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Dance With Me?


"Come on Baby Girl..." Morgan prompted with a smile, his arm around her shoulders, pulling her to him. "Dance with me?" He requested. They were at their usual bar with the team for drinks, relaxing off their last case and he was determined that tonight he would finally get her up on the dance floor.

"Nu-uh Hot Stuff, I am more than happy here with my drink and my girls." She said with a smile motioning to JJ and Emily with her bright coloured cocktail with its silly umbrella. Although dancing wasn't Garcia's thing, she knew Morgan would persevere every time, and it boosted her confidence just that little bit, but she still wasn't going to. Not even for him. She loved their back and forth about it too much. It was a part of their bar time ritual.

"Come on Mamma." He pouted at her, moving to stand behind her, his hands on her shoulders, kneading softly – as if to sweeten the pot for her. "Come and shake those hips and shows us just how sexy you can really be..." He said, his tone almost challenging; daring her to do it.

"Hot Stuff, you go shake your groove thang and enjoy yourself, don't spend your whole night over here trying to get me to show you how to really dance. You know fine well once I say 'No' that I mean 'No'." She teased further.

He pouted at her again as she turned around to look up at him in ending her sentence. "Please Princess, you're killing me here! Do you get off on saying 'No' to me baby?" He asked and she laughed, her eyes sparkling as she replied:

"I would love nothing more than to say 'Yes' to some things Angel Face, but you make it so much more fun to say 'No'."

"You are the devil, woman." He said with a laugh, placing an over exaggerated kiss to her temple before removing her empty glass from her hand and heading towards the bar.

"Getting me drunk won't work Morgan! You should know that by now!" She called out to his retreating form with a smile. She turned back to the table and caught JJ and Emily's eyes with a smile and a wink as they smiled at one of her and Morgan's usual displays.

On coming back to the table with another of Garcia's brightly coloured concoctions Morgan stepped in behind her, one hand coming around her to rest on the edge of the table and the other, with the drink, coming around from the other side to place it in front of her with a flourish. He placed a dramatic kiss to her cheek as he placed it in front of her before pulling back and placing his hands on her shoulders, squeezing them slightly. Upon rising back up to look at the rest of the team and join in their conversation he finally clocked the man across from him with his fists and jaw clenched who did not seem to like where his hands were.

Morgan's brow furrowed in confusion before the man stuck out his hand and introduced himself in a deep voice;

"Oliver Campbell." Derek shook his hand and was about to introduce himself when the man spoke again: "And you must be Derek Morgan." Now Derek was really confused: who was this guy? "Penelope's told me so much about you." And in that instant Derek knew that this man in front of him was with Garcia, with his Baby Girl – and she hadn't told him – it was in the way he spoke her name: as if it held the greatest of treasures on his lips and as if that one name had so many hidden secrets. Secrets only they shared.

He quickly removed his hands from Garcia's shoulders as if burned, he couldn't believe she hadn't told him, and the way this Oliver was looking at him he did not appreciate the gestures he had just witnessed.

Garcia turned around and looked up at Derek with a somewhat uneasy half smile, unsure how he would react. She hadn't meant for Oliver to come yet, she had said she was going to text him after she had spoken to the team about the case for a bit and then he was to come, but he had decided just to pop in straight from work and unintentionally scuppered her plans to tell her best friend about him. She knew that telling Morgan just before he met him was cowardly but she hadn't had the courage. She knew that her and Derek's 'relationship' was beginning to change, and if she wasn't mistaken it was progressing. However she had met Oliver one night out with the girls and he was sweet and nice and handsome and he had asked her out and she had said yes on a whim, it couldn't hurt to go to dinner with the man, could it?

She hadn't expected to like him as much as she did, to have as much fun. Sure he wasn't as in tune with her as her best friend but he was charming and he treated her like a princess – it was nice to be treated like that. It had been a while since Kevin and her had broken up and she had enjoyed the intimacy of the date, enjoyed being back in the saddle so to speak. And when he had kissed her goodnight it had been nice, his lips whispering over hers. She had decided when he pulled away with a smile that she would see him again, she didn't have anything to lose and she didn't have a reason not to put herself back out there in the world of dating.

