AN: all characters are going to be out of character for the most part. Slightly AU and may or may not follow anime. Will accelerate meeting between Ichigo and the Visoreds. May skip arcs or may not.

Summary: Ichigo Kurosaki wasn't Isshin's first born child. A daughter forgotten comes back into the light to help against her former lover. The Mistress of Scath Blaze has been cleared of all charges and has been given a second chance. Watch as the eldest Kurosaki unites the humans, Soul reapers, Quincies and Arrancars together as one.

Chapter One

(Sereitei NPOV)

"Ichigo, before you go there is something that I want to give you. This is a combat pass that has been given in times of great peril. We give them to our substitute soul reapers so that they have an easier time. It authorizes you to engage in battle and it allows you to perform konso in order to help spirits move onto Soul Society," Captain Ukitake said handing Ichigo the combat pass.

Their hands brushed for a brief second and Ichigo's gift awakened allowing him to see what it was that was making the tall captain sick. Ichigo's chocolate eyes grew wide at the images passing before his eyes.

"Captain Ukitake, I know of someone who can annihilate your illness," Ichigo whispered as he put the combat pass into an inner pocket.

"What?!" Ukitake gasped, shock and hope etched across his face, his hands dropping to his sides in fearful hope.

"My father, Isshin Kurosaki, has developed a cure for acute bronchitis and the virus that is plaguing your body. I've seen this before; my former sensei had the same condition. My father cured him before pulling me out of kendo. Of course, what could you expect of an ex captain," Ichigo said and pulled the man into a hug.

"How do you know about my brother in-law?" Ukitake whispered, looking into the eyes of the substitute soul reaper.

"I know a great many things Uncle, I will wait for you at Urarhara's shop when you are ready. I know my idiotic father will be happy to see you," Ichigo whispered before backing away and running towards the Senkai gate.

"Let's go," Ichigo yelled as he passed his friends. A few quick nods and they all went through the gate. Ukitake stood there and thought over what the young substitute had said. Shunsui Kyouraku turned to his long time friend and pulled him into a hug.

"So that was Isshin's boy. Grows stronger every day doesn't he? I can tell that he will be a captain soon and I am going to be there when he brings Sereitei to its knees," Kyouraku said, looking towards the now closed gate.

"Hai, he will do that, of that I am most certain. I also know he wasn't lying when he said Isshin could cure me. Besides our dear Unohana and Urahara, Isshin Kurosaki was the strongest healer and fighter. It only makes since for Ichigo to follow in his father's footsteps by being stronger than all three and the head captain. Especially since his sister was so powerful before she was imprisoned. In a few years our dear Ichigo will make the third division strong again. I will leave you to think and I shall get ready for my journey. I must also speak with an old friend," Ukitake said waving goodbye to his friend before leaving.

"Well, isn't this turning into something? Hey Nanoa-san, I will be leaving you in-charge while I join Jyuushiro in the living world. I've got some contacts that I need to get a hold of and bring my nephew into the fold," Kyouraku said looking to his lieutenant.

"Alright Captain, Lord only knows what trouble the division would get into without one of us here," Nanoa said, leaving her captain looking puzzled.

'Ah well, she'll keep things under control while I'm gone. Now I need get Harry to Japan safely without problems. Damn Dumbledore, allowing my family to be killed and pushing my favorite nephew to fight a vasto lorde. I suppose he and Ichigo will get a long since they are both visoreds. I know that Ichigo will love him since he destroyed a vasto lorde last year,' Kyouraku thought to himself. He then left to go and 'kidnap' his nephew from his deranged sister's house.

(Jyuushiro Ukitake POV, Confinement Cells, Second Division)

I sighed as I made my way down to the high securities cells to get my long lost niece. I knew there would be hell to pay when she was freed, but I knew that we would need her help. Alexis Baisteach was Isshin's oldest Daughter, powerful and quick to temper. My poor niece, getting abandoned by my foolish brother and getting turned into a visored by the love of her life the night of her graduation. Such a hard life she has had, thank god the head captain was able to have the death sentence revoked.

I turned right and walked a couple hundred feet in. I stopped at cell number five hundred sixty-six. I watched as my niece was doing sit-ups while hanging from the ceiling of her cell. I let my reiatsu flare, letting her know that I was there. She stopped what she was doing and flipped down landing on her feet.

