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(AN. This is the extra, lost chapter of Girls, though the theme is not girls. XD I decided to post it despite this, however, because I hoped you'd enjoy it since it takes place during such an interesting spot in the timeline of Not For All The World. Specifically speaking it takes place right after chapter eight, before Hiten and Su-Chan even know what the heck they should call their relationship.

Synopsis: Suzaku and Hiten are reunited after being separated by two different colleges. It comes time for Hiten to decide if he's willing to leave his home in Japan for good and stay with his strange, redheaded sweetheart. Naturally Suzaku pulls out all the stops to try to convince him to stay. But what could possibly be good enough to snag a guy like that? A huge house? A new car? Phenomenal sex? Or… something else?

Girls: Extra

'No way. I must be dreaming.'

Suzaku couldn't help but think this. It had been months, after all since he'd last even heard from Hiten. The two had been separated by different colleges for a full year, and then Suzaku had dropped out and moved to America during summer break. He simply couldn't stand Japan anymore; too many memories and just too much pain…

He'd seen the scars on Hiten's arm already, and knew it was stupid to chase a man who was already in love with someone else. So he'd sent off that final postcard, just for the sake of fulfilling his promise. 'Let me know where you'll be staying in America.' Hiten had requested, and so Suzaku jotted down his address and tossed it in the mail.

Never had he expected to see that postcard again. But here it was now, clasped in Hiten's own hands as he stood at the front door. "Miss me?" that cocky grin fake-wondered, but Suzaku didn't even have the strength to respond. "I'll take that as a yes,' his merciful companion offered.

The redhead moved out of the way, ushering Hiten into the house before shutting and locking the door behind him. Those big brown eyes swept over the spotlessly clean rooms as Hiten took in the sight of his lovely new home. For some reason he'd only brought one suitcase, and absently set it on the kitchen table as Suzaku followed along. 'Am I dreaming?' he kept asking himself, 'hallucinating?' But that couldn't be. He'd been taking his medicine religiously for the past year…

"You're not even gonna give me a tour?" Hiten joked, trying to snap Suzaku out of his stunned silence. Finally the redhead spoke, but all he had to say was "Um…"

"Why so shocked Suzaku?" Hiten tried again to dispel the awkward silence that had settled between them. "You asked me a million years ago to move to America with you. I kept my promise, see?" He held his hands out as if offering himself up to the stunned redhead. "Here I am. If you still want me anyway…"

"You're… done with business school?" Suzaku wondered aloud, and Hiten nodded.
"As of yesterday."

"Yesterday?" Suzaku echoed, stunned. "You mean you came directly here?"

Hiten rolled his eyes, torn between annoyance and amusement. Those big green eyes were oh, so adorable, but shouldn't Suzaku be a little more excited to see him? Shouldn't he at least offer a smile or a hug? And besides, twelve hour plane rides were not exactly pleasant. Hiten was hardly in the mood for explaining himself when it wasn't even necessary… "Yes, I came directly to you."

There was something about the way Hiten said that… 'Just for me?' But Suzaku couldn't dare presume. The redhead gave his new roommate a long, searching look; trying not to let his embarrassing, selfish thoughts show on his face. "Well why?"


"I'm sorr-"

"Do you want me to leave?"

"No!" Suzaku insisted, catching hold of his annoyed companion. "Um- I'll show you around." He led Hiten upstairs, determined to clear the awkward air. Just having their hands clasped like this had doubled his embarrassment however, and Suzaku could hardly speak for the thoughts racing in his head. 'This means he likes me, right? Wants me right? To be with me. Live with me…'

"There's three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The guest bathroom is downstairs and my… or I guess ours is upstairs," he explained, praying those curious chocolate eyes were impressed with the house he'd chosen. Everything was still brand new, and since Suzaku had little more to occupy his time with, spotlessly cleaned. The plush carpeting was mostly cream-colored, with leather-black furniture and dark red curtains to dissuade prying eyes while adding a much-needed flush of vibrant color to each room. He knew the house looked impressive, especially from inside. But maybe it was a bit too big... He'd chosen a house on a hill, set far apart from the rest of the neighborhood since he hated the thought of living so close to strangers.

