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I hope it's going to make you notice...
I hope it's going to make you notice...

Someone like me...
Someone like me... someone like me... somebody...

I'm ready now, I'm ready now
I'm ready now, I'm ready now
I'm ready now, I'm ready now
I'm ready now

Someone like you... somebody
someone like you... somebody
Someone like you... somebody

Use somebody – kings of Leon


"C'mon Bella..." Rosalie whined "I want to see Emmett before the warning bell rings!"

I sighed and squeaked when my sister, Rosalie, dragged me down the hallway trying to get to her locker to see her Emmy bear. I looked over my shoulder at our brother Jasper and mouthed, "Help me! Don't let her take me, nooo!"

Jasper just grinned and shook his head. It was easy to see how amusing he thought it was, he wasn't the one being dragged down the corridor or being forced to watch Emmy bear and Rosie posy act all cutesy and ugh . He then had the nerve to wave at me and walk away, leaving me to gauge my eyes out and die a slow painful death which includes pet names and other unspeakable things.

I growled imperceptibly and said to Rosalie, "Let's go to first period before we're late. You'll just have to see Emmet in Theatre." I pulled Rosalie after me, ignoring my sister's indignant squeals, while I mentally sighed, just narrowly escaping certain death. When we reached the science room I let go of her and turned to face my sister's scowling face. "You know, you should be thanking me," I reminded her smugly. "After all, one more late mark and you'll get detention, which would cut into your time with precious Emmy bear." I teased; Rose sat down and proceeded to ignore me. I rolled my eyes and turned to face the front of the room and listen to the fascinating lecture on earth worm larvae, oh the joys of science.

I held back a sigh when lesson finished and Mr Banner said we could leave, I stood up quickly stuffing everything I could get my hands on in my bag. I threw my bag over my shoulder and walked to Rosalie's desk, she was still packing up apparently this was the perfect time to do some filing...

"What are you doing?" I shook my head trying to understand why she chose to do that now.

"Folder broke." She muttered as she continued to put papers as slowly as humanly possibly back on the binder.

"Oh c'mon, grandma swan could do that faster than you and she's got arthritis." I poked her side and she squirmed, she glared at my head, she knew I wasn't intimidated by her, I was over exposed the ice queens famous glare, it just didn't work on me anymore. I kept poking her side repeatedly until she huffed loudly an turned to me, I smiled innocently.

"Would you quit it, I don't see you trying to help!" I grinned at her, as she nearly got to the last piece I looked around and notice we were next to the last people in the room.

"Firstly I think that's more of a one person job and two, let's get to Theatre; you don't want to be late for Emmy bear, do you?" I mocked knowing that would move her, she shot me a glare, I just laughed. As expected, Rosalie stuffed the papers as best she could in her folder and grabbed her stuff to put in her bag on the way to the auditorium.

We hurried down the hall Rosalie did well considering the five-inch death traps they had slipped on her feet this morning. It never ceased to amaze me how she could run in those death traps and not even wobble, me, I can just about walk in the damn things without falling flat on my face. They are torture device obviously made by men to makes women's legs look longer and sexier, ah, what women do for vanity...

I walked into the auditorium and was shocked when something flew across three or four sets of seats and smacked me on the side of the head. I turned to the direction the ball had come from, ready to start cursing, but stopped when I saw who threw the ball.

It was Edward Mason.

The guy I have had a "crush" on for the last two years, the guy who most of the female population of Forks High have had a crush on since they were freshmen, essentially, and the most popular guy in school. With his gorgeous, unusual, unruly bronze hair, emerald green eyes and totally yummy arms and abs, yeah I so don't check him out during the shirts verses skins basketball practices during gym, no... He was perfect, well almost. I was knocked out of my idiotic ogling when Edward scowled at me and said:

"Uh, can you throw the ball back please?"

Did I mention he he's a total asshole? No? Well now I have. He's a stuck up trust fund baby whose arrogant and egotistical, and destined for Harvard medical school following in his high powered parents footsteps . The thing is he doesn't don the usual preppy look the other trust fund babies wore, although he didn't hang around with the main group of "Richies" either way he still has the stuck up attitude. Today he wore a dark t shirt under a black leather jacket with a grey hood coming out of the back, black skinny jeans and black converse.

"Sure," I muttered, feeling like a fool as I threw the football over to him. He caught it and didn't give me a second glance. No, thank you or sorry, he really is an asshole, but, a very good looking one. Shame really, his looks are the only things he's got going for him, very good looks, but, nevertheless, the attraction is merely skin deep, like most of the others girls here, shamefully. When I say crush I mean it in the most superficial sense of the word meaning; I want to jump his bones.