"Hello beloved uncle," her soft voice said. Her piercing green eyes looked at me from the shadows. I smiled slightly, pleased that her power hadn't completely disappeared from her. She moved towards the cell door so the light illuminated her. I was struck by how beautiful my niece had become. I started to remember when my niece was younger and had first found her zanpakuto.


"Uncle!" a small bell like voice yelled throughout division thirteen.

"What is it Alexis?" I asked going to her side quickly thinking she had been hurt.

"I did it uncle!" she told me. I stopped dead as the implications were processed through my mind. I stepped back and looked at her excited face. I couldn't help but smile back.

"Have you really?" I asked, fear and excitement running through me.

"Alright little one, show me the power of your zanpakuto," I said laughing at her enthusiasm. We turned around and start playing flash tag. We arrived minutes later and I motioned for everyone to clear the courtyard.

"Alright Alexis, show us your zanpakuto," I said encouraging her to release her blade. She smiled at me and moved forward. I watched as she moved her hands to the swords on her back. Realization shot through me as I watched her draw her double zanpakuto. One was blood red and the other was black as darkness. They formed an 'X' patterned and I was silently pleased that my niece could wield the twin blades of Scath Blaze.

"Solas mo bhealach Scath Blaze!" she yelled and drew her weapons. Her release of her zanpakuto was amazing and powerful. A large red and black X streaked across the courtyard and shattered the column across from me along with the barracks that was on the other side of the compound. I was grinning like a fool and pulled her into a bone crushing hug after she sheathed her zanpakuto.

"What do you think uncle Jyuushiro?" Alexis asked shyly.

"That was impressive my lovely niece, I am proud of you," I replied and pulled her into a hug. Her face lit up like the stars in the night sky. My niece was all grown up and I knew then that she would bring about many changes.

"I'm like you and uncle Shuny now. I wield a double zanpakuto. Grandfather will be so pleased when he finds out," she said and took off towards the eighth division. I smiled and went back to my office.

(End Flashback)

"Oh my beloved niece, you look extremely well," I said and let my hand fall on her cheek. She leaned into the affectionate touch and sighed.

"I have missed you uncle. What brings you down my way today uncle Jyuu?" she asked. I smiled as she got straight to the point. Nothing had changed with her in the last two hundred years since her imprisonment.

"I am here to release you and to return your zanpakuto. Head Captain Yamamoto has re-instated as a Soul Reaper. There has been a lot going on this past month. In short, Souske Aizen, Gin Ichimaru and Kaname Tousen have betrayed Soul Society and have taken out the Central Forty-Six. Sereitei has also been breached," I answered, knowing she knew more from what I had just told her.

"Grandfather has ordered my release and reinstatement?" she asked, hope lighting her features. I merely nod and motioned the guard to unlock her prison door.

"Yes, he has. There is one condition or you will be stuck back in here. Under no circumstances are you to attack your father with the intent to kill him. Sparring intensely is fine," I told her and handed her, her beloved zanpakuto. The release of her spiritual pressure was incredible.

"Don't worry Uncle; I am over the 'I am going to kill the bastard' phase. I spent a lot of time thinking when grandfather visited. It's true that Isshin Kurosaki is a bastard and I would like to kill him but it wouldn't solve anything. So I vowed that no matter what I won't do what he did," she told me stepping into my embrace.

"It also appears as though you have a younger brother. I know this because there is no way that anyone can get through the barrier that surrounds Sereitei without have a blood link to you specifically. Not even the famed Kukaku Shiba with her cannon can it break through. I have also heard that you have two younger sisters along with your brother," I whispered into her ear.

"What do you mean I have younger siblings and how the hell did they break through my shield? No one and I mean no one can break through it," she said, shock and respect echoing in her voice.

"Yes that is what I am telling you. We believe that because the shield is based on your blood, it would make sense that the shield would open for someone who shares your bloodline and your hereditary gift. There were four ryoka, Ganju Shiba and Yoruichi Shihoin that came through. One of the ryoka had similar reiatsu to yours. His name is Ichigo Kurosaki. After they broke in they took on several of the unseated soul reapers. Ichigo himself beat the captains of the sixth and eleventh divisions along with the lieutenants of the first, second, fourth and the sixth divisions."

"They broke into Sereitei to rescue Byakuya Kuchiki's sister Rukia. They apparently became friends when she was in the human world. He stopped the Sokyoko with his zanpakuto. Your brother has impressed the head Captain and you know that is hard to do," I said giving her a bit more information to digest. She paused and thought over what I had said. She reached up to touch my face. I knew that she wanted to see exactly what had happened the last two hundred years. I closed my eyes and relaxed, allowing her power to run through me.