"There's a back patio too, which you can get to through the glass doors in the kitchen. Dunno if you saw it down there but it's a really pretty view…"

Hiten nodded, absently following his tour guide into the pearl-white bathroom. The size of it was a bit ridiculous. The counters stretched far, with full-length mirrors on every wall. 'Looks like a friggin' girl's bathroom.' The bathtub itself looked more like a hottub; round in shape and very spacious, with a fully adjustable showerhead sparkling above it.

'Figures Suzaku would try to buy the gayest house possible…'

"I hope you like it," the timid redhead was saying. He looked nervous, as if he expected Hiten to actually complain about his beautiful new home. 'Yeah right.' Suzaku's pleased smile mimicked his own as the tour continued. 'And it's fully paid off too…' Hopefully the stubborn redhead would at least let Hiten cover half the utilities…

'Pretty sweet,' Hiten decided as he peered back over the balcony.

The spacious living room looked even better from up here, but he wondered now over the entertainment system, since it had space for a large television yet lacked one. Now that he thought about it, the only electronic device he'd seen so far was the microwave. Did Suzaku not even keep a digital alarm clock?

"Where's the TV?" he wondered aloud, "or the telephone?"

"Um…" Suzaku seemed caught off guard, like he didn't quite know why he should bother keeping such things in the house. "I'll buy you one," he finally decided, "but it cant have a glass screen. I'm not allowed to have those."

"Not allowed?"

"Yeah. Kinda like doctor's orders," Suzaku explained. "No glass electronics, sharp objects, alcoholic beverages, or medicines with MAOI's."

"Oh, I see." Hiten caught on immediately, remembering his promise to avoid asking about Suzaku's illness. A prompt change of subject was in order. "What do you do for fun then?"

The redhead jumped at this question; suddenly excited. "Create!" How cute. He said that like it was such an obvious answer. Hiten let his overly-enthusiastic companion lead him further into the house then, pausing as they came across the final door. "This is my room," Suzaku explained, leading the way inside.

'Finally, signs of life!' Hiten immediately decided he liked this room the most, despite its overly-feminine appearance. Almost everything had been draped in soft pink. Many drawings had been pinned to the walls; some colored and some in charcoal. Various art supplies littered what was obviously Suzaku's drawing desk, and even the bed had been decorated with Suzaku's artistic finesse. He'd apparently stitched the fluff and feathers onto the pillows by himself. "I made them, see?" The redhead beamed as he thrust one of these pillows into Hiten's arms.

"Very nice," he chuckled, examining Suzaku's creation. The stitching was flawless and even though it was such a ridiculous shade, pink perfectly matched its owner's personality. This entire room just screamed 'Suzaku.'

'It even smells like him,' Hiten mused, absently returning it to its equally sweet-scented owner, who was now seated on the bed. Now, more than ever, Hiten suddenly became aware of how badly he'd missed this adorable redhead. Looking at houses was nice, sure, and having Suzaku buy one for him was nicer still. But somehow a $300,000 piece of property paled in comparison with what he really wanted from Suzaku…

"The beds are all king-sized," Suzaku was still rambling on about the house… "Americans are so lazy. They've got this Sears place that'll do all the work for you, so I figured bigger is better ne?" He crawled up onto the vast pink blankets and set that pillow back in its place. It was so cute to see him on all fours, set against such a large mattress. His big green eyes blinked up; curious, like a little kitten, lost in the oversized human world. "It's a nice bed, yeah. But…" Hiten trailed off, not wanting to offend. But suddenly this large bed began to instill doubts. His little Suzaku choosing such a large mattress was a bit suspicious. Afterall, beds were not just for storing pillows…

'Oh no, he doesn't like it.'
"I promise the other room doesn't look so… flowery." Again Suzaku had to try to break the ice. Hiten had fallen suddenly silent, and now he really worried that he'd made a mistake in buying the house without even asking Hiten's opinion. 'Though I can't say I'm surprised…' Suzaku knew it was strange of him to have asked Hiten to move to a whole new country, especially considering they were just friends. He had assumed it would never work out. Yet here they were, together again, and only now did he realize how badly he wanted to impress Hiten and convince him to stay.

