This is a response to Juneluxray's challenge! Yay! It is a King of the Hill – Danny phantom x-over, and no matter how out there it may seem, I will make it work! Here you go Sarah!

Phantom of the Hill

Chapter 1 – Meeting the Hills

Danny sighed as he watched the trees pass the window as they made their way down an old Texas road. His family had decided to visit his Dad's cousin, Hank Hill and his family for summer vacation, and Danny would have been really ticked off, if not for the fact the they had allowed Sam to come along with them.

The girl in question was sitting in the seat beside him, reading one of her Goth Poetry books. He smiled as he gazed at his girlfriend. Suddenly, the Fenton Family Ghost Assault Vehicle, or the FFGA, came to a halt.

"We're here kids!" boomed his father. They quietly filed out of the car and headed for the front door, Danny nonchalantly holding Sam's hand. He, being clueless as ever, didn't notice the faint blush painted on her pale cheeks.


Danny warily eyed a creepy lawn gnome that had a garden shovel in it's clutches before the door creaked open, revealing a middle-aged woman with dark brown hair held up in a weird fashion. She smiled as she eyed the family, along with Sam.

"You must be Hank's cousin Jack, am I correct?" she said, still smiling in a way that creeped out Sam. In her opinion, nobody should smile that much. Ever.

"Yep! Jack Fenton at your service!" bellowed Danny's father.

"Well, come in!" said the woman. "By the way, my name is Peggy Hill. I'm Hank's wife." Danny's mother smiled.

"I'm Maddie Fenton, Jack's wife." The two woman smiled as they launched into a conversation about how they met their husbands. Jack lead Danny and Sam to the living room of the average-sized house, and smiled when he saw a man, also middle aged, sitting comfortably in a recliner.

"Hank!" said an exited Jack. "It's so good to see you!" the man, Hank, smiled as well. He returned the greeting, and then faced the two teens known as Danny and Sam.

"This must be Jazz and Danny!" Sam nearly choked on her own breath with laughter, as well as Danny.

"That's not Jazz, she's in college. This is Sam Manson, Danny's girlfriend. I will have to ask you to allow them to share a room together, since they would kill me if I didn't allow it." Hank had frozen at the last name of the girl.

"Would your Father happen to be Jeremy Manson, owner of Manson inc.?" Sam nodded suspiciously. "Please forgive my surprise, but he is one of the sponsors of the Propane Company I work for." Sam nodded in understanding. "And as for them sharing a room, as long as they don't do anything, I trust they can handle that privilege. Also, I have a son named Bobby who is a few years younger than him. He is currently in his room if you would like to go meet him." He said to Sam and Danny.

As the couple headeddown the hall, they head the voices of the two sets of parents dim. They headed down further, and found a door covered in posters, and a sign saying "Bobby's Room". They slowly opened the door, and saw a boy, looking to be around thirteen, two years younger than Danny and Sam, talking on the phone.

When the boy saw them come in, he talked quickly on the phone, ending the conversation on who ever was on the other line.

"Okay, talk to you later Connie, bye." The boy, Bobby,then hung up the phine on the receiver, and smiled in their direction, causing Sam to once again ponder on why the heck these country people kept on smiling so much.

"You're Bobby, right?" asked Danny. Bobby nodded. "Okay, I'm Danny, and this is my girlfriend Sam." He said. Bobby nodded in understanding.

"Hey, want to go to the mall?" asked Bobby. Sam shrugged in reply, and they followed the over weight teen down the hall, past the living room, where Danny said goodbye to his parents, and out the door.

Danny and Sam were surprised to see an Asian girl waiting outside for Bobby. She looked confused at first, as well as Sam and Danny, until Bobby introduced them to each other.

"Connie, this is Danny and his girlfriend Sam. Danny is my Dad's cousin's son." He said. "Danny, this is Connie, my girlfriend." The trio nodded in understanding, and they continued to the mall.

Once they arrived Danny and Sam instantly went into a Hot Topic store. Sam was engrossed with the dark clothes, and Danny was looking at the T-shirts. Once Danny and Sam each had a new shirt, Danny a plain black top, and Sam a lacey purple top, they all went into the arcade.

Just as Danny was getting into a round of "Doom", his ghost sense went off, a blue puff of smoke emitting from his throat. He looked at Sam, who had seen this, and she quickly came up with a good excuse.

"Danny, I think I left something back in Hot Topic, can you come with me so I don't get lost?" Danny nodded, and they quickly ran into the Hot Topic store, and Danny transformed in a dressing room. He grabbed Sam, turning her invisible on his way out.

Danny and Sam patrolled the mall surreptitiously, looking for the Ghost that Danny had sensed. Danny knew that Bobby and Connie would be getting suspicious by now, mainly because they had been gone for over thirty minutes, and not come back. What ghost would be crazy enough to follow him all the way to Texas?

"I AM THE BOX GHOST! BEWARE MY CUBIC CONTAINERS OF DOOM!" well, that mental question just got answered. Danny and Sam turned to face the misplaced angry target with seriously ticked off expressions on both their faces.

"Figures that you would be stupid enough to follow me over a few states just to make me pissed." Said Danny, ignoring the panicked screams of local Texas citizens below him as he made his body visible. He charged up an ecto-blast, and fired at the spirit. The Box Ghost fell to the ground, and Sam sucked him into the Fenton Thermos. Danny quickly changed back as Sam gave him a high-five.

What Danny didn't know was that just around the corner was Connie, eyes wide with shock. She had seen that ghost on TV before. Danny Phantom. He haunts Amity Park. Didn't Bobby say that the Fenton's had come from Amity?

"Connie, wait for me!" yelled Bobby, just catching up with her. He hadn't seen what she had saw, and she wasn't planning on telling anyone. Not yet. She would keep a close eye on this Danny character. She and Bobby ran up to Danny and Sam, Connie acting as if she had seen nothing.

Yeah, that's right. Connie knows! I decided to let her know since she likes to try and figure out things in the cartoon, and I thought it woul add a twist to the challenge request. Hope you liked it Sarah!REVIEW!!!!!!! For the sake of ma sanity, please review!!!!!!