Author's Note: So before you begin, I would just like to let you know a few things:

1. This contains spoilers. For the sake of death gods I do not want comments complaining that I gave away the ending to either story.

2. Thank you so much, Sorryll for helping me with this idea, and reading through my stuff to be sure that it's not crap before I post it.

3. The lyrics are from the song "Dear Agony" by Breaking Benjamin

Disclaimer: I can only wish that I owned Godchild and Kuroshitsuji, but alas, I do not. They are property of Kaori Yuki and Yana Toboso.

I have nothing left to give

I have found the perfect end

You remain to make it hurt

Disappear into the dirt

"Who are you?" the question was all too redundant to him by now, having been asked it uncountable times over the years. One that William T. Spears was prepared to answer with the same words as many times as needed. Although, he did see it as a reasonable question to ask. After all, having a stranger clad in black appear at the moment when a person had thought they were dead would probably surprise anyone. However, it was his duty to inform the individual that they had indeed passed on, and that he would determine whether or not their soul went to heaven, or, the increasingly popular, hell. So as he stood in the dank attic room, looking down at the boy on the floor, covered in blood he waited for those three words to be spoken.

"Where is Jizabel?" admittedly, the question caught him off guard. So off guard in fact that he said, as he was so used to doing,

"My name is William T. Spears. I am a god of death."

The boy squinted in the dim light of the room, trying to see the face of the man that stood in front of him. Glasses reflected off of the candlelight, as well as the blade that the man had clasped in a gloved hand.

"Yes…but that's not what I asked." Cassian said without blinking an eye. No one had ever acted so calm around him before, so a young boy confronting him, an introduced "God of Death" was strange indeed.

"In case you hadn't noticed," he trailed off, flipping through a few pages in the book he had in his opposite hand until he'd found what he was looking for. "…Cassian, you are dead. Now, as a God of Death, it is my duty to escort you to the afterlife. First I will view your Cinematic Record, basically a film synapses with your life, which will determine where you go to heaven, or…elsewhere." he added grimly.

"Hell?" Cassian asked, standing to get a better look at the man called William. A small smile passed his lips, and he said softly,

"Don't bother…I know that's where I'm going, no doubt about it."

Now this was strange. Still, not giving away his surprise and curiosity, William stood up straighter, and flipped through the book for a second time. Whether what the boy had said was true or not, rules had to be followed, and they stated that the individual's Cinematic Record had to be sorted through before any decisions could be made.

"Well…regulations state that I must view your record before I can do anything. Rules must be followed, you see?" he paused, pushing his glasses up with the glistening blade of his scythe. "Now, your Cinematic Record contains all the defining moments in your life such as birth, childhood memories, serious illnesses, crimes, loves, deaths around you and finally…your own death." he motioned to Cassian who had been so busy focusing on William to notice his own body.

He was nothing short of shocked to see the small hands of his former self in front of him. Slowly, he brought one up to his neck, scarcely aware that in the other he was still holding the bloodied scalpel. Fingers ran over the wound on his throat, causing more blood to pour from the gaping slash across the skin.

"So…I'm dead…right?" he said with noticeably less confidence than before. The idea of death still did not scare him. He was surprised at the complicated procedures, though. Why could he not be sent to eternal damnation with no questions asked?

"Yes, so come now. I must go through your Cinematic Record. If you're so sure that you're going to hell, then we can make this quick." he said with the slightest tone of annoyance in his voice, for this was not the first reaping he'd had to do that day, and it wouldn't be the last. The Association was painfully shorthanded at the moment, so for the past two weeks William had been clocking out at nearly ten pm.

"Oh yes, one more thing." he added, "Do you have any last requests?" Cassian wrinkled his eyebrows in confusion.

"Like what?"

"Any sort of message you would like delivered to someone stating that you've passed on or something along those lines?" The boy thought a moment, then whispered softly,

"What are the chances you could get the message to someone who is already gone?" William cast his gaze down at the boy who was becoming more and more curious to him.

"I've never been asked that before, but I can try my best." he stated. Cassian smiled a little, then looked the God of Death directly in the eyes.

"I need you to tell one person something for me…I need you to tell him that during his life, he was never really alone, and that I was always right there for him. Tell him that even though he claimed to be numb to the world, I could see otherwise. I need him to know that even when he was stained with blood, he was still beautiful to me…" Cassian stopped a moment, and it looked as though he was going to cry. William eyed him with confusion. "So please…if you can tell him these last two things…that I love him, and that I was not strong enough to survive without the one thing that meant more to me than life…above all, tell him that I'm sorry." silence filled every corner of the room until Cassian spoke again. "Guess it's kind of a strange message, huh?"

"Yes, well…" William said, clearing his throat. "Are you ready to move on, Cassian?" the boy nodded.

His mind did not have a chance to generate pain as the blade of the scythe was plunged into his chest. Instead of blood, filmstrips poured from the wound, glowing in serene, white light. William pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose, and began to leaf through the "boy's" Cinematic Record.

Carry me to heaven's arms

Light the way and let me go

Take the time to take my breath

I will end where I begin