"I'll show you your room," he offered standing to leave, "It's much more 'you.' The furniture is mahogany and black so-" Suzaku gasped, caught off guard by Hiten's sudden movement. Those powerful arms wrapped swiftly around him; forcing a very tight embrace. "Didn't you miss me, Suzaku?" His whisper was so low, almost dangerous. "Or did you have someone else keep you company?"

"Someone else?" Suzaku echoed; nonplussed, "no, I was waiting just for you…"

When he said this Hiten only tightened his grip, leaning closer to breathe the scent he'd nearly forgotten. Automatically his hands slid beneath Suzaku's shirt, exploring the silken curves his body had missed so terribly. How disgraceful. These unbidden desires surged like lava; driving. But it was so easy. Suzaku weighed next to nothing and didn't even resist. He let himself be forced back onto the bed and only shivered slightly when Hiten bit down on that smooth, sweet-scented neck. "Mmm…" Surely nothing else could ever feel so satisfying.
After having been separated for so long, everything about Suzaku seemed so much more intense; almost overwhelming. Yet Hiten could not get enough. This delicate skin begged for gentle worship, but everything inside of him screamed for more, faster. "Oh, I missed you…"
The buttons on Suzaku's shirt popped off so easily, like they wanted to provide easier access.

'Wow…' Suzaku laid back, allowing Hiten to continue ripping his clothes off. Those hands were so powerful; controlling and adept. Surely his hot, insistent kisses would leave some nasty bruises, but it would be worth it, just to feel loved for this moment. Each touch bathed another flare of desire; flames licking his vulnerable, sensitive body. 'Is this why you came?' his merciless mind accused, 'for this, but not for me?' He should not allow this. Suzaku knew, but didn't care. Oh, how many times he'd dreamt of this moment. Together again. In these arms and beneath that sweating, glorious body.

Hiten had not even removed his own clothes, but the little golden chain could still be seen peeking out from beneath his collar. 'He's wearing my locket,' Suzaku told himself, 'so at least that's a good sign.'

Oh, how he'd missed these powerful, insistent hands. How disgusting. That he couldn't even help but be so easily seduced at such a bad time. He'd meant to try to talk to Hiten now. Everything about their relationship was still so unclear. Were they even truly dating? And why had Hiten been so quick to assume Suzaku had ever shared his new bed with someone else in the meantime? Had Hiten himself been using his own amazing body to seduce others? Surely a handsome man like him would not waste a moment being lonely; pathetic, waiting around for someone as unimportant as Suzaku Midari…

Oh, it hurt just to consider that. Had these affectionate lips nipped at someone else's neck? These gentle kisses showered onto someone else's body, making someone else feel cherished and loved? Suzaku wanted so badly to hear Hiten promise they were not, but could not bring himself to even ask. His heart ached while his body seared with the heat, telling it to just shut up. They were together now right? Only these stupid thoughts and restricting clothing still stood in the way!

'Yes,' Suzaku coaxed; begged in silence as he helped slide the tight black pants from his hips, 'want me, now. No one else…' Now those lips found their way to his own, granting heated, tender kisses and at the same time Suzaku reached down to work Hiten out of his belt. A good, long fuck would be just the thing to drive the pain out of his heart and into his body instead. Surely Hiten wanted that too. His belt hit the floor with a satisfying clank, and soon his pants fell to meet it. 'I'm ready for this. It's what I've been waiting for,' he tried to remind himself. Last time he'd had the opportunity to sleep with Hiten, it had turned out to be one of the most painful experiences of his life. Unfortunately Hiten was sharp enough to notice, and he apologized, obviously troubled with the guilt of having hurt Suzaku. Being that Suzaku had no desire to sleep with anyone else, he then found himself in a very difficult place. Being separated from Hiten meant he would have no opportunity to adjust and learn how to better handle himself in bed. Real sex was nothing like the crap on television. It actually required skill and the pleasure depended entirely on performance. Not to mention the fact that anal sex was of a particularly difficult and dangerous nature. Suzaku wanted very much to please Hiten, but also understood the risks. So that's when having a very 'experienced' best friend had come in handy. Jakotsu knew of and was willing to perform even the most filthy sexual acts, so a simple request like 'teach me how to have sex with a boy, but without any pain,' was nothing to him. Still, it was technically true that Suzaku hadn't slept with anyone else on this bed since he'd received all of his 'training' in Japan…

