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Lucy, Sonny's so called "best friend" had already left to go to Chad's Chad-tastic birthday party with Tawni. Presently Chad sat awkwardly on the couch in Sonny's apartment. Looking around he saw pictures of Sonny growing up; so far his favorite was of Sonny right after she was first born, swaddled in a pink blanket, lying in her mothers arms. He secretly wished that they would one day be married and have children of their own but that dream would have to wait awhile considering they were both still teenagers, practically children themselves.

Chad couldn't help but feel pleased that he had convinced her to go to the party. His main reason for having the party, other than showing off how cool and famous he is, was so he could hang out with Sonny. But he wouldn't ever tell her that.

Meanwhile, in Sonny's room Sonny herself paced back and forth, trying to choose what to wear. But also trying to convince herself Chad Dylan Cooper was in the other room waiting for her, and in love with her.

No, that couldn't be correct, why would Chad Dylan Cooper, let alone anyone, love plain ol' Sonny Monroe? That's right no one in his right mind would. Sonny sat down on her bed, this was probably a trick. She called out to Chad, who unbeknownst to her had moved from the couch to sitting right in front of her door, worried about what could possibly be taking so long. "Hey Chad?" She yelled.

"Yeah?" Chad called, almost to quickly, trying to hide the worry that had snuck into his voice. All that was running through his mind was why wasn't she ready yet? He was going to be more than fashionably late!

"Why don't you just go the party, I don't really feel like going." A tear slid down her cheek, she wanted to believe him so much but in the back of her mind she new it was a trick. She also didn't want to have to face Lucy. On the other side of the door Chad's stomach dropped, why wouldn't she want to go? He quietly stood up and knocked on the door and in reply he heard a mumbled "Come in." He gently pushed opened the door and saw Sonny. She was sitting on her bed looking upset.

"Sonny, what's wrong?" He asked, walking over to Sonny's bed.

"I just don't want to go, ok?" Sonny snapped as Chad sat down next to her.

"Why?" He asked; it was the only word he could think of. He quickly pulled Sonny into a tight hug.

"Because Chad-" She paused, pulling away from Chad. "For one, I really don't want to see Lucy right now. And second how am I supposed to believe you? All you ever do is try to hurt me, how am I supposed to trust you when you say you love me?" She stopped talking long enough to take a breath. "How am I supposed to know you won't just find a better girl and ditch me once we get there? Or better yet that once we get there you won't get your security guards to carry me out. Just so you can get the pure satisfaction of watching me get kicked out?" Sonny had finally finished her little rant, Chad looked down at her upset that she thought that there could be a better girl there than her.

"Sonny if I didn't love you would I do this?" He leaned down and softly kissed her, but Sonny pulled away.

"You could just be acting." She muttered quietly.

"I may be the greatest actor of our generation but I'm not that amazing." He said looking at her. "Now hurry up and get dressed! It's almost past fashionably late!" he said standing up. "Plus I want to show off my new girlfriend to the world." He smiled as Sonny's face went red. He leaned down kissing the top of her head and turned around and was about to close the door when he turned around and said, "I like the blue dress by the way." (A/n I know she wares a purple dress or something but Demi looks good in blue and this is my version so ha!) He then promptly turned and closed the door and went to sit back on the couch.

Sonny looked down at the dresses that had been placed on her bed, one was purple the other was blue. She picked up the purple dress and hung it back up and went to put it into the closet. She quickly stepped into the blue dress and zipped it up and turned to look in the mirror. I was tight on the top and had ruffles on the bottom and a strip of beads separating both of the parts. It hugged her in all the right places. She started to do her hair and make up. She decided to leave it simple; soon she was done and walked out not even fully ready to see Chad.