"My my, so much has happened since my imprisonment. My father goes into a self imposed exile and falls in love with a human who gives me a brother and two sisters. My best friend is exiled for doing the one thing I asked him to do because my ex lover created beings that were never meant to be created. My fox gets seduced by power and betrays Soul Society for me and Kaname following my orders to protect Gin and Soul Society. Then we have my personal favorite, my ex lover and partner, Souske Aizen, betrays the one place I swore to protect and the one person he would never go against. He has forgotten about me," she said pain and rage rising in her reiatsu, tears falling down her face her eyes hardening.

"Don't worry about him now. I want you to come with me and train your brother. You know Aizen better than anyone in Soul Society. I know that it is a lot to ask but…"I started but stopped as I saw the look in Alexis's green eyes.

"Souske Aizen will fall by the Hand of Kurosaki. I swear this on my honor and my blood," she said as she turned her palm down, letting her blood drip to the floor. Power pulsed from her as her vow was sealed. I started coughing and doubled over in pain.

"Uncle!" she yelled out catching me before I hit the floor. Alexis's yells started the guard, who came over to see what was wrong.

(Alexis Baisteach's POV)

I yelled out as my uncle started falling to the floor. The guard rushed over to us sword out and ready to attack if the need arose.

"Is Captain Ukitake alright?" the guard asked sheathing his sword. The guards' aura was slightly nervous from being in the presence of my own and my uncle's.

"Fetch the Fourth Division Captain. I will meet you both at the main entrance," I told him.

"Of course Captain Baisteach," the guard said and disappeared.

"Well, Uncle, when do we leave for the world of the living and why did that guard address me as captain?" I asked my uncle using my spirit energy to lessen his pain and coughing.

"The Head Captain has appointed you as the Fifth Division Captain again. Your lieutenant, Momo Hinamori, is running the division right now. Your mission is to help the Tenth Division Captain protect Karakura Town, your brother's hometown. Lieutenant Abarai will explain at a later date. I would also like you to train your brother in the ways of the shinigami and as a visored. He will need the extra power if he is to help you defeat Aizen," Uncle Jyuu told me. I nodded and flash stepped to the entrance with my uncle in my arms.

"Hello Alexis, it's been awhile," a familiar voice said, taking my uncle from my arms.

"Retsu, it is so good to see you. Yes it has been a very long time. How has being captain treated you?" I said hugging my long time friend.

"Fairly well. I love healing and being the Captain of the Four Division allows me that luxury," Unohana replied.

"That's good. Please take care of my uncle. I have a feeling that he won't be moving any time soon. I need to see the head captain for my orders," I said waiting for her dismissal.

"Go on, I'll take care of him from here," she told me. I nodded and started making my way towards the first division.

Sighing, I relaxed my body and willed my body to go faster. The wind whipped through my hair. The sun felt so warm and comforting until I was running through a cold spot. I stopped and opened my eyes. In my way was the most handsome young man I had ever seen. White spiky hair flowing gently in the breeze and crystal teal eyes hard as ice. He was short but taller than me by a few inches. My breath caught in my throat and my pulse quickened. I was snapped out of my trance when a well endowed orange haired woman wrapped her arms around the white haired Adonis. I had to stifle a growl when the big bust witch leaned down to whispered into his ear.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, breathing in the frigid air. When I opened my eyes, I was staring into those teal orbs. I raised an eyebrow and crossed my arms.

"You must be the new captain. My name is Toushiro Hitsugaya, Captain of the Tenth Division. This is my lieutenant Rangiku Matsumoto," Toushiro said, giving me the once over.

"Hai. I am Alexis Baisteach, re-instated Captain of the Fifth Divison. You know my lieutenant already and you know my wayward brother, though he doesn't know it yet," I said and bowed.

"Re-instated?" both captain and lieutenant asked me, looking at me like I was vermin that shouldn't be allowed to be in the open.

"I was imprisoned for trying to kill my father Isshin Kurosaki some two hundred years ago," I stated and turned to continue my way to the first division.

As I started to leave a cool hand grabbed my arm. I closed my eyes and allowed him to see my memories. He gasped and closed his eyes as images flashed through his mind. Our breathing increased and I wretched my arm out of his grasp. Tears were sliding down my cheeks.