Hiten broke their kiss and backed up, allowing Suzaku to sit up and gain an easier grip on the shirt he obviously wanted to unbutton. It felt a bit strange, standing on the carpet while Suzaku sat waiting on the bed. His beautiful body had already been completely stripped, and his legs had parted automatically, as if they felt Hiten belonged knelt between them... 'Well he wants to be fucked,' he presumed, shrugging out of his overshirt and obediently lifting off and tossing aside the second one. Those green eyes drank in the view. Maybe Suzaku also realized they had never even taken the time to appreciate each other's fully exposed bodies. There just wasn't enough time for sappy things like laying around, worshipping each other's bodies. Whether it be college, family or society, there was always something standing in the way, keeping them separated. So nights like this, with both privacy and time were too priceless to pass up. Hiten's mind insisted they were moving too fast, but his body swore the opposite and he just could not stand to waste the precious opportunity to hold Suzaku again. There was something driving, demanding each tender kiss and passionate caress. And oh, he'd never seen anything so graceful as these gentle, snow white curves…

'Scars,' he duly noted the silver-pink marks that stretched across that perfect, porcelain chest. Where had they come from? Who on earth would dare defile something so innocent and lovely? Bloody red slashes set against that creamy white skin; he could hardly stand to imagine it.
'I don't even know him,' his rational half reminded. Everything about Suzaku was still a mystery. His past experiences and even present thoughts. Were those wounds self-inflicted or the work of some horribly abusive partner? Or did Suzaku even have past partners? Surely not.

'Angels don't fuck around.' Hiten recaptured those sweet pink lips, suddenly feeling even more desperately hungry for this ethereally lovely redhead. 'Mine.' he kept telling himself, 'only mine.' And soon he'd force that notion to fruition. That tight, virginal entrance just begged for his trained, powerful fuck.

"Mmfg!" that was all his shocked gasp amounted to. Suzaku let himself be shoved back and lay obediently against the cool pink sheets. Hiten broke their kiss just long enough to lick his own fingers, and at the same time hefted one of Suzaku's legs up to allow for easier access. At first he silently cursed himself for not having thought to bring a bottle of lubricant, but for some reason, his fingers seemed to slide in more easily than he remembered.
Suzaku had thrown his head back, but did not betray even the slightest hint of pain. Instead he remained relaxed, enjoying the sensation.

'Breathe deep and stay very relaxed…'
Suzaku closed his eyes, laying back as he allowed Jakotsu's voice to guide and Hiten's touch to instill pleasure. Maybe it wasn't entirely true that he had waited faithfully for his Hiten to return and keep him warm at night… But it couldn't be helped. Performance in bed was just the same as any other kind. It required practice. Hiten was so handsome that he only made Suzaku more nervous, yet the memory of Jakotsu's caring touch made relaxation easier. 'It was for a good cause.' he reasoned. With Jakotsu's help he had finally learned to enjoy, rather than endure sex and hopefully this new, less guilt-inducing, less painful experience would please Hiten. That was most important, after all. 'Oh, I love him so…' his entire being swooned. It was worth it. There was nothing he would not sacrifice for Hiten's sake…

'Okay, calm down,' he reminded himself, 'Don't think. Breathe louder...'

'Not cute,' Hiten decided this as he shoved in the third finger with little reaction from Suzaku. 'Shouldn't this be hurting him?' Maybe it was cruel of him to feel disappointed when his redheaded angel had not tensed up and let out one of those adorable whimpers, but he couldn't help it. While he'd only had the pleasure of sleeping with him thrice, he'd already cued in on Suzaku's more virgin-like responses. He was very sensitive to pain and would sometimes pause to apologize after letting a particularly loud whimper escape those sweet pink lips. Suzaku was so refreshingly innocent, much unlike the naughty schoolgirls Hiten had gotten so used to back home. 'I've always been in love with you,' he'd admitted with that golden locket. Did that not mean Hiten was the one he'd been waiting to sleep with?

