Epilogue: Two weeks later

Back at Capsule Corporation…

Something had gone wrong.

Something had gone horrifically wrong.

Vegeta stood frozen as the wailing child was thrust into his arms.

This was not part of his plan.

When he had consented to stay at Capsule Corporation, it had been with only two things in mind; food and training. He had played it as a rare generous moment on his part when he agreed to do the woman a favor, but really he had been waiting for the opportunity for months. Space wasn't what it once was, and since it had been leaked out that he was a 'good guy' it had been miserable. Nobody gave him the respect he deserved, and even when he broke a few bones… and a few skulls… he was still fighting just to find places to sleep. The minimalistic lifestyle had suited him perfectly before, but after being spoiled at CC, it was near unbearable to go back. There he had been treated as he deserved, as a prince. His meals were cooked for him, his clothes washed, there was a high-tech training program that was constantly being updated… He grew rather accustomed to sleeping in one spot for more then a night. But there was no way he would be the one to go crawling back. So when the woman asked him it seemed like it was a win-win situation all around. He hadn't thought the brat would pose any problems. After all, saiyans were self-sufficient. He certainly couldn't recall a time when he wasn't. He assumed his position there was only to insure the kid didn't destroy the house. He wasn't prepared for this whiny, squirmy, leaky thing. It was obviously his human side coming out.

Bulma's mother watched the saiyan prince hold her grandson. Such a nice young man, she thought of him, but desperately inept at child-rearing. She sent him a vapid smile as she caught him scowling at her. Oh well, she had plenty of time to turn him into a father.


In a diner in a small trading port way out in space…

The ground shook as Goku's stomach protested the lack of food. Always one to follow the orders of his body, he sat down at a table piled high with foods. If the scent was any indication, it would be worth the wait. He cracked his neck first one way, then the next and stretched out the muscles in his arms.

With the way he ate, warm-ups were necessary.

He selected a choice sandwich off one of the plates and inhaled the aroma before unhinging his jaw to best fit the colossal sub into his mouth.

A scream interrupted his methodical preparation.

He recognized it immediately as Bulma's. He'd known her long enough to begin to be able to decipher her screams and he was willing to stake his life that that one had been one of disgust and not life-endangerment. He glanced at the mouth-watering food in front of him. But was he willing to stake her life on it? He reluctantly set the food down, trying to remind himself that it was, in the end, only food, and dashed off to see what kind of trouble she had gotten into this time.

The End

or is it?

Ok, so I'm finished with the angst! but far from finished with the story…if you enjoyed this and made it this far, well there's a couple things to look for. There is a sequel in the works already to this fic, (a much more light-hearted story focusing on our favorite couple as they traipse across the galaxy and try to figure out their relationship) as well as a short follow up to what happens to Vegeta and Trunks. Also, finally a one-shot companion piece to this where we see what became of Chi-Chi and she meets her match should be coming out soon. So maybe this story didn't end as much as I thought… sigh, well anyway, I'll try to tie up all the loose ends (of which I'm sure there are plenty). Thanks for sticking with me!