"You now know the why. Now let's get going, Captain Yamamato is patient only so far," I whispered and left Hitsugaya on his knees.

"I don't trust her captain," Matsumoto said quietly as Hitsugaya got up.

"She has her reasons. Let's go," he said leaving towards first division.

I smirked as I heard them catch up with me. Ms. Bust gave me a dirty look before looking ahead. She picked up her pace a bit so that she was in front of me and Hitsugaya.

"How is it that you are related to that reckless orange haired ryoka? Captain Isshin Kurosaki hasn't been seen in Soul Society in two hundred twenty years," Hitsugaya asked me.

"About four hundred twenty years ago, that bastard met my mother in the fortieth district. They were together for a year. He left when he found out my mother was pregnant with me. When I was nine, my mother was attacked and killed by a hollow. I got pissed off and blasted the thing to pieces."

"With my spirit pressure sky rocketing, Isshin showed up with my uncles Jyuushiro and Shunsui. Isshin took one look at me and fell to his knees. He began mumbling about me being his daughter before fainting. Jyuu and Shuny raised me as their daughter; Isshin wasn't fit to take care of a cat or a dog. I found my zanpakuto at age ten and graduated the academy when I was seventeen."

"Two hundred three years later, I was made captain of the Fifth Division when Captain AutumnMoon retired because Aizen turned him into a Visored along with me and a few others. Aizen became my lieutenant and he was my lover for a time. The second month after I became captain, I found out about the other visoreds. I let my rage and hatred reign, letting my hollow take over. I found my father and tried to kill him. Head captain Yamamato got my sentence reduced to life imprisonment. The rest is history," I said, giving him a brief overview of my life.

"So Isshin was ashamed and forgot about you. He became a human because he couldn't face the fact that his daughter tried to kill him," Hitsugaya said, saving the other information away for further thought. I nodded and came to a stop. The mahogany doors of the First Division loomed in front of us.

"Hey! Rangiku! Captain Hitsugaya!" a voice yelled. I turned slightly and watched as three men made their way to us. The one who spoke was a tall red head. His face was set in a frowning mask. His reiatsu reminded me of a hot jungle. He had tattoos on his forehead with trailing lines going done his neck and disappearing into the top of his uniform. On his left was an intense bald man who looked bored. He was two inches taller than his red haired companion. On his right was a handsome man with short black hair. He looked like a woman at first glance but he was definitely male.

"Captain, this is Lieutenant Renji Abarai of the Sixth Division, Ikkaku Madarame, third seat of the Eleventh Division and Yumichika Ayasegawa, fifth seat of the Eleventh Division. They will be joining us on our mission along with Rukia Kuchiki of the Thirteenth Division," Matsumoto said, giving me a quick introduction.

"Thank you Lieutenant Matsumoto," I said giving her a nod in thanks. She nodded and opened the door. The tattooed male came up to me.

"So you are the new captain that we have been hearing about. My captain has told me about you," Renji said.

"Nothing good I'm sure. Byakuya Kuchiki never liked me or my father when the coward was his captain. In fact the Kuchiki Heir was relieved when I was imprisoned. Ya'll don't have anything to worry about me. Soul Society is my home and has my loyalty," I said letting my power wash over all of them. I closed my eyes and watched brief life stories pass before my eyes.

"What the hell was that?" Ikkaku yelled as he felt the cold fire of my reiatsu.

"It is part of my natural abilities. I can receive or show any image or series of memories. All those who share my bloodline can use this ability, though not all. Ichigo can for that was how he found out about Captain Ukitake's illness," I answered and pushed open the doors.

"So you can see anything you want and this is suppose to assure us that you won't betray us at the first chance," Matsumoto yelled stalking up to me. I growled and pulled Scath loose from her scabbard.

"You know nothing Child. Everyone who I have ever held dear has betrayed me or abandoned me for one reason or another. I don't care if you hate me or want to fucking kill me. You will however, respect me as a captain," I said, Blaze materializing into my left hand.

"You wield a double zanpakuto!" came the cry of those around us.

"Yes, she does wield a double zanpakuto. Like Captains Kyouraku and Ukitake, Alexis Baisteach wields Scath Blaze, the strongest of the zanpakutos," an older voice said from behind them.