'This is stupid,' Hiten abruptly decided, cutting off any further worries of infidelity. It's not like he was some kind of jealous husband. He didn't even know what to call their relationship. Could Suzaku be considered his very own boyfriend? He didn't know. All he knew was that he liked Suzaku very much and wanted to be with him now. Questions of morality and sexuality were of no import. Hiten couldn't have cared less about society's bullshit. Labels were unnecessary. And anyway, if he wanted to see this redhead writhing in pain, that would be simple enough. He'd never yet encountered anyone experienced enough to handle his own decidedly impressive girth without some form of lubricant.

Eager to test this theory, Hiten retracted his fingers and hoisted those porcelain legs right up onto his shoulders, swiftly taking the initial plunge. Sure enough, Suzaku let out a yelp like a wounded puppy, obviously taken by surprise. 'Holy shit, that was hot.' was Hiten's immediate assessment. He recaptured those precious, quivering lips and swallowed Suzaku's ensuing whimpers as he pounded even more deliciously satisfying pain into that docile, shivering body.
Oh, intoxicating pressure; tight, forcibly claimed heat.

Suzaku shivered with the intensity, desperately wanting to cry out so much louder. But Hiten's kisses would muffle the sound anyway. If the pain hadn't already warranted the shivering, whimpering gasps then his partner's feral, almost growling moans would have set it off instead.
The redhead kept his eyes tightly closed, but the hot, insistent tears still flowed; unchecked, since Hiten was much too caught up in the moment to notice. And that's when the fear settled in. This situation suddenly seemed too uncontrollable for comfort; stifling, forced intimacy that made it difficult even to breathe. Suzaku had scarcely appreciated just how powerful this lithe, athletic body was until he was faced with the task of coaxing it up off of himself. There was literally no stopping Hiten unless he too desired it and that seemed very unlikely.

And Hiten was just getting started. He'd only just begun to think he could carry this momentum for the entire night when Suzaku's palms pressed up against his chest, applying just the right amount of pressure to imply discomfort. 'Too much,' those fingernails warned, digging into his rippling abs. 'Fuck that,' his body screamed, but Hiten obliged, pausing and backing up so Suzaku could breathe. His smaller, submissive companion apologized, even while the relief swept over him. "I'm sorry," those sweet lips panted, "you just- I mean I was… caught a little off guard."

'Oh, I know,' his sadistic mind laughed, but immediately Hiten regretted that moment of weakness. Suzaku was so much more delicate. Normally he would have been more restrained to avoid hurting or startling him. It wasn't prudent, after all, to injure someone you hoped to seduce. But Hiten couldn't help but treasure the opportunity to kiss away the pain and whisper comfort to those sweet, quivering lips. "It's okay," he whispered soothingly, but Suzaku only seemed to shiver more. He turned away and shoved Hiten back, humiliated. "I promise I don't mean to act like that."

"Act like what?" Hiten absently wondered, trying to ignore the still pleading heat between those gorgeous legs.

"Like you're hurting me…" was Suzaku's almost inaudible reply, "I'm sorry for making noises like that…"

"You've got to be kidding." Hiten scoffed, pinning those stubborn hands out of the way so he could kiss those frowning pink lips. "I made you do that on purpose."


"You heard me." Hiten mumbled this against Suzaku's neck and thrust himself deeper, harder, practically moaning with the ensuing gasp of pain. It was difficult to even describe the sounds Suzaku made. That sharp, sweet intake of breath, laced with just a hint of his melodic voice. Surely anyone would only want him more desperately after hearing it…

'Great. I went and fell for a sadist,' Suzaku jokingly pondered, failing again to avoid tensing up with the next thrust. 'Talk about ironic.' Well so much for 'training' with Jakotsu. Reacting to pain was something Suzaku was very good at. He'd always been overly sensitive, to everything; noise, pressure and pain alike. Even his snow white skin tended to bruise more easily than other people's. 'Oh yeah, bruises.'


His partner only made a muffled, half-attempt at replying, since Hiten had so firmly fastened his mouth against Suzaku's neck.

"I bruise really easily so-"

'Oh really?' Upon hearing that, Hiten only bit down harder on that sweet-scented neck, ignoring Suzaku's immediate attempts to shove him off again.

