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(AN1: AU. 'Girls' is a collection of 1shots centered around the theme of 'girls.' Funny enough, there are no female characters! Only mentions of them!

Please note that Ch.1 of 'Girls' stars not Ban/Jak but Suzaku and Hiten.
Ch.2 will pick up with the Ja/Ban action!

If you don't know Hiten and Su-Chan, please refer to 'Not For All The World.' When speaking of timelines, this story occurs just before Jakotsu came to visit Suzaku in 'Not…'

As always, please read, review and most importantly enjoy!)

Girls Chapter One: G-I-R-L-S

It was right around ten p.m. when Hiten got back home.

He kicked off his shoes and set down his briefcase. At the same time he loosened his tie, glad that he'd soon be able to take off his uncomfortable suit. Everything in the house was quiet and still, as usual. The kitchen clock ticked gently, keeping track of the minutes he no longer cared about. The day was over and now it was finally time to get some rest, but first he'd have to decide what he should make for dinner.

He headed to the back of the house, intending to find Suzaku and ask what he'd like, but instead wound up pausing, only half way to the room. His redheaded pet was right there in the living room, asleep on the couch.

Carefully Hiten snuck over to his companion, or rather the object of his secret adoration, because Suzaku was not even human when he was asleep. Instead he turned into an ethereally gorgeous angel. That silky red hair hung right off the cushions and dragged the floor. That's how amazingly long it was. His graceful little hands were folded beneath his head as he slept on; oblivious. 'So beautiful.' Hiten absently brushed back a lock of that hair. It was in the way of watching Suzaku's sleeping face. Somehow he felt that he could watch that face for hours and hours and still never get bored. His Suzaku was very pretty, like a girl. Maybe it was because he was so young. 'How old is he? Like nineteen? Or twenty?'

Either way Suzaku still looked more like a teenager. If Hiten had to guess he would have tried for 'fifteen'. 'But that's kind of gross...' Hiten didn't like them that young. This year Hiten would be turning twenty two. He liked to pretend that he and Suzaku were the same age, even though they obviously were not. But it still did a lot for his guilty conscious. Even now he watched those plump pink lips, wondering what they would taste like tonight and just why his Suzaku had even bothered getting dressed today… 'Not like he ever leaves the house…' Annoying. It was that simple. That smooth white shirt was nothing more than an annoyance and so were those useless black pants…

If Hiten had it his way he would insist that Suzaku just stop wearing clothes altogether. That way he would have a constant, clear view of that flawless porcelain skin; those smooth, perfect curves. 'Stupid Suzaku.' Why'd he go and fall asleep here? At least if he were in his room Hiten wouldn't have to see him looking so infuriatingly delicious. Vaguely he wondered how the delectable redhead would react to waking up with Hiten on top of him. Would he be shocked? Scared? Would he struggle? Not that it mattered. Hiten was stronger anyway. He could easily just force his desires on his stubborn, beautiful companion. But that wouldn't be nearly as nice as seducing him. Heated, reddish visions of that smooth body beneath his danced around in Hiten's head. That sweet voice panting his name…
Suzaku was always so obedient; always willing. Perhaps he wouldn't even mind being tied down tonight. Hiten loved his neckties for this very reason. Obviously the idiot who created them didn't realize how easily they could be used to bind wrists. Cute little angelic Suzaku tied up with black silk. Panting. Moaning. 'That would be so perfect.'

But then he stirred. Those auburn eyelashes fluttered and those cute little hands balled up to rub at his sleepy green eyes. "Oh Hiten, I didn't hear you come in…" His voice was tired. Only now did Hiten wonder just why Suzaku had fallen asleep on the couch. Was he just that exhausted? Or perhaps he'd cried himself to sleep. He didn't seem cheerful at all…

'What a waste.' It seemed tonight would not be a good night to live out his fantasies with that adorable redhead…

"Still sleepy?" Hiten wondered, cocking his head as he watched Suzaku attempt to shake off his obvious drowsiness. "You don't have to force yourself…"

Suzaku lie back down, seeming drained, for whatever reason. He pressed those long red fingernails to his lips to cover a yawn, but still would not close his eyes again. 'So stubborn. Just like a child.' Sometimes Suzaku just didn't want to comply with what his body needed.

So Hiten decided to do it for him. He carefully slid his hands beneath that slender body and easily hoisted Suzaku up into his arms. The redhead seemed surprised but was obviously too tired to protest. Automatically he wrapped his arms around Hiten's neck and let himself be carried off to bed. "Here you go."