"Head Captain, you are wrong on that aspect. You are the wielder of the strongest not I. everyone knows this, I merely wield the strongest double," I reply, sheathing my blades.

"I do not jest Captain Baisteach. Her powers are useful during missions and getting the full details of any situation," the head captain said, easing my companions' fears. He gestured us to follow him and started making his way towards the meeting hall.

Renji came up next to me. I could tell something was on his mind because his mask dropped once the others left.

"Can I talk to you after the briefing?" he asked. I stopped and grabbed his arm. He let his thoughts and questions flowing through my mind at a rapid pace. I let go of his arm and swayed with the over use of my power.

"Are you okay? I am sorry if it was too much," Renji said apologetically.

"I'm fine Lieutenant Abarai. With using my power like I have today after not using it for two hundred years is a bit much. As to the last matter, you have my blessing to court my brother. You hurt him and you won't live to hurt another. Family is the most important thing to me no matter that I tried to kill my own father," I answered, raising my reiatsu to emphasize my point. He took a step back and nodded.

"You can call me Renji then. I don't much care for formalities," he said, sliding his mask into place. I nodded then flash stepped to catch up with the others. Renji trailed after me seconds later.

The meeting went by fast. Though I suppose it could also be that I didn't pay attention to what was being said. Renji caught my eyes and raised an eye brow. I shrugged and motioned to my head. He looked puzzled for a moment before nodding in understanding. I smiled at him sweetly and started going over his interest in my brother. I knew that my brother was a stubborn ass like my father and needed to be coerced into action. It was a good thing that Renji was bisexual.

'Poor Ichigo, never one to look for a relationship is going to find himself in one soon,' I thought to myself. I tuned into the meeting as it ended, which the head captain was giving out orders. He glanced at me and I motioned to Renji, making the gesture of getting the information later. Renji came up to me and slung an arm around my shoulders. I smirked as he filled me in on what the meeting was about. As the information stopped flooding into my mind, I sent my plan to get the strawberry guardian. Renji stopped dead and turned to me with a questioning gaze.

"Oh trust me my dear monkey, this plan will work. I can tell my emotion deficient brother likes you but needs to be pushed into action," I said and moved into him. He shivered as my cool hands moved into his shirt.

"I trust you, I don't trust myself. I know this is to make the berry mad and jealous, but I think this could be dangerous," he said in a breath. I smiled as I felt his muscles tense under my touch.

"Well who says we can't have a little bit of play during the course of our relationship. Besides, I know I interest you to some degree. I don't mind much, however, if you're not comfortable with this then we'll stay together long enough for berry to realize he wants," I said removing my hands as if I had just been burned. I quickly stepped away from him and took off towards the Senkai Gate. I felt my grandfather move towards Renji and shunpo'd faster. I sighed and froze when a cool spirit pressure came up from behind me.

"Can I help you Captain Hitsugaya?" I asked, relaxing before continuing on my way. Hitsugaya appeared in front of me, causing me to come to a halt.

"What is going on between you and Lieutenant Abarai?" he asked his tone cold and frosty. I raised an eyebrow, wondering what he was playing at.

"With all due respect Captain, it's none of your concern as to what is going on between Captain Baisteach and I. It won't interfere with our mission," Renji's voice came up from behind me. I relaxed completely when Renji's spirit pressure wrapped around me. Hitsugaya's eyes narrowed slightly and the temperature dropped a few degrees when Renji put his arms around me.

"It is inadvisable and inappropriate for a captain to be involved with their subordinates," the frosty captain growled, his spirit pressure rising. I growled slightly and stepped forward, drawing Scath.

"Don't preach to the choir Captain Hitsugaya. It will get you nowhere. Chanadh mo lullaby, Scath," I said slashing my zanpakuto hard, releasing a strip of black spirit energy. My attack pushed the other captain to his knees.

"It is taken care of already, I have Captain Yamamoto's blessing to court Captain Baisteach. Captain or not, you attack my girlfriend again and I will put you into the infirmary," Renji said coming to my side as I sheathed Scath.

"Fine," was the only reply we received before we continued on our journey. I linked my hands with Renji, letting him know my appreciation and thanks. He smiled and relayed the conversation between him and my grandfather.

"He actually threatened to have you castrated!" I said quietly as we approached the others. My grandfather was never one for torture.

"Yes and it is equally scaring when Lieutenant Sasakibe agreed with him and offered to id if I hurt you or berry," he replied.