She had gone to Derek's for their usual movie night the following night and everything was as it always was: the laughing, the flirting, the teasing and the cuddling. It was all a part of them and as much as she had meant and planned to tell him then she couldn't, she didn't want to ruin the atmosphere, didn't want him to stop drawing the soft patterns on her arms or for him to pull away from her, to take her head from its place on his chest; for him to ask questions and try to profile her while he tried to work out the best way to 'talk' to the guy. She just wanted to stay in this happy place they had and let it play out. She didn't want to spoil this forward progression that she was sure had begun. And, she rationalised, it wasn't as if he told her about his dates and this progression that was occurring wasn't certain, it wasn't 'official' or anything, it was just happening – so she had every right to be with somebody else. Sure, something between them was changing and she did not want to rock the boat but realistically she knew that, in case she was imagining this, then she was entitled to a back up of sorts. And Oliver was a nice guy.

Now, however, she was beginning to wish she hadn't said to Oliver about tonight: Morgan had taken about three steps away from her and was not looking at her as Oliver took a seat next to her, kissing her cheek as he sat down. Oliver had wanted to see her again this week and on impulse she had invited him to this so that she would not be alone with him - she knew that by now he was trying to move their relationship forward and she wasn't ready for that. Especially not because her and Morgan had gotten even closer still and she didn't think being with Oliver any longer was a good idea. Not when she couldn't help her sub conscious from wanting Morgan to bend his head down that little bit further and capture her lips under his when they were slouching on his couch or standing talking. Her soft spot for her best friend had grown and she knew that it was hardly fair on Oliver.

Morgan was casting covert glances at Garcia as Oliver sat down next to her and they began to chat away happily. He couldn't help the bubble of hurt mixed with jealousy in his gut. He had thought she understood his intentions; sure he had said them aloud or specified anything but he was sure she had realised they were getting closer, moving forward. Moving towards a point when he could ask her out and she would say yes. He had thought they were getting closer to that point, he had been sure that after tonight and this weekend he could have asked her and she would have said yes, that he could have finally gotten to take his Baby Girl out and show her how much she meant to him. But apparently he had been wrong – all this time she had had Oliver blooming Campbell and he felt like a fool.

The hurt seemed to solidify in his gut and he knew that he was being lousy conversation for Emily but right now he was beyond caring about that. He dragged his eyes away from the couple at the table and headed straight for the bar. Emily stopped mid sentence as Morgan walked away from her towards the bar. She had a sinking suspicion about what, or more specifically who, was on his mind. Walking after him she met him at the bar and took the drink out of his hand before he placed it to his mouth.

"You know it won't help." She said plainly with no pretences. He sighed and nodded slowly, agreeing with her, if begrudgingly.

"Did you guys know?" He asked after a few moments of silence.

"I thought there was someone, but to be honest I thought it was you." She said with a small laugh. "Some profiler, eh?"

"Well I thought I was getting somewhere Emily. I thought we were on the same page – apparently not."

"So you were finally making a move on our resident tech kitten then Mr Morgan?" Emily teased with a smile.

"Yeah." He said softly, his eyes darting once again to the pair at the table who were now laughing away at something Reid had said.

"So Morgan..." came JJ's voice from behind him and he spun around to face the blonde. "Don't tell me you are just gonna sit here and sulk? Where's that Derek Morgan charm I keep hearing about?" She teased. "That guy over there doesn't know the ins and outs of yours and Garcia's relationship, that much is obvious, so why don't you show him?"

"Jayje...you trying to tell me you want me to make him jealous?" He asked with a famous Derek Morgan half grin.

"Never. I wouldn't do such a thing." She said with a smile and a laugh. "Just don't pull away now; I know for a fact that you have been doing everything right..." She said cryptically, referring to some of the hints Garcia had dropped previously. Emily smiled at JJ's words: the woman had played it just right. And when Morgan took off back to the table she knew that it had worked, like a charm. The two women clinked their glasses together and headed back to the table after Morgan ready to witness Derek Morgan at his best.