"Thank you." He needn't have bothered with gratitude. Surely Suzaku knew how easy it was to carry him. He lie back on his own bed now. Somehow those ridiculous pink pillows and matching comforter suited him perfectly. Hiten went ahead and tucked him in, chuckling at just how childlike his cute little lover was behaving. The redhead snuggled right up under his blankets and closed his eyes. He even giggled when Hiten pressed a kiss to his forehead and whispered goodnight…

'How cliché.' Was there any way Suzaku could become even more stereotypically childish? Hiten wondered this as he flipped off the lights and headed back out the room. But unfortunately something not so cliché happened along the way. He nearly tripped over something in the dark and wound up stubbing his toe on it! It felt a lot like a book. Cursing in his head, Hiten gave the book a swift kick and followed it out the room. "Fuck." He hissed, once the door was closed. It was so annoying how such a small injury could cause this kind of pain…

Finally he collected himself and made to retrieve the offending little volume. He hadn't meant to kick it. That was just a matter of reflexive anger. 'Stupid little-'

"Huh." It seemed to be… Suzaku's diary. He recognized it from back at the clinic. Suzaku used to write in it all the time. Was he still keeping up with his entries? The little book lie facedown; open, with Suzaku's name written across the front. Hiten scoffed as he scooped it up and made to close it. 'Diaries. How cliché gay. Suzaku is such a girl.'

"That's weird." The open page had only one word on it, written in pink. "Girls." The very same word Hiten had just thought! 'Well what about girls?' Suddenly Hiten was tempted to turn the page and see just what Suzaku had to say about these 'girls'. 'Let sleeping dogs lie.' his conscious immediately said, 'it's wrong to read someone's diary.'

Well of course he already knew that. But what an amazing coincidence. Suzaku never talked about girls. He didn't even like girls. Or did he? Suzaku's counselor, whom he'd affectionately dubbed 'Angel' had been a girl after all… Hiten knew better than anyone how thoroughly Suzaku appreciated having a male for a sexual partner, but now this stupid little book had him wondering. Suzaku's handwriting was very neat on this page. Curvy and elegant, as if he had fondly traced out each letter of this large pink word. G-I-R-L-S.

'But I shouldn't read it cuz it's a diary,' Hiten reminded himself, despite the nagging curiosity. And yet he could not bring himself to return the book. He wandered back into the kitchen and set it on the table instead, deciding to get to work on dinner. Even if Suzaku was sleepy now, he'd be hungry once he woke anyway. Hiten always made sure his pet had all three meals. That was the American way afterall…

'No sharp objects allowed in the house.' The note on the refrigerator reminded him. He growled at it, since he was in the middle of attempting to find the chopped onions. If only he had a knife or scissors he could dice them himself. Useless mother had at least taught him to cook… Hiten liked the sound of sizzling vegetables. It drowned out the silence of the house. Suzaku hated the television and radio, so they were never on. There was only the ticking clock and the noise of whatever Hiten happened to be doing in the kitchen. Even Suzaku himself was an abnormally quiet person. He hardly ever spoke. Now, as Hiten watched the fish carefully so that it would char perfectly, he was annoyed by the usually comfortable silence, since it made it impossible to drown out the curiosity. Hiten found himself unable to think of anything but 'girls'.

In his opinion they were very mundane, useless creatures. What was the point of them anyway? Suzaku himself was proof enough that men could be just as lovely to look at, and even Hiten could cook just as well as any woman… Why would Suzaku even think about a woman long enough to write it down? That was the real mystery. Was there one that he liked?

'Yeah right.' But even though this denial cropped up so quickly, so too did the annoyance. His Suzaku had no business even thinking about women! Hiten made sure to take very good care of his redheaded pet. Hadn't he just tucked him into bed? And made dinner? And surely a woman would not be able to provide any kind of sexual appeal to Suzaku. As far as Hiten knew he was not the least bit interested in them that way. Yet that thought brought even more troublesome thoughts. The image of Suzaku's perfect feminine body entwined with that of a female caused an equal measure of both disgust and arousal to rise up inside of Hiten. That smooth, heated porcelain skin would be pressed against soft, feminine radiance. Suzaku would be on top, thrusting inside of her; wet, heavy and panting. Suzaku was so beautiful that a scene like that was almost akin to lesbian pornography. That should have been intensely arousing, but Hiten immediately began to feel angry instead. 'Not my Suzaku.' Someone else's Suzaku could easily make for an erotic scene like that, but not his. Hiten's Suzaku was not meant to be touched by any other human; male or female.