I walked over to where Emmet, Rose, Alice and Jasper were all sitting second row from the front by the stage. Alice smiled at me sympathetically, while the others remained oblivious to the whole incident. The bell soon rang and Ms. Murphy waltzed in and took her place centre stage, beaming at all of us. She clapped her hands in delight, looking genuinely happy to see us. Ms. Murphy was just a perpetually happy person.

"Hello, everyone!" she sang, "Today we are going to begin Shakespeare's most romantic and tragic play Romeo and Juliet!" she clapped her hands together making the blonde twist on the top of her head bounce among other things. Ms Murphy was one of the youngest teachers here at school, and one of the most popular, especially among the boys. For obvious reasons. She was small at only five foot three in height, but her bubbly personality gave off more than enough presence in a room to make up for her height. She reminded me of an older Alice, though I would never tell her that.

A Chorus of groans came from the boys in the back, one of the guys in the back shouted, "That's such a girly play!" most of the boys in the back grunted their full and heartfelt agreement.

"Girly? This play may be a romance but it's full of swordfights, action and witty dialogue and hey, you guys may be able to learn a few things about girls from Shakespeare" she laughed "Now, we will have quick auditions today. I will simply have you read from the script, so no need to worry about memorizing lines!"

There was a wicked giggle from the back row and Lauren Mallory announced, "Well, it's obvious that I'm going to be Juliet." She bragged, unashamedly, I might add. Lauren Mallory was the most popular girl in school, she's also the biggest bitch, she gets her grades with Daddy's money, and thinks just because her daddy has money she can get away with what she wants, which is mostly true. I'd rather die than see her as Juliet, Romeo and Juliet had always been my favourite Shakespeare play it would be sacrilege if she played that role.

I rolled my eyes, and I saw Jasper grimace in disgust next to me. I turned around and saw Lauren sucking face with Edward in the back row of the auditorium; really it couldn't be classed as kissing it was more like they were eating each other's faces. Cringing, I faced the front of the auditorium again, feeling nauseous. Ms Murphy then proceeded to start the auditions and called people up in pairs. Some people weren't very good, and a few were awful. Fewer were the good ones, which included Angela and Ben who performed the balcony scene I smiled at Angela's blushing face. It was no secret that she liked him.

It continued like this for a while, Alice and jasper went up after Ben and Angela and performed the first part of act 3 scene 5 you could feel the chemistry between them, it made me long for someone the way they have each other. Alice and jasper have been together since they were 13 years old, both Alice and Emmett grew up with me Rosalie and jasper, and so they became family. There had always been something between them but they were both to scare to act on it. That is, until middle school, When Alice, in true Alice fashion ran up to jasper in the hallway and kissed him, they've been together since. Emmett and rose have been together almost as long though belive it or not niether wanted to make the first move, Emmett is Alices brother and her total opposite in nearly everyway, well that is until you look at there eyes the both have the same baby blues, theres no denying the resemblence.

Next was rose and ,much to her distain, Miss Murphy put her with Tyler Crowley, me and Alice where both holding back laughter as Tyler kept trying to get closer to her, her taking steps back, during all this Emmet glared daggers at Tyler who was oblivious to Emmet's anger and Rosalie's obvious disgust. By the time they were finished and Rosalie was making her way over to us we where both having quiet laughing fits. She threw us both dirty looks when she spotted us then huffed a she plonked down onto her seat.

"Err, well" Miss Murphy hesitated not seeming to quite know what to say "That was certainly entertaining! But, that wasn't quite the vibe we were going for from our Romeo and Juliet" she tried to sound encouraging and failed miserably. "Anyway, on to our next pair! We shall have Bella Swan and..." she looked thoughtful as I tensed in my seat praying she didn't put me with some prat or Eric Yorkie. I don't have anything against him but he had been harbouring a mild crush on me for a while and I really wasn't interested, I hated the attention if I'm honest and being paired with him now really wouldn't help matters. "Edward Mason!" Shit! She beamed looking positively elated with herself; I would have rather chanced it with Eric Yorkie.

I sat frozen, my legs not wanting to move the rest of my body to the stage, not that I blame them really my stage fright combined with the rambling mess I become when I try to talk to Edward under normal circumstances, not that I do that much anyway, this would be a disaster. I detested the fact that I babbled when I spoke to him, again not that I do anyway, but, I hate it, I became one of the girls I would always ridicule when I was around him.

"Bella" I snapped my head over to the teacher who was still stood in front of the stage looking bemused. "C'mon it's your turn" I felt warmth rise on my face and neck. I'm cursed, I blush when I'm cold, I blush when I'm hot and I blush when I'm embarrassed, it seems to amuse everyone bar me.