We arrived at the gate last as the others looked to have been there for a few minutes. I noticed that both of my uncles were among the party going to the world of the living.

"Are you up to travelling uncle Jyuu?" I asked quietly. He nodded and motioned to my somewhat sober uncle Shu.

"It's been quite a while niece," Kyouraku said hugging me tightly. I breathed in deep, giggling at the smell of sake on his clothes.

"It has uncle, it truly has. Are you going to get Raven and Remus?" I asked releasing him.

"Hai, his world has no more use for him and have turned against him again. He is on the verge of death from draining his magic to kill that blasted hollow," Kyouraku growled. I merely nodded and sent a curse to those that have hurt and betrayed my little cousin.

"Alright everyone, the gate is open, time to go through," a voice said. We all walked to the gate and entered in two at a time. The rush was something I had forgotten about. All too soon, however, the passage ended and we were in a large training room. In front of us was Kisuke Urahara, ex-captain of the 12th Division. The second our eyes crossed he paled.

"I warned you Rabbit. I warned you not to play with things you don't understand. You disobeyed me and now you have to face the consequences of your actions," I stated calmly.

"Yes you did warn me and I accept the punishment I have coming. Can it at least wait until this mess is over with," Urahara replied taking his hat off.

"Hai, once this war is over I will show these soul reapers exactly why I was locked away," I answered and hugged the blonde. Information came rushing to me and my eyes narrowed. I punched him hard in the jaw causing him to shoot back six feet.

"Fuck you still punch like a freight train," Urahara mumbled rubbing his jaw.

"That's for turning my brother into one of us. Why aren't you planning on teaching him? Your fully capable and don't lie to me," I growled low enough for him to hear. He looked at me and shrugged and made our signal for later. He told everyone to head up to the shop. Renji pulled me to him to calm him down a little bit. I showed him what I got from my oldest friend. He growled and hugged me closer.

"Bastard Scientist," Renji whispered into my ear. I laughed and pulled him towards the others.

"Oi, Fire Child, your dead beat dad wants you to have dinner at his place tonight," Kisuke yelled out. I raised an eyebrow and snapped my fingers. Kisuke let out a yelp as his jacket caught fire. Everyone laughed at the shopkeepers' dilemma.

"Thanks Rabbit," I said as Renji and I jumped up the ladder. I giggled as Kisuke cursed me and my love of fire. Everyone sat down around the round table and Urarhara started passing out gigais.

"Each gigai is designed specifically to each of you. Every time you come here you will use these. I have also taken responsible for all of you except for Jyuushiro, Shunsui and Alexis as they have family amongst the living. This reason is that you will be attending school with Ichigo and his friends," the blonde explained. Everyone nodded and I frowned, not liking this turn of events. Rough hands slid down my back slowly. I turned my head to the side to look at my boyfriend. He smiled at me and continued massaging my back. After the explanation was over, we all slid into our gigais. I looked to my side to see Renji struggling with his.

"Babe, relax your body and imagine yourself sliding into your gigai," I said and stood up. Renji looked at me puzzled before doing as I said. He slid into without problem.

"Well fuck. Why didn't anyone tell me before?" he asked. Everyone just smirked and started leaving.

"They didn't say anything because they like to see you suffer," I answered him and pulled him out of the shop. He shook his head and started to t\lead me to the Kurosaki clinic.

"Oh lord, please tell me my brother doesn't still live with that bastard?" I groaned, pleading to heaven he didn't.

"Sadly yes. He is going to be working at Urahara's to save up to get his own place. Poor guy can't get a break with your old man trying to kick his ass all the time," Renji answered pulling me close to him. I sighed and leaned into him. Renji's jungle musk soothing and relaxing my tired body.

"Well you won't have to stay at Kisuke's this time," I said, pulling him down for a kiss. Our kiss was slow and hesitant, as both of us were unsure of each other. A slow spark formed as we got use to having another body pressed close. He pulled me close, wrapping his arms around me. I pressed closer to him and I could feel him becoming aroused. I sigh and pull away to get some air. Renji was breathing hard and trying to rid himself of his arousal.

"Well fuck, tonight is going to be hard. Not only do I have to keep from killing your father, I have to keep my hands to myself and I have to play the subtle card with your brother. How am I going to pull this off?" he said wrapping his arms around me. I looked at him and smirked.