"Quit! Grosssss!" The redhead whined, rolling sideways so Hiten was forced to release him.

The older male watched in amusement, allowing Suzaku to escape his grip and hop right down off the bed, in favor of rushing to the mirror. "Hickies are so tacky!" He grumbled, wiping at the very large, shining purple bruise on his neck as if that would make it fade.

"You are so cute…"

Suzaku froze up, suddenly snapped out of his disgusted shock. 'What did he just say? This is cute?' How was that even possible? How could he have put so much effort into pleasing Hiten, only to have all of his attempts rebuffed? The luxurious new house? Nothing. Carefully learning the proper way to receive anal sex? A turn off. And now his spastic, bruise-hating impulses were… cute?

"Hiten…" He couldn't help but grumble, "you have a problem."

"Yeah, I know." That cocky grin was back on his face again and Hiten stretched himself luxuriously on those pink sheets; naked but unabashed. "That's what my dad said when I told him I was coming to America."

"Well he had a point I guess…" Suzaku wandered back over to the bed, trying not to let his eyes wander too obviously over that well-toned, glorious body. "I kind of can't believe you're here."

"Me either," Hiten admitted, not bothering to play off the fact that he was currently ogling his redheaded playmate. There was just something amazing about the way Suzaku's gorgeous hair fell on those perfect porcelain hips… "But I had to come…"


This time Hiten hesitated to answer and his earnest chocolate eyes actually looked away for a moment. 'Because I couldn't stop thinking about you.' Yeah right. As if he could ever say something so embarrassing out loud. "Well I promised I would, didn't I?"

"I guess…"

Suzaku felt a bit put off at being fed an answer like that. Surely Hiten would not have moved to this country just for the sake of keeping a promise he never really made… Again Suzaku's rational mind piped up, scolding him for having gotten so caught up with the joy of seeing him again. That pleading, shameful desire to be pinned beneath that amazing body. He couldn't decide what was worse, the overly enthusiastic way he'd spread his legs or the rude way he'd just cut Hiten off to bitch about hickies…

For some reason Hiten had not called him out on either however. Maybe it didn't even bother him… Pondering this, Suzaku watched Hiten make himself more comfortable beneath the blankets. It was pretty ridiculous to see someone so handsome sandwiched between those big pink comforters. "Sorry I just got up like that," he offered, hoping Hiten was not annoyed at him for literally shoving him off in the middle of what could have been a very enjoyable round of sexplay. 'For him anyway…'

Hiten shook his head, apparently having read Suzaku's mind. "That's fine. Anyway, it's not fair if it just hurts you."


Now the timid redhead finally rejoined him on the bed, crawling up under the sheets to snuggle with the partner he could still hardly believe had actually come to live with him.

"Of course," Hiten assured, absently stroking that long, redvelvet hair. "We'll buy lube or whatever when we go out to get the TV. Oh, and I also need a car. Rentals kinda suck…"

"Okay," Suzaku agreed, loving the way Hiten's hands wandered so gently and naturally. It felt so amazing to be back in his arms again… "I'll buy you that if you want."

"No, I can buy it myself," his masculine sweetheart insisted.

"Okay." It was easier just to go along with whatever Hiten said. "But I already have lube."


"Yeah, for some reason people are always giving me that stuff. I get it for Christmas and my birthday, especially from Ja-Chan…"

Hiten stared into those naïve green eyes with all of the dubious indignant awe he could muster. "Why didn't you tell me that earlier?"

"Oh, well now you know." Suzaku sat up then and reached over to open the bedside drawer.
He fetched two fistfuls of the little bottles and carelessly dropped them onto the pillows for Hiten to see. They were all unopened, some with the ribbons still on them and almost all were of various different colors and brands. "See there's like every flavor ever and scented and tingling and all this other stuff. I don't know which one's better or anything though…"

The redhead let out a surprised yelp as Hiten tackled him for the second time tonight. In one fluid motion he'd successfully pinned and positioned that perfect porcelain body beneath his own. He then leaned down to whisper to his oh, so deliciously naïve partner.

"Guess we'll just have to try them all."

(AN2: Complete! But this story continues in Not For All The World, just so you know! )