"Yeah Bella!" I turned to find Edward swaggering onto the stage grinning cockily at me. "I can't do this scene without my Juliet now can I?" I probably would have enjoyed being called his Juliet if he didn't sound so cocky. Can anyone tell me why I like him again?

I pushed myself up out of my seat and stood proud and tall, well, as tall as any five foot three heighted girl could. I walked over to the stage praying with myself that I wouldn't fall up or down the steps, fortunately I didn't, I faced him and raised a brow at his cocky smirk.

"Well, since your both on the stage now why don't the two of you have a go at the infamous Capulet ball scene feel free to make of the kiss what you will" she chirped eyeing the two of us as we nodded; seeming pleased with our response she sat down and waited. I felt my breath quicken when I looked into his dazzlingly green eyes. I quickly ducked my head in embarrassment, and I heard him chuckle. But when he began speaking, most all coherent thought left my mind.

"If I profane with my unworthiest hand this holy shrine, the gentle fire is this: My lips, two blushing pilgrims, ready stand To smooth that rough touch with a tender kiss," Edward read, his voice like soft, seductive, purring, cocky and it annoyed the hell out of me. Why could he not just stand there, not speak and look pretty. Trust me; it would make him ten times more attractive than he is now.

"Good pilgrim, you do wrong your hand too much, Which mannerly devotion shows in this; For saints have hands that pilgrims' hands do touch, And palm to palm is holy palmers' kiss," I murmured softly, willing myself to speak louder and not look like an idiot in front of the class and Edward. I loathed the effect he had on me. We both raised our hands and joined them his large hand dwarfing my smaller one, as they touched softly.

"Have not saints lips, and holy palmers too?" responded Edward, his own lips curling into a smile, god with all the talk of kissing and mouths my eyes couldn't help but train on his mouth.

"Ay, pilgrim, lips that they must use in prayer." I felt myself smile too. I couldn't help it there was something infectious about the grin he was wearing, since it no longer had the same cocky feel to it, that it had when we first started. I couldn't tell if it was genuine or he was just really good at acting, but, either way it was a lot better than his arrogant smirk.

"O, then, dear saint, let lips do what hands do; they pray, grant thou, lest faith turn to despair." My eyes were drawn to Edward's as he said those lines, and they held a speck of sincerity in them. He moved our raised hands so there where now intertwined at our sides.

"Saints do not move, though grant for prayers' sake," I muttered faintly, my eyes still glued to Edward's. I couldn't move my thoughts from are loosely intertwined hands or the fact we may or may not be kissing. Would he kiss me? If he did what should I do, Should I leave my hands where they are or should I move them round his neck or on his waist? What if he doesn't kiss me? Then what will we do? I froze when he began speaking again and waited.

"Then move not, while my prayer's effect I take. Thus from my lips, by yours, my sin is purged," Edward recited smoothly, he pulled his hand from mine and it just brushed brought it up to my cheek, a look of confusion and concentration in his eyes as he lent forward, and just brushed hips lips with mine, just that small touch was enough to send warmth all around my body. His eyes locked with mine as I spoke.

"Then have my lips the sin that they have took." I said my voice, strangely, sounding a lot more confident than before.

"Sin from thy lips? O trespass sweetly urged! Give me my sin again," Edward murmured. This time he lifted his other hand up to my face and cupped it softly with both hands, leaning down a little quicker this time to join our lips together. My hands slowly moved up his back, one hand resting on his shoulder the other placed softly on his neck resisting the urge to pull him closer. His lips were soft and persistent on mine, our lips parted under each others, the breath racing out of my body as more pressure was placed in the kiss. We both pulled away, the tittering and whispering that had been going on before had completely stopped. I studied Edwards's face he looked, frustrated, confused and surprised all at once, before once again pulling the cocky facade back over his face as my last words broke through the silence.

"You kiss by the book,"

I just stood there part of me confused, another part in happy la la land after just having kissed Edward and the last part realising that I was still stood in front of the entire class and nothing had been said. I pulled my eyes away from Edwards and turned to the front trying to clear my head and failing when I could feel his eyes on the side of my head, which was not only distracting, but, also odd all at the same time.

I looked over at Ms Murphy who slowly started clapping; her brows raised in obvious astonishment, once the silence was broken, quiet whispers filled the room and small quiet claps here and there and a "Go Bella!" which I would have bet a million dollars that came from Emmett. I scanned the crowd seeing many different faces, one of which being Lauren's, her face was a mask of pure outrage and frustration. I bit back a smile, is it really that wrong that I was enjoying the fact I made her look like that...

Maybe, who cares?

