Agent Seeley Booth sat in the Dr. Sweets' office. He hated having to talk to Sweets, especially when it was the one-on-one sessions. He had to meet with the 'twelve year' psychologist once a month since he woke up from his coma. It was always awkward because Sweets just wanted to know about his feelings for Bones, and Booth wasn't the type of person to talk about his feelings, especially with Sweets. Recently Sweets had been trying to get Booth to dating again, something Booth was not ready and did not want to do. Sweets thought it would help Booth get over his feelings for Bones, but Booth thought it would just be a waste of time; he loved Bones and it had taken a dream to make him realize it. How had he been so oblivious? Looking back he realized how close the two had become and how important she had become to him. He realized that he couldn't lose her, at least not without losing his sanity. Despite all of this, Booth was pretty sure she didn't return his feelings… yet. Eventually he would get the guts to tell her he loved her, just as soon as he saw any sign she would return his affection.

Sweets finally entered the room. "Agent Booth. You're here? I thought you wouldn't show up."

"Don't think I wasn't tempted, too, Sweets, but you could easily say I'm not fit to work the field."

Sweets just sighed. He would shoot me if I told him I couldn't retract my statement that he was ready to work. Plus then I couldn't see this aspect of his and Dr. Brennan's relationship. He knew he was dead as soon as he told Agent Booth what he wanted him to do though, but it might help Booth. He really only wanted was best for the agent, he considered him a friend. "So, Agent Booth, I thought that we could try an exercise that might help you process all of your feelings your partner."

"What type of exercise?" Booth didn't like the sound of that.

"One which lets you socially interact with women, one-on-one, and allows you to build connections with them."

"You serious, Sweets? You're trying to get me to find a date? Look, I could get a date if I wanted one; I just haven't been in the dating mood."

"Agent Booth, when was the last time you were romantically involved with a women?"

"What? Um… I don't know; does Pam Nunan count? Kidding, Sweets, kidding." He had to add the last part as the psychologist was about ready to explode at that statement. He couldn't believe Sweets was that gullible. "I guess the last real relationship I had was a few years ago, with Cam. Way before my coma." He held at the 'way' for several syllables.

"And why haven't you been a relationship since?"

"I dunno, I just haven't. Which is none of your business, Sweets. You've got your own sex life, why pry into mine?"

Sweets ignored the agent's comment. "My point is that maybe if you put yourself out there, you will prove to me that you can live a normal life. You might find your feelings for Dr. Brennan go away as well, and if not then you've just made me look like an idiot." Something I know he'd love to do. "Also, if you try, I will not make you come to these sessions." That caught Booth's attention.

"So, all I have to do is have a relationship with one woman, and I can get out of these one-on-one sessions with you?"

"Yes, but I would like more proof than just your word. In fact, I have two different methods for me to observe the interaction between you and your romantic partner. One, online dating. I can see the messages you two exchange and things of that nature."

"No way, Sweets. I'm not doing internet dating. I believe in seeing a girl from across the room, and feeling a connection, not having some computer program decides who's statistically my best match. Plus, why do you have to watch me date?"

"To make sure that you are, in fact, dating someone. I wouldn't put it past you to pretend to have a relationship, just to get out of therapy. Anyway, the second option is that I accompany you when you go out to look for a date." Booth just sat there. Having Sweets there would not help him in anyway. But he would be a hypocrite if he tried online dating; especially after everything he had said when Bones had done it a few years back. But having Sweets in a bar with him… yeah, he secretly liked the kid, but having a psychologist telling him why he was acting the way he did while trying to find a date, who wasn't Bones, would not end well. He was pretty sure Sweets would end up with a bullet in him. He could always use a fake name online, and no one else would ever know it was him. Plus, as soon as he went on a couple dates, he could cancel the account. He would never be able to erase a memory of spending a night trying to get a date with Sweets standing over his shoulder.

"On second thought, Sweets, maybe I will use the online dating source. Under three conditions, I get to use a fake name, and I get to do it my way. Also, you aren't allowed to tell anyone, not even Daisy. If word gets out, I will put a gun to your head. Got it?"

Sweets was curious why Booth was so intent on not letting people know he was dating again, but agreed (he knew Booth would do as he said). They spent the rest of the session setting up Agent Booth's account. Agent Booth had decided on the name Anthony Tigre, and for his job he put that he was in law enforcement- just not that he was FBI. Sweets questioned the name. "Anthony Tigre? What's that mean?"

"I've always liked the name Anthony. And Tigre is like tiger, and you know they're strong." Sweets thought there was another reason for the name, but didn't push it. He wondered if it had anything to go with Frosted Flakes, but knew Booth would shoot him for asking. It was also very interested what Booth put for what he was looking for in a woman. She had to be smart, beautiful, and have a good personality. He also put he preferred brunettes and blue eyes, who knew how to take care of themselves. Sweets noticed with every entry that Booth was describing Dr. Brennan, which was interesting because from his understanding Booth was usually attracted to tall, blonde women. He would have to bring these things up at their next Brennan- free meeting- assuming there was one.

By the end of the hour meeting, Booth had completed his online survey that would, as the website put it, "Match You To Your Dream". He submitted his profile, but before he could read through his results, there was a knock at Sweets' door. Booth, not wanting to be caught on an online dating website quickly cancelled out. "Well, Sweets, looks like our time is up. You know how to get the stuff you need and I'll do it for homework." Booth told Sweets all of this as he walked out the door towards his office. His afternoon would be spent doing paper work, and then hopefully catching a bite to eat at the dinner with his favorite squint.