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Heir to the Empire: Lost in Time


Damien Var was currently in a cave in the Republic world of Naboo. He was the chief archaeologist on a very unusual mission. A pair of children who were playing in the caves near the area had discovered something extremely unusual. There was a stasis chamber in the cave, but it was made from a technology that the Republic had never seen, nothing like it was on record.

The chamber was completely black with a clear window. Approximately ten feet tall on a twenty degree incline. It was made of a metallic substance, somewhat similar to Terenthium Desh plating, he was curious to know who would have such powerful armour on a stasis chamber.

What was truly unique was the man inside the chamber. He could have been no more than seventeen. He had several scars from the look of things as well as somewhat messy hair that was midnight black. He looked around the cavern; it was mostly bare apart from the two fairly large vacuum sealed wooden trunks that were beside the stasis chamber itself. There was a chamber connected to this one that contained a beat up old Dynamic class freighter, but the transponder had long ago succumbed to erosion. His team had little luck in getting into them as they were DNA encoded. There were two Naboo guards at the door, just in case the young man turned out to be a threat.

He sighed. Here was the moment of truth; he could see one of his aides coming up to him with the report,

"Sir," The young man caught his attention. He couldn't quite remember the name, what was it…oh well, it hardly mattered now,


"We are ready to open the stasis chamber. We have permission from the Queen to proceed."

Damien nodded, this would be it, the chance to find out what had been preserved here and why.

"Do it." The two guards walked over and took up positions in front of the chamber as it hissed and ejected some form of coolant. The door, which was deceiving as they had thought, the hatch to be of a different shape, opened slowly. The man inside the chamber stirred and groaned slightly as he woke up. Damien stepped forward along with a medic.

The medic ran some scans and looked up, "As far as I can tell, he's fine. There is nothing that reads as being physically wrong with him."

Damien nodded and stepped to the chamber, "Can you hear me?"

The young man nodded slightly and leaned forward. He struggled slightly, still trying to wake up, but he stood and stepped out of the chamber. Damien was taken aback when the young man opened his eyes. They were completely white, in perfect contrast to his hair, he was clearly blind.

"Can I help you young man?" he asked kindly. To his surprise the young man scowled for a moment before his features softened.

"I am fine, thank you." He answered politely.

Damien nodded, "May I ask who you are?"

The young man nodded genially, "My name is Travien Shan. May I ask you the same question sir?"

Damien nodded, "I am Damien Var, leader of this archaeological expedition. My assistant here is Dalen Attiyen. I am afraid I have not been able to remember the names of my associates here. May I ask how long you were in the chamber?"

"Of course, I need to know the year before I can give you any information, however." He replied mildly.

"It is 967 years since the Ruusan Reformation." Stated Damien,

Travien thought for a moment, I remember nothing of any Ruusan Reformation. This obviously occurred after I hid in stasis. I wonder how I was found on such a distant planet, never mind it's not important. If it is nearly a thousand years since this Ruusan Reformation then it must be even longer since I took command of the Star Forge after the traitors killed mother and father. Hmmm, they don't even seem to know who I am. This could work to my advantage.

Travien shook his head, "I am afraid I do not know what the Ruusan Reformation is. I will have to get to a galactic star chart to be able to tell you that."

Damien looked confused, "Why would you need a galactic star chart?"

Travien smiled, this man was certainly not a navigator, "I don't know what the Ruusan Reformation is. If it took place nearly a thousand years ago then I will have better luck calculating the time via stellar drift. I am also unfamiliar with your conventions for the Galactic Standard Calendar." Travien thought for a moment and stepped forward, "If you'll excuse me, I need to get to my belongings."

Damien nodded and moved out of the way as Travien walked around the stasis chamber with remarkable ease. He walked to the first footlocker, paused for a moment and moved onto the second. He knelt down and placed his hand on a blue circular pad which hummed and said, "May the Force serve you well."

The phrase tickled a memory in the back of Damien's mind but he couldn't remember where it had come from. His mind was taken away from the thought when he saw what was in the first trunk. The top layer was what looked like clothes. The material was thick, black seemed to be a recurring theme with young Travien, but fairly light. The suit seemed to be a single piece body suit that zipped up at the front. They turned around sharply as Travien began simply getting changed in front of them.

It took a few minutes but they eventually heard the sound of the zip being done up. Turning around Damien looked at the suit and realised that what he thought was denser material for warmth was in fact metal plating that had been purposefully dulled. This wasn't a suit of clothing, this was armour! The thought was reinforced as Travien pulled another piece of metal out of the foot locker and fitted it to his chest, apparently a breast plate. The metal was smooth, black and looked new even if there was no shine to it. Everything that wasn't a major joint was covered in fairly thick armour, this included fingerless gauntlets. He gazed at it for a minute before he saw Travien pick up a helmet that quite frankly scared him. The helmet was fairly thin, nothing special; the face plate had a gaunt appearance. The image of shrunken cheek bones and a narrow face plate, decorated in black but with red highlights and no visor. Fortunately he opened the helmet at the back, separating the back into two halves which slid into the helmet making it a mask and clipped it to his belt.

"T…Travien, where did you get that armour?" he stuttered.

Travien smiled, "I made it. The helmet was based on my father's, although I have no need of a visor."

Damien nodded. He watched in amazement as Travien pulled out a lightsaber and attached it to a clip on his upper thigh. He placed a blaster, with holster, on his left thigh and stood up. With a satisfied smile he walked over to the other footlocker, and crouched again,

He smirked, "Open Sesame," the footlocker buzzed away before opening and this time Damien's jaw dropped. With the exception of two red crystalline pyramids, the rest of the footlocker was filled with credits. Travien turned to Damien,

"Could you tell me if these credits are still valid Mr. Var? I would hate to have saved useless objects."

Damien crouched beside and gasped. These credits were indeed valid and every one of them seemed to be ten thousand credits apiece. Whoever this young man had been he was very wealthy, and had decided to bring it with him. This was most unusual for a Jedi, which was what he was if the calm demeanour and lightsaber were any judge.

Damien nodded, "Yes they are still valid. Is there anything we can do for you?"

Travien thought for a moment, "Yes. I would like to see whoever is in charge of this planet, if that is possible."

Damien was slightly confused, "Oh, why?"

The young man smiled, "I will need to find employment and I need to know what qualifications I require. I would hope to work here, on Naboo and as such I will need to learn about its populace. Most importantly I am a trained and active Force user. I've learned that local rulers tend to get…anxious…when we pop up without introducing ourselves." He said, making sure to appear friendly and polite in his intent.

Damien nodded and looked to the guards who stepped forwards. The first guard looked at him, "We can take you to the palace, sir. Would you like us to carry any of this?"

Travien closed the locker and stood up calmly, he then used the Force to lift it off of the floor and up to waist height, "I appreciate the offer gentlemen, but it provides me with some exercise for my abilities. I want to stay in shape after all." He smiled and turned to Damien, "You can have the gear in here to study if you want, I don't need any of it anymore. Just out of curiosity, did you find a ship near here?"

Damien nodded, "Yes. An old dynamic class freighter was separated from this room by a landslide some time ago. The ship is beyond repair I'm afraid due to erosion and age. Why?"

Travien sighed, "That was a ship called the Ebon Hawk. I inherited it from my parents. Oh well," he turned to the guards, "Shall we go. Nothing here but depressing memories."

The two men nodded and led Travien outside where he saw two vehicles; one was a standard brown speeder truck, presumably for the scientists while the other was a two to four person air speeder that the guards had used. He was directed towards the speeder and they left quickly. The guards seemed eager to get him to the palace.