Chad sat on the couch, still worried that Sonny still didn't believe him. He really did love her; all of those pointless fights had been the only way he could be with her without his true feelings becoming too obvious. He didn't mean any of them. He heard foot steps in the hallway but stayed looking at the floor. He soon saw a pair of black high heels, which led him to looking up slowly fallowing to curves of her body. Starting at her legs and went up, the farther up he went the more nervous he got.

He had never seen Sonny so beautiful, the dress hugged her in all the right places. His mature side was fighting against his teenage side that was telling him to just jump her now and that no one needed to know why neither one showed up. But he soon reminded himself that he had made a promise to himself and future wife that he would remain "pure" till marriage. That really seemed like a stupid promise right now. Dumb teenage hormones!

He finally looked Sonny in the eye. "Should I go change? I didn't think it looked that bad." She stuttered, Chad was shocked he never would have guessed that she would have this many self-confidence problems!

"Sonny, shut up." He said standing up, rubbing his sweaty hands on his pant legs. "You look amazing, and we really need to work on that self confidence thing." He smiled as Sonny's face reddened as he pulled her into a hug. "Come on we gotta go!"

It really didn't take to long to get to the party; it was only about a 5-minuet drive from Sonny's apartment. Chad dropped off Sonny at the front door so he could park and head into the party, because he figured that by the time he got inside she would be there waiting for him.

A smile crept up on his lips, he was so happy. She was finally his! But all too soon that same lonely feeling from earlier began to creep up into his stomach; it was on of the most painful things he had ever felt. The second he walked into the building he was attacked by the guests. He quickly said hello to all of them and glanced around the room. Sonny was no where to be seen, he went and waited by the front door thinking that maybe she just hadn't gotten in yet. The longer he waited the more worried he became.

"Please just let me in! I need to talk to my best friend and then I'll leave I promise!" Sonny pleaded with a lady holding a clipboard.

"I can't let you in. You are on the 'do not admit Sonny Monroe under any circumstance' list." The lady looked up at her.

"Please?" Sonny asked one more time.

"No! Security!" she yelled. Sonny saw two huge men walking her way.

"Okay, okay! I'm leaving!" She knew this would happen, she was right this was all a trick! He was just getting her hopes up so he could crush them back down. Sonny walked in the alleyway and sat down on the ground. She quickly pulled out her phone and called her mom.

"Hello?" called Sonny's mothers voice on the other side of the phone.

"Mom can you come pick me up please?"

"No sweetie I can't."


"Because I'm in Kansas City for a business convention, remember?"

"Oh right, never mind then."

"Ok, I'll see you on Monday when I get home! Bye darling!"

"Bye Mom." And the phone line went dead. Sonny just sat on the ground wondering why today had been so terrible and why Chad was so dead set on confusing her.

Chad ran out of the front door, pushing several people aside. Worried thoughts ran through his head. Was she okay? Where was she? Was she kidnapped? Did someone pull her into an alley and take advantage of her? Tears were ready to fall. He had no idea why he was this emotional today but if something happened to Sonny, he might as well die in a hole somewhere.

That's when he heard her, crying in the worst place possibly for Chad's over active imagination. The alley. He ran over to her as he saw her standing up. He crashed into her and grabbed her into the tightest hug that he could with out killing her. "Sonny." He muttered several times into her shoulder.

Sonny felt someone crash into her and hug her. She was ready to scream for help when she realized it was Chad. She heard him say her name, but her shoulder muffled the sound. She felt something warm and wet hit her shoulder, Chad was crying and shaking. "Chad! What's wrong? Why are you crying?" She asked rubbing his back.

That when Chad realized that he was sobbing. He had been so scared that something had happened to her. He didn't even reply, he just pulled he into a kiss. If he hadn't still been crying it would have been the perfect kiss, because if you could believe it sobbing while kissing kind of ruins the mood. He pulled away. "I thought something had happened to you! Why didn't you come inside? Why were you sitting in an alleyway, crying! God Sonny you had me worried sick!" He looked into her eyes, and saw they were red. That reminded him that his were probably too.