Shaking with this sudden anger, Hiten tried to focus on the food.

He served up the two perfect plates; irked. Bright white rice and tender greens. Flakes of smooth, crisp fish; a little bit golden, a little bit creamy porcelain like Suzaku's skin…

Hiten covered Suzaku's portion and sat down to enjoy his own. But something in the soy sauce seemed a bit too sour. Something about the tea lingered and left a bad taste in his mouth. 'If Suzaku wants a woman, I'll fucking kill him...' Was it possible that jealousy could leave a foul aftertaste from such a delicious meal?

'Apparently.' So finally Hiten made up his mind. He downed the rest of his perfectly crisp fish and chased it with green tea before propping open that offending, nagging diary and flipping over to the right page. To hell with all of this worrying! He'd just have to inspect for himself…'Let's see now...'
Suzaku's handwriting turned out to be quite boyish. Not at all like the curvy, girly font on the first page. His sentence structure was very strange, and sometimes the punctuation was purposely incorrect. This 'girls' entry was new; dated only two days ago…

'G-I-R-L-S.' Hiten read silently, tossing his head back once to ensure that Suzaku was still safely locked in his room…

'Sometimes I wonder what it would be like. If we were normal.'

The first sentence didn't make much sense, but the second made it a bit clearer. Suzaku must have been musing over his relationship with Hiten. Well that was reassuring. Better that he was musing over Hiten than some female slut he'd taken a fancy to… He continued to read, letting the curiosity lead on as the frustration ebbed away. The entry was a bit somber, but cute for the fact that it just screamed 'Suzaku', in Hiten's opinion…

'Back when we were together at the clinic, I used to see him with those girls. They were pretty. Especially the one with the blue hair. I know she liked him. She touched him all the time. I guess other girls would think she was gross, but really she was smart. Because Hiten loves to be touched. I know he does. Maybe that's all he loves. Words don't ever have an effect on him. But touching Hiten changes him. He gets quieter. Sweeter.'

Well it seemed so far that Suzaku knew Hiten better than he'd anticipated. But then again they had been living together for many months now, and they did indeed touch more than they had ever bothered to talk. Hiten read a bit more, trying to get a better feel for where his Suzaku was going with this idea of 'girls'. His recorded thoughts were just so vague. The sentence structures didn't help much or flow very well, but Hiten could easily imagine his nonsensical redhead narrating this entry as if every sentence fragment made perfect sense…

'She was smart. I'm not so smart. It kind of hurts.' his narrator Suzaku read.

'I knew what Hiten wanted that very first time. But I wasn't sure why. I didn't really mind letting him touch me. He's very good with his hands. I can tell he's slept with many others. He knows what to do to make sure it won't hurt or leave marks. He knows how to make me louder or quieter without asking. It's hard not to make a mess. Everything is always so hot and wet. The wet is good. It means there will be less pain. He's so good at that.

I don't like to make noise. He likes to hear it though, so I try my best.'

At this point Hiten had to pause and take a breather. What was with the sudden change of subject?! How could Suzaku talk about such intimate things like that?! Hopefully no one else would ever find this diary. But at least the redhead seemed pleased. 'I'm very good with my hands?' Hiten mused over that little nugget of information, deciding that he would have to reward his Suzaku for that compliment. After all these hands were most useful for spoiling cute little obedient redheads like him…

Unfortunately, as Hiten returned his attention to the diary, he realized that the tone had changed abruptly. Suddenly Suzaku was writing about girls again instead of intimacy. What a shame…

'Sometimes all I can think about is girls. One time I walked right into the blue hair one. Women are so soft. So much softer than someone like me can be. I'm thin. But at least I'm not ugly. I worry since I know my body won't be like this forever. Would Hiten still want to touch me if I changed? Would he like me taller or shorter or with more pronounced muscles?

Would he like me better with breasts?'

"Fuck no." Hiten couldn't help but whisper to the little book. Ridiculous. Absurd. Why would Suzaku wonder such things for even a second? Was he so ashamed of his feminine yet still male body? Obviously so. The following paragraphs made that very clear and also began to build a little pit of sorrowful unrest in Hiten's stomach.

