"What do you mean?" Sinedd blinked.

Artegor leaned back in his chair and grinned "I mean, Sinedd my boy, that I am on the verge of becoming very powerful and I would like to take you with me,"

Sinedd looked down at his feet and then back to Artegor "Are you going to leave the Red Tigers?"

"Things grow old Sinedd," Artegor said "Sometimes you just have to move on and go on to greater things...sometimes opportunities cannot be passed up especially..." He smiled at Sinedd "...especially when one is so undermined by his peers and superior..."

Sinedd's head snapped to the staring at his feet again "So you are leaving the Red Tigers?"


"Where to?"

"The Shadows,"

Artegor peered at Sinedd through his sunglasses as the young teen processed what he was hearing.

Sinedd looked straight at Artegor "You want me to join?"

"I do,"


A smirk cracked around Artegor's mouth "First... you must do something... to prove your loyalty,"



Rocket gazed at the girl lying on his bed from his seat and smiled "Hello to you,"

Slowly Tia sat up and rubbed her head "What happened?"

Rocket walked over to the bed and knelt down "You were in a crash," He held her wrist gently and held his two forefingers to her pulse "You seem to have recovered well though,"

"Good," Tia said getting up from the bed "Because I have somewhere I need to go,"

She got up and walked two steps when she realised she had no idea where she was.

"You're in my...erm...hideout," Rocket said.

Tia nodded slowly "Mmm, I need to leave your hideout..."

Rocket stood up "Well where do you want to go? I can give you a ride if you want?"

Tia looked round at Rocket and thought for a second or two. She then smiled and nodded "Yes, okay,"

"Where do you need to go?" Rocket grinned.

"Snow Kids Headquarters."


"Hey Aarch," Micro-Ice grinned walking into the Snow Kids headquarters.

"Well hello there Micro-Ice," Aarch smiled.

"We found new recruits," Micro-Ice said casually as he started to dig through the fridge for something to eat or drink.

"Is that a fact?" Aarch replied.

"Uh-huh," Micro-Ice nodded as he munched on a carrot he had found "D'jok's in the middle of giving them some big speech,"

At that moment D'jok, Ahito and Thran walked through the door.

"These are the new recruits!" D'jok grinned "I've versed them in all that is Snow Kid!"

"That's very good," Aarch smiled. He shook both Ahito and Thran's hands with his mammoth paws "You are very welcome,"

"Ahah! Thank you sir!" Thran grinned as he shook his hand in pain.

There was a knock as the door and everyone swivelled to look.

"Hello?" Aarch called.

As the new person entered, Micro-ice felt his heart jump into his mouth and he stood gaping at this beautiful lean girl.

"Hello," She smiled as she swung her long hair behind her "Is this the Snow Kids?"

Micro-Ice nodded without making a sound.

"We sure are," Aarch grinned "How can we help you young miss?"

"My name is Mei," She said clenching her fist "And I want to join you,"


It was late in the evening when Sinedd started to make his way back to the Snow Kids Headquarters.

Rain started to fall down on the sandy streets of Genesis and he climbed the hill up to the building where his fellow members slept.

Far away he could hear the humming of a motorbike but it did not deter him as he neared the building.

He reached the door and his hand clutched down on the handle. With a deep breath, he entered the building.