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(max pov)

I woke up to the arms of fang around me. I still cant believe hes mine! Man I love saying mine.

"good morning" he whispered into my ears,his lips grazing my ears,sending a good shudder through my body.

"good morning,fang"i whispered.

Max!!! get up breakfast is ready!!!

OK angel

"Come on breakfast is ready" I said as I squirmed out of fangs grasp.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~after breakfast~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Okay guys me and jeb want to talk to you about tour next move"mom said. We were all in the living room sitting on the couch.

I love my mom,but that doesn't mean the same thing for jeb and since is it jebs business what we do? I was going to protest but I looked at my mom and I listened for her sake.

"you got 20 min."i said calmly

"jeb and I did some research and we found a boarding school for spies"

"and this has to do with us" I said gesturing to my flock.

"well we want you to go there it guarantees your safety and will dive you a lot information that may come to your use in the future"jeb now spoke

"Cool! So we would go to spy school and be like James bond? Awesome yay-"nudge was cut off by iggy.

"thanks iggs"i said

"so what do you think?"jeb and my mom said almost at the same time.

This could insure our safety and would be good for the flock.

"okay lets put it to a vote" I said to my flock.

"raise your hand if you want to go" four hands went up.

" well, that settles it."my mom said.

We packed light and went to the air port said goodbye and left Arizona

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