'Soft. I want to be soft and pretty. Like her. The girl I saw with Hiten today had red hair. I only saw her once, but I hated her at that very second. I still hate her, even though I don't know her name. She was wearing a skirt. She's a business woman so that makes sense. I bet it's very easy to touch a woman with a skirt. So easy to reach right where you want. She's so convenient. I know she must work with Hiten. They talk like they are friends, but I know he doesn't respect women. They are more like toys to him.

Has he played with her? Her and that cute skirt? Those black heels and her perfect body shape.'

Tekkei; Hiten's secretary.

It hadn't even taken Hiten a minute to realize who Suzaku must have been talking about. How thoughtless of him to have let her follow him home to get those documents… He hadn't been expecting Suzaku to notice of course, but now he regretted letting his secretary anywhere near his pet. They looked too similar. Both were amazing to look at. That's why Hiten kept her around. He'd gone through plenty of secretaries but never found one like her. She was highly indisposable. Her work was almost flawless and her attitude was perfect for the job. But unfortunately Suzaku was shrewd enough to notice that she was also very attractive.
"Yeah, Tekkei looks pretty fuckworthy..." That would make her the most useful woman he'd ever met. She was perfect both behind a desk and bent over it…

'What's worse is that underneath the cute clothes she even looks like me! Long red hair. Big green eyes. Did he pick her himself? Does he like to pretend we're the same person? Maybe he closes his eyes and imagines me with her perfect breasts. They are like scoops of vanilla icecream. Like someone carefully placed them just so to make me hate her even more.

To make him want her more.

I imagine his office is very impressive. With a big shiny desk. I wonder how many times he's bent her over that desk and pushed that skirt right up on her white hips. She's so pale. Just like me. She's so soft. I hate her.'

"Oh no…" That little pool of sorrow in Hiten's stomach had successfully grown into a twisting, turbulent ocean. He shouldn't be reading this. It was starting to become painful. Why did his Suzaku have to think such things? Poor, pretty little Suzaku. Was this why he'd fallen asleep on the couch? Crying over thoughts like this? What a waste. Tekkei was just a woman after all. Suddenly Hiten wanted to go and wake Suzaku back up. Maybe he should apologize for causing such grief. But to do that would require admitting that he'd read Suzaku's diary. 'No way am I gonna do that.'

Hiten forced himself to stay seated and decided to continue reading. Luckily it seemed that Suzaku had finally taken a break from writing about Tekkei…

'Hiten's home. It's pretty late. He seems tired and doesn't want to be touched. I asked if he had a bad day. He said no. He made dinner just like he always does. I wish he'd just quit. If I didn't eat I'd be less hyper. It would be easy to sleep. I hate my bed. He is not there. Sometimes he is though. I never know when he will and when he wont.'

Hiten paused again and made a mental note of this information, deciding immediately that he should try to sleep with Suzaku a little bit more often. Normally they only slept together after sex. Apparently Suzaku had caught onto this. The next paragraph was also all about sex. It made Hiten's cheeks heat up just reading it and he sincerely wished he could find the nearest fire and burn these embarrassing, yet infuriatingly arousing pages…

'Sometimes he will catch me from behind and kiss me. I know what he wants then. He likes me at night and early morning. I cant tell which he likes better so I try to make sure I'm available at those times. I never know what he'll do. He could find me in the shower and push me up against the wall. He could want me to lay down on the floor in my room. Maybe the kitchen floor. Sometimes in the living room. He doesn't seem to have any kind of preference. Just me under him. That's all.'

Right on the money. Suzaku was proving to be very insightful and now Hiten decided that he'd definitely have to wake him back up and offer some kind of reward. Preferably a wet, sticky reward… Unfortunately though, his dreamy thoughts of such 'rewards' were interrupted with the next paragraph, which was not so reward worthy. It made his stomach hurt again.

'Wonder how he likes her? In many different ways? Or maybe he doesn't like her at all. I know she looks like me, but what does that mean? Is she my replacement or am I hers? Why does he never talk about her? Maybe he wants me more. I hope so. I hope he wants me so much more. I wish he would want me most. More than all of them combined.

I wish I were pretty. I'd like to have scoops of vanilla like that. I don't really hate her. That wouldn't be very fair. I just love him. That's all. If I had balls I would talk to her. I want to ask her. But its not my place. What would I say anyway? Please don't let him fuck you anymore? don't wear that skirt? Pathetic. I hope I'm wrong. I hope she'd just laugh and say 'were not like that!' She seems like the type to laugh a lot.

