. There was no Jessica and Kyle there. Alice's replacement queen still sat on the throne at the moment.

Luckily, both Sarah and Chase remembered everything that happened despite their deaths. Their separate experiences helped them get back together. Chase even willingly accompanied her to Wonderland.

After two weeks in New York and Wonderland with the Hatter family, it was time for Connor Temple to go back to his life. He upgraded the Hatter's mirror to prevent further breakage and allowed for a time-control.

The main Looking Glass in Wonderland got an overhaul as well.

The only person who was really upset by Connor's plans was Sarah's brother.

"Do ya have ta go?" the younger man asked. Sarah and Chase were out on a date, Alice was at the dojo, leaving only Connor and Hatter at the flat.

"Yeah, I've gotta get back home. My wife and daughter are waiting."

"Are ya gonna visit?"

Connor Temple sighed. "Tell you what, Conn. We could always use help at the ARC. Lester's been wanting to expand for a while. Lemme give you a number…"

"Really? Ya mean I'd work with anomalies like you and da?"

"Yeah. And creatures like Rex and Sid and Nancy."

"Wicked," Connor Hatter said with a grin.

Temple handed over Lester's number. "Plus you could always visit. You know the settings, right?"

Connor nodded.

"Good luck. Try and keep Sarah out of trouble, yeah?"

"Like that'll ever happen."

Connor Temple smiled, shaking his double's hand. "Good luck anyways."

In a flash of spinning mirrors, he disappeared.

Connor Hatter sat in his room, Rex perched over his desk, and Sid at his feet. He held the number his friend had scribbled down in his hand.

He punched it into his cell phone, carefully adding the international codes.

"Hello, is this is Mr. Lester? My name's Connor Hatter. Umm, Connor Temple told me to give you a call about working for the ARC…"

Author's Notes:

Tada, the end! I'm not sure yet what the third entry will be titled, but it will be Connor-centric and it will be a crossover with Primeval. It will also tie up any loose ends from "Glass". Basically, Connor ends up working for a US-based ARC. It's going to jump in the future a bit and we're gonna meet his new girlfriend.

I'll respond to all reviews from the last few chapters on Tuesday. Sorry I didn't get around to it earlier. It's been nuts. Anywho, I hope you all enjoyed it and the ending wasn't too much of a cop-out. Please, please review! Thanks so much!