Sonny reached up and brushed away the tears, trying to ignore the electricity flowing through her body. "Chad, calm down. I'm fine. I didn't come inside because the lady wouldn't let me and then she called security, so I walked over here. I realized you probably did this on purpose, so I called my mom and asked her to pick me up. But then she reminded me that she wouldn't be home until Monday. And I was about to walk home but you came and tried to suffocate me." She sighed. "Why do you keep confusing me?"

"What?" Chad asked he simply didn't understand.

"You keep confusing me! You tell me you love me and convince me to come to the dumb party. Then you just leave me at the front doors and I'm not even allowed inside! Why do you insist on getting my hopes up only to crush them?" Tears leaked down her face. If you were her you could be confused too.

"Oh Sonny, I'm sorry. I didn't know I was confusing you so much! I'm sorry." He muttered the last I'm sorry while rubbing her tears off with his thumb. "Let's go into the party." He said smiling.

"You promise not to ditch me or kick me out?"

"I promise, with my life." He kissed the top of her head and started pulling her towards the back door.

No one even noticed them enter; Chad led Sonny over to the edge of the stage that was set up. He helped her get seated before jumping up and sitting next to her. Sonny was searching the room for Lucy; she was so preoccupied that she didn't even notice Chad grab her hand and rubbed her hand with his thumb.

Chad was still absentmindedly rubbing her hand when he looked up and spotted Lucy. He jumped off the stage and turned around to look at Sonny.

"I thought you weren't going to ditch me?" Sonny asked.

"Who said I was ditching you?" Chad said while grabbing Sonny's waist and pulling her down.

"Chad where are we going?"

"To fix your friendship." Chad replied before pulling her in the direction of Lucy.

"Chad! Let go of me! I don't want to talk to her! Please?" She yelled over the music, trying to pull her arm back.

"No, Sonny, I want you to talk to her." He paused and turned to look her in the eyes. "I'll stand next to you the entire time, if it will make you feel better."

"Fine." Sonny sighed as they continued walking through the dense crowd. Soon Chad stopped and Sonny bumped into him. Causing Sonny to lose her balance and fall backwards. With a thud she fell to the ground, not that anyone noticed. "Ow!" She yelped her butt would defiantly be bruised tomorrow. Chad turned around startled that Sonny was on the floor.

"Sonny! Are you okay?" Asked Chad as he knelt down next to her.

"Yeah." She said getting up. "I'm just clumsy nothing to worry about." She said smiling up at Chad as he helped her up.

"Come on!" As Chad pulled Sonny over to Lucy Sonny's stomach clenched because of her nerves. "Lucy!" Chad cried over the noise.

"OH MY CHAD! Chad Dylan Cooper just said my name!"

"Yes I did, now," he turned to Sonny, "talk." Sonny just shook her head. Chad leant down and whispered in her ear, "I'm right here." And he grabbed her hand.

"Ok." Sonny mumbled. "Lucy, I-I'm sorry I lied to you about the party invitation. I just hadn't seen you very much and I wanted to hang out with you. I'm sorry."

"Oh Sonny! I didn't know you felt that way!" Chad let go of Sonny's so Lucy could hug her. "You should have just said something!" Lucy said while releasing Sonny, Chad quickly grabbed her hand, which earned a giggle from Sonny.

"Thanks both of you," Sonny said looking at both Lucy and Chad, "for being there for me. Group hug!" She pulled both of them into a tight hug.

"That was random." Laughed Chad.

"OMCDC! Chad Dylan Cooper just half hugged me!" Cried Lucy. Both Chad and Sonny laughed at Lucy. "Oh-m-gee its Nick Jonas! EEP! See you later Sonny!"

Sonny turned to Chad and hugged him as they began to sway to the music, "Thank you so much Chad."

"Anything for my favorite girl." Chad said smiling as he leant down and captured her lips in a sweet, soft kiss.

~The End~

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