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Anyways, just a short wee piece and I know it's been AGGGGEEEEEEEES but I felt it was needed :)

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"Come on Baby Girl..." Morgan said, taking Garcia's drink from her hand and placing it on the table as he pulled her towards him. "Dance with me?" He requested.

"Why Hot Stuff, I thought you'd never ask!" She replied with a smile as she let him lead her away from the rest of the team and on to the floor.

The last time he had asked her this question she had been mixed up, confused and somewhat stuck between two men. But now she was very much decided, unconfused and a one man woman: Derek Morgan's woman. That thought still gave her chills. Her wildest dreams had come true, and now she was going to fulfil one of the fantasies she'd always had about her delicious profiler best friend: dancing with him.

He held her close, their bodies touching as much they could be and allow them to move; her breasts were pressed against his chest and one of his knees was between her thighs, helping her to move in time with him. She didn't need the extra support, dancing with Morgan was like second nature to her, it just happened - they moved with seamless effortlessness across the floor.

She could smell his cologne and feel the beating of his heart and she wanted nothing more than for them to be at her place, his place, or even in his truck – she wasn't fussy. Looking into his eyes she saw that she was not the only one so affected by their proximity, Morgan wasn't as cool as he liked people to believe.

She moved on instinct, her hands around his neck pulling him down slightly as she pushed herself up on her toes to kiss him. The familiar tingling warmth spread through her body all the way to the tips of her toes as they kissed, that was something that she was never going to get used to. Moments later they pulled away, breathless, looking into his eyes she smiled, leaning her forehead against his as they continued to move their way across the dance floor completely oblivious to those around them. They were in their own wee world.

And they wouldn't have it any other way. This was exactly where they belonged.