"Oh hunny, I am a master at making others jealous and I know what makes them tick. Let me show you what I have planned for tonight. You'll see patterns once we get further along," I said and grabbed his forearm showing him vivid details of what I was expecting tonight.

He watched how I was going to act and how I wanted him to react. As we neared my family's home, I reached out my senses to see if my little brother was home. I breathed a sigh of relief when I found that he wasn't home.

"It's time to freak out my," I said evilly, a wicked smile making its way onto my face. Renji snorted in amusement.

"This should be fun," he said smirking knowing that I was going to make my idiotic father squirm. We reached the clinic not five minutes later. Renji leaned against the doorframe as I knocked on the door. People could be heard rushing towards the door. I moved to the side as my father went flying out of the house. I looked at him and raised an eyebrow.

"Seriously Isshin, you are an ex-captain for Christ's sake. Stop acting like an idiot, its unbecoming," Renji said folding his arms. I smiled at my boyfriend before looking into the doorway.

"Hi chickadees. Is your brother home?" I asked the twin girls. The blonde looked at me shyly while the brunette answered me.

"Ichi-nii isn't home yet. He went to the store about ten minutes ago. Why do you want to know? Who are you? And why are you with Renji-nii?"She asked, suspicion lighting in her eyes and her reiatsu.

'Oh My Goodness! A girl after my own heart,' I thought, pleased with my little sister's response.

"I want to know because he is a friend of Renji's and I am Renji's girlfriend. As for who I am, why don't you ask the idiot on the ground who I am," I said turning to my father who had gone as whit as my hollow mask.

"Who is this lady dad?" the brunette asked her father. Her stance indicating that she wanted the truth and not some falsehood.

"This, Karin, is your older sister Alexis Baisteach," Isshin said quietly, his eyes old and sorrowful. He motioned us into the house. We took off our shoes and made our way to the kitchen/dining room.

"How is this possible goat face?" Karin asked stalking up to our father.

"I was a mistake Karin, that's how I came to be. Isshin didn't want me. I grew up with my mother's brothers, Jyuushiro Ukitake and Shunsui Kyouraku. My mom died when I was eight or nine. I was resentful and hateful towards your dad. I attacked him but was taken away so that I could think about what I had tried to do," I said kneeling down to face my mini-me sister.

She searched my eyes and grabbed my hands. I gasped in shock as she searched for the truth. Her reiatsu rising as she found the answers to her questions. She released me and turned to our father. Renji rushed over to steady me as I got over the power drain.

"What the hell you fucking asshole? Julia loved you and gave you the ultimate expression of that love and you blow it off!! That woman died protecting your own flesh and blood!! Where the hell were you when they needed you? You just wait until Ichi-nii comes home," Karin growled, her reiatsu visible to those of us who could see.

I got up and went to my little sister. I pulled her into my arms; giving her the comfort she needed. I froze as I felt Ichigo's reiatsu flood the area in response to Karin's distress. Renji turned to the blonde twin.

"Yuzu, can you make us some tea? We are going to need something to calm your sisters and brother down," Renji said patting the girl on the head.

"Hai…Hai Renji-nii," Yuzu yelled before turning to the kitchen to get started on her task.

Isshin just sat on the floor and started crying. I gave Karin to Renji, asking him silently to take her. My boyfriend nodded taking her from my arms and started humming. I got up and walked over to my distraught father.

"It wasn't my intention for things to get so out of hand Isshin. For that I am sorry. I thought my gift was only limited to the first born girl and boy of our line. I didn't know she would do that," I said offering an apology.

"You have nothing to apologize for. I was a young and arrogant fool not willing to take responsibility as a father to you and I'm too immature for your brother and sisters now. Ichigo is more of a father to them than I am," Isshin whispered. He was broken and I felt ashamed that I was the cause of it.

"Uncle Jyuu has come to the world of the living because Ichigo has said you could heal him. Can you please?" I asked softly, letting him know that I have finally forgiven him. Isshin raised his eyes to meet mine and nodded in thanks. I saw the spark of determination and promise light in his brown eyes. He nodded and got up off the floor.

"Ichigo will be here soon. We all need to calm down and quickly," Isshin said to everyone. We all nodded and started cleaning up. Everyone gathered together at the table and sat down. I watched the door as I felt Ichigo come closer. Renji put his arm around my shoulder for support. I tensed when I heard and felt Ichigo's reiatsu. It was buzzing like a swarm of angry bees. I stood, ready for the backlash I knew to be coming.