She's so pretty. I wish I could be her. But only if he would love her.'

At that point Hiten considered just firing Tekkei. It would be a waste since she was good at her job, but at least then Suzaku would not have to worry about her anymore. Maybe he really should just admit to having read this diary. "Her name is Tekkei. And she is married. And she is not mine. I don't want her like I want you." He wanted very much to find the nearest pen and carve the truth into this page. 'She's just a stupid woman…'

There was only a bit more to the diary entry. The last of it made Hiten's fury stagnate; putrid and venomous. He wondered if he should be more pissed with himself than anyone else.

'What's today? I went and forgot. But its not so important. He came home early today. He was so mad. Something about deals falling through and stupid people he works with messing things up. I wasn't wearing a shirt because my hair was wet. He forgot to make dinner. But thats okay because I would have forgot to eat it. I wanted him to not be mad anymore. When I put my hands on his face it always changes. That worked this time too. Like a moth to flame. He followed me when I walked away. We didn't talk. We never do now that I think about it. He just followed like a cat. I lied. We do talk. He talks. He says my name if it feels good enough. I love it when he says my name. I know I shouldn't have laid down. He was so angry in the first place. It hurt so bad.

Its hard to describe what it feels like to have something like that inside of you. It's very good and very bad at the same time. The more wet the better. When he lets it slide all the way out that feels very nice. I wonder if girls feel it the same way? Does he feel girls the same way? I guess they are more wet. Seems convenient. Buying less bottles of lube or whatever. Mint lube is very nice. I think he likes it too.

I'm still hurting a little bit. But at the same time. Still wishing he would hold me again. Call my name. my pillow smells like him. It's my secret treasure. But only when it smells like this. Today I want to be her again. Why am I so sleepy?

I want to be wetter. But most of all I just want him to say my name. That's all for now diary. Night.'

Embarrassing, prattling nonsense. That was Hiten's final thought as he forced the little book shut and refused to read any further. He hadn't expected those messy little letters to invoke emotions as powerful as these. Without even thinking he stood and snuck back to Suzaku's bedroom. He slid the door open, silently, making sure not to wake his unconscious companion. It was pitch black, but the hallway light cast a useful glow of clarity. He placed the diary on the floor, hoping that Suzaku would never notice it'd even been touched and then crawled carefully over to the bed, trying not to stub his toe again.

Suzaku was still fast asleep; oblivious. The open door cast a dim glow on his beautiful face; mimicking moonlight. Now his tired countenance made so much more sense. Hiten could almost feel the sadness radiating from those sweet pink lips, even though they were not even frowning.
'I know I'm not good enough,' they seemed to whisper. 'Not soft enough or wet enough or pretty enough...'

"Suzakuuuu…" Why was it that singing someone's name always proved the easiest way to wake them? Those tired little emerald eyes blinked open almost instantly and Suzaku rubbed at them while Hiten quickly tried to gather up the courage to say what he needed to. He wanted to spout something along the lines of 'What the hell? Why would you think I was fucking my secretary?!' or 'When did I ever say there was anything wrong with you being a guy?' but Hiten knew that outbursts like that would probably just upset Suzaku more. Maybe he'd get angry at Hiten for reading his diary, or maybe he'd just start crying and refuse to talk about it.

Suzaku was just so sensitive; so unpredictable…
There had to be some way to get the point across without actually saying it out loud.

"Hiten?" That sweet little voice tugged him back to reality. Suzaku had already sat up and turned on his bedside lamp. His green eyes were a bit wider and looked less sleepy as they met his, reflecting curiosity. "You need something?"

"Um…" Hiten sat up on his knees, trying not to look up at those bright green eyes for fear that they'd catch the guilt in his own. The plush carpet was surprisingly comfortable. He felt so awful. For some reason he imagined himself as a humble servant, kneeling to a princess, even though he didn't really owe Suzaku an apology. Gentle hands caressed his face, trying to coax him into looking up. "What's wrong?"