"Well done you to!" Ms Murphy was now stood up and watching the two of us intently, I was still stood facing away from Edward, god knows what I would do if I turned around. "I must say I'm impressed with you two, I'm very surprised" you know I don't know whether to take that as a complement or an insult. "Well! Let's get to are next pair, and last as far as I am aware..." As she glanced down at the list of names in her hand, Edward and I walked off the stage and made are way back to our seats. I could feel his eyes on my back the entire time, when I reached my isle I made the worst mistake I could have, I turned.

His eyes bored into mine, making me flush and reminding me of his lips on mine, unconsciously I lifted my hand to touch my lips, but, caught myself before I did, remembering immediately where I was. I turned on my heel breaking my gaze from his, confused.

"Emmett and Lauren!" the teacher's shrill voice broke through all my thoughts and I proceeded to sit back next to Alice who shot me a surprised look, I just shrugged back not really knowing what to say. I knew she was about to say something when Emmett sidetracked her. Thank god, I wasn't ready to be bombarded with questions yet, especially when I didn't know half the answers.

"What! No!" Emmett groaned slumping in his seat like a petulant child, as you can see Emmett really doesn't have a problem with bluntness. "Why her?" Lauren glared at Emmett and pushed herself up out of her seat, overly swaying her hips as she flounced her way to the stage. "She scares me!" Emmett hissed. I laughed at Emmett, but quickly snapped my mouth shut when Lauren turned on me and shot me a dirty look, I tried to stifle my laughter, but when her eye twitched, I couldn't contain myself and dissolved into laughter, Alice and Rose following closely behind me.

"Okay, okay that's enough laughter at Miss Mallory's expense" Ms Murphy chuckled unable to hold back a smile. Lauren huffed and crossed her arms; Ms Murphy sighed as faced Emmett who was still sat in his seat refusing to move."Emmett" she warned, placing her hands on her hips in a don't mess with me pose.

"Fine." He grumbled, reluctantly he got up out of his seat and walked onto the stage dragging his feet. Crossing him arms and imitating Laurens pose he stood on the stage "Can we just get this over and done with" he said looking at Lauren who was currently staring at her nails with a little too much interest. "Please" Lauren tore her gaze away from her nails to glower at Emmett.

"As if I care, I just want to get this over with so I can start learning my lines" she sniffed, and then turned to face Ms Murphy. "What scene are we doing?" Ms Murphy eyed the two warily, Lauren was still stood there her arms crossed and her nose so high up in the air it was a wonder she could see anyone below it. Then there was Emmett stood there looking like her wanted to kick her. He wouldn't though. Maybe I could do it for him, tempting...

"I think we should just give the two of you a simple scene to do how about the death scene, should be easy enough."

It wasn't.

Emmett did pretty well, well, as good as he could have with Laurens dreadful acting, it wasn't that she couldn't act she was just overly dramatic, and at times a bit scary. I mean to start with she wouldn't lie down on the stage, then she kept throwing her arms around narrowly missing Emmett's head quite a few times, though I'm still not convinced that the last few times where accidents. At the end when she mimicked stabbing herself and all she had to do was die, she wouldn't die, no that would be too simple, she kept gasping and sighing. It got to the point where Emmett shouted. "Just die already!"

When she finally did you could almost hear the sighs coming from everyone in the room, but the best laugh was when she stood up she had this smug look on her face like the cat who thought she had the canary.

"Well...Lauren that was, interesting, Emmett good job." A pause "Well that's all of you! Great job everyone! I'll post the final cast list up tomorrow so we can start rehearsing as soon as possible." She sent everyone a warm grin which faltered slightly when she turned to Lauren, who was still grinning; it was starting to get creepy...

Walking out of the auditorium I kept have the feeling I was being stared at, the feeling of everyone eyes on my back made me shiver. I turned out of instinct and had the wind blown out of me when for the hundredth time that day my eyes met with Edwards, they held no sign of hostility, or cockiness, and they were just looking, curious, unsure, of what I didn't know. His eyes pulled away from mine and he half heartedly joined the conversation with his freinds.

"That was awesome Bella!" Emmett grinned at me, I grinned back thinking of his performance with Lauren. Would it me mean of me to tease him? Probably...

"You too Em you too, you and Lauren had awesome chemistry!"Hey I never said I wouldn't do it.

"Ha ha very funny, that girl is seriously creepy" He shuddered. "Speaking of chemistry..." he cast a sideways glance at me, I just shot him a glare warning him not to say a word he held up his hands in surrender. "Hey! I was just saying... Anyway I didn't know you had it in you..." he trailed off, sending me another poignant look.

"Neither did I..."

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