Phantom of the Hill

Chapter 6 – Oh Heck No

Tucker slowly drove towards the group with the main tool for their plan against Vlad in his hands, a cat named Garett.

He belonged to Jazz, Danny's sister who was out in college. Tucker had been watching him while the group was in Texas, and when Danny called and told him the plan, he was in the car, ready to be of some service. (Tucker has his permit)

Tucker had been shocked when Danny told him about the secret getting out to so many people, but as long as Danny was okay with it, he was too.

Danny and Sam looked up at the scheming Fentons and Tucker with smiles on their faces. They had the perfect plan to take down the fruit loop billionaire, and they had a feeling that Vlad would not take too kindly to it.

"So, do we have the cat?" asked Danny. Tucker nodded, and they all headed to the FFAV, got in, and headed towards the nearest Axion Labs district, where Vlad was no doubt hiding and scheming.

When they arrived, the place was heavily guarded, so Danny decided to change his plan a bit. He held tight to the fuzzy feline in his arms as it's tail swished happily.

"Hey, you guys stay here, this place is too armed for you guys to get in safely, so I'm going to go in alone." They all nodded, Sam a bit reluctantly, and Danny transformed into his ghostly counter-part, flying into the building.

"Yoo-hoo!" he bellowed in a booming voice that sounded creepily like his father's. "Is there any fruit loops here, or do I have to go to isle three?"

Almost instantly, a vampire-like ghost materialized right before his glowing eyes, and he looked pissed to say the least.

"How the heck did you get out of that human/ghost portal Daniel?" He asked through gritted teeth. "I made sure there was no way of powering it down."

Danny smiled. This was where his plan started. "Well, it must be that fate hates you. That, or you're just a failure. A failure who can't even out due my father!" Vlad. Was. Pissed. Off.

"What did you say?" he asked, looking like a balloon full of anger about to explode.

"Oh, did I struck a nerve there Vlad? Wow, if you're that weak… no wonder my mom HATES you. You're a big failure who really needs a cat."

Just as Vlad was about to go off, Danny's eyes widened in false surprise as the cat he had brought with him walked out from behind Vlad.

"No way…" he said sarcastically. He looked at Vlad, who was speechless as the cat rubbed against his legs.

"You actually got the cat…" he trailed off, then smiled deviously when Vlad's cheeks went red.

"That is not my cat! Maddie has white fur!" Danny then all out dropped his jaw.

"You really got a cat…" Vlad felt more anger bubble within him as the cat walked up to Danny, and Danny picked him up, and smiled.

"This is Garett. He is Jazz's cat who I have been watching at home while she was at college. Tucker brought him this morning." He explained. He couldn't help but laugh at the look on Vlad's face. One thing was for sure. Revenge is sweet.

-----------------------------------------------------line break------------------------------------------------------

Sam began to get worried after ten minutes, and she was about to burst in when her boyfriend came out of the building, Garett in his arms.

He handed the cat back to Tucker, who began to stroke the fuzzy animal with affection.

"Where is Plasmius?" asked Sam. Danny smiled distantly as he explained what had happened.

"So you see, he is now alone without pants in the middle of the parking lot in the back." He finished. They all started laughing.

Danny got back into the FFAV, along with his parents and Sam, and Tucker got in his car to follow them. As they all headed home to Amity, they didn't know that Connie was taking pictures of Danny's transformation with a smug smile gracing her lips.

"I wonder of the Media would like these?" she said.

----------------------------------------------line break----------------------------------------------

later, at the Hill house, Bobby and his parents looked up at the ghost sheild confused.

"How are we going to get in?" he asked to no one.

Yeah, well that's that. Hope you enjoyed the story June! I'm offically pooped.