He shrugged and moved closer to rest his head on Suzaku's lap. Those black pants were made of some kind of silk-like material but the warm body beneath was so much softer. He pulled his pet into a tight embrace, nuzzling up against that perfect, flat stomach. Suzaku was probably blushing by now; surprised, but he didn't let it show. Those careful hands stroked Hiten's hair almost absently; automatically. "I love you…"

Something about those words made Hiten's stomach hurt so much more. Suzaku had probably said it in an attempt to cheer him up, but instead it just made Hiten feel restless. The redhead gasped with surprise when Hiten finally stood and forced a kiss to those sweet pink lips. At times like this, when Suzaku hadn't eaten recently, he tasted his very best; natural, like spring water that had never been disturbed by filthy human hands. But even as he thought this Hiten crawled up onto his companion's lap and let his own hands explore that smooth, delicate body. The confused redhead had closed his eyes and made to embrace him already; compliant. Their kiss grew deeper and so much sweeter. Suzaku's breath hitched when those careful hands slid under his shirt and made to lift it off, over his beautiful head. They broke apart for the briefest moment while Hiten tossed it aside and watched that red hair cascade back down, over those porcelain shoulders. Then he reclaimed those plump, slightly wet lips, feeling so much more thirsty. It was hotter now, so removing his tie became essential. Suzaku's timid fingers helped him along and again he considered binding those wrists with the black silk material. How nice his pet would look tied down as his perfect, slender body was laid out in wait. It was difficult to refuse that temptation and impossible to avoid moaning at the very thought, but Hiten knew he must be more careful than that, much more gentle.

'It hurt so bad.'

Those words pierced his heart like knives. Never had he intended to hurt his delicate companion. Why hadn't Suzaku said anything at the time? Why had he just let himself be hurt like that? 'Because he was ashamed?' The poor little thing. He deserved so much better than that. Yet even now he intended to submit. He didn't even express annoyance at being woken in the middle of the night…

Hiten carefully coaxed his partner into lying back against the mattress. Suzaku was moving against him; encouraging. Those beautiful legs drew right up on either side of him and those careful, thin fingers worked his belt off and tossed it aside. All the while those pink lips never left his. They only kissed deeper, muffling the gentle moans of his desire. Each moment made Hiten still more hungry for that perfect, pleading body. He teased himself between those beautiful legs and pressed down hard, feeling that delicious heat even through the fabric of his pants. 'Male.' It was almost impossible to believe. Suzaku was so gorgeous. His body was so incredibly arousing. How a male could elicit such satisfying pleasure had always been beyond Hiten's understanding, but he didn't care to question. What did it matter anyway? Male or female, it should have been obvious enough to see that he'd want Suzaku either way.

'Would he like me better with breasts?'

'Of course not.' Why didn't Suzaku realize that Hiten loved his body, just the way it was? Why was his delicate little heart so troubled and filled with doubt? Desperately he wished to find whatever had caused such doubt and force it out of his beautiful companion's mind forever.

'Male.' Hiten pushed the fabric of Suzaku's shirt up, out of the way and leaned down to press his kisses to that perfectly flat chest, admiring the way those cute little nipples hardened beneath his touch. 'Perfect, delicious male…' The heat between his legs seemed to intensify as Suzaku's pleasure became more audible. "Oh…" His cheeks colored with embarrassment. Those gleaming, painted red nails pressed against his pink lips as he tried to resist the urge to cover his mouth and Hiten ground even harder against that sensitive body; torturing him. "Feel that?" He whispered, attaching his lips to that sweet scented neck so he could taste Suzaku's nod of affirmation. "Yes…" Oh, that precious voice vibrated on his tongue… "Want it?"

"Yes, yes." Those trembling hands reached down to try to unbutton his pants but Hiten cut him off, enjoying the way Suzaku whimpered with disappointment. "Please, Hiten…"

"What's that?" He teased, sitting up and yanking Suzaku's pants down before lifting them right off those perfect hips. He made short work of the briefs as well, teasing himself closer all the while. "Louder, Suzaku…"

"Please, please." The redhead panted. Suzaku took the liberty of pulling Hiten's own pants open. The silver button popped right off, but neither of them noticed or cared. Their lips met once more, and this time the kiss was much more fervent; desperate. Suzaku moaned his encouragement but Hiten pulled away after only a moment. He stood then and let Suzaku watch him undress. Those eager hands reached out to help but Hiten backed out of his reach, preferring to proceed at a slower, more torturous pace. He unbuttoned his top shirt first and once it had fallen, kicked off his pants as well watching those hungry green eyes as they shadowed his movement. "Like what you see?" he teased, sliding a hand up beneath his shirt to offer a better view of his well-toned abs.

"Yes…" Suzaku seemed confused but highly interested. He had even sat up to get a better view. Both of his adorable heads stood at attention. The sight of his completely naked, earnestly aroused body was nothing short of erotic but Hiten resisted the powerful urge to pin him back up against the mattress and just ravage him right then and there. He wanted to show Suzaku that there was nothing shameful about being male. His body was just as, if not more desirable than any stupid girl's…

"Well guess what?"

"…" Suzaku's reply was delayed, since he was distracted with watching Hiten lift off his shirt and trace his fingers down over his abs. "What?…" His voice was low, almost as filled with lust as his dark green, glossy eyes. So finally Hiten rid himself of the very last of his clothing and crawled up onto his hungry pet's lap. He pressed countless feverish kisses to those sweet pink lips and at the same time caught one of those thin, feminine hands in his own, whispering something he'd never dared before. "I like what I see too."

Suzaku flushed bright red but Hiten played off the embarrassment as he coaxed that hand down into his lap. "Feel that?"

"Hiten!" Suzaku recoiled like he'd just burned his fingers; humiliated.

"What's wrong Su-za-ku…" Hiten drew out each syllable as he pinned his blushing companion back down and drank in the sight of his fully exposed glory. He leaned closer and let their bodies align perfectly, even going so far as to reach down and squeeze both their stiffening erections at the same time. "Don't you like boys?" he fake wondered, moving his hips so the delicious friction could build with this more exotic, intimate connection. This was the perfect position. No woman could ever provide pleasure in this way. The slang term was called 'frot,' if he remembered correctly and this kind required a male partner. It felt simply amazing…

"Oh…" Suzaku shuddered, throwing his head back as he moaned his pleasure into those gleaming fingernails. "Yes…"

"Yes what?" Hiten growled, forcing his hips faster and squeezing still harder. They were both already dripping with precum but he refused to submit until Suzaku did.

The redhead forced an answer out, shaking with the intensity of erotic humiliation.
"Yes, I like… boys."

"So- why- shouldn't- I?" Hiten demanded, accentuating each word with another thrust. He was now grunting with the effort of restraining himself and Suzaku seemed unable to speak. The wet, heated pleasure beneath his fingers trembled as Hiten forcibly kissed those panting pink lips.
"Look at me," he demanded, locking gaze with those fierce, lust-laden emerald eyes. "I like you, don't I? Can't you feel it?" Suzaku tried to turn away in his embarrassment but Hiten forced those green eyes back to his. "No, look at me," he panted, "watch me, feel me… I'm going to cum just for you."

Hiten easily propped himself up on only one arm, fully prepared to fulfill his promise. Their heated bodies pressed together; grinding only faster, harder. Delicious, erotic male on male; smooth flat chests and powerfully crashing hips. Hiten focused only on the pleasure in those eyes, that timid panting and the delicate porcelain rod sliding against his own. It was easy; automatic, to moan Suzaku's name as he pumped his liquid ecstasy between their tightly joined bodies. The slick heat of his own orgasm triggered his partner's and together they shuddered in intense, glorious erotic fulfillment.

The waves of pleasure ebbed slowly away and Hiten lay down then, reveling in the warmth of their wet, affectionate embrace. Suzaku was practically crying, either from relief or sheer, overwhelming joy. "Oh. Hiten…" he managed to say, but the rest of the words were lost to the emotions he couldn't express. But as he lie there, snuggling closer and feeling suddenly sleepy, Hiten felt that he understood anyway. There was not much else to say. They'd already let their bodies do the talking. One thought; however did come to mind, and he whispered it gently as he drifted off to sleep.

"Shit Suzaku, I guess I really do want you the most."

"Say…" Suzaku mumbled with his tired, sweet little voice, "my name again… One more time."

And Hiten obeyed, "Suzaku," he chuckled quietly, watching those green eyes sparkle with joy.
"Suzaku, Suzaku, Suzaku…"

The two of them snuggled up beneath the warmth of the blankets and held each other close. Perhaps for minutes, or perhaps for hours, but neither really noticed the existence of silly little things like time. At some point Hiten reached over and turned out the light, so he could no longer see those adorable green eyes, but he suspected they had already slid shut again. Sweet little sleepy Suzaku snuggled only closer and Hiten knew that he was not alone in wishing this moment would never have to end. The two men lay in silent, mutual serenity, needing nothing but each other. And somewhere, perhaps only a few feet away, lay that diary, concealing the one little word that had started it all. 'Girls.'

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