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Summary: Taking place primarily in Harry Potter universe that is canon halfway into the PoA and is AU onwards. Minor additions from the Stargate universe specially in terms of technology. Familiarity with Harry potter universe is preferential to better understand this story; however such cannot be said for Stargate universe.

Chapter 1

It was mid-night Saturday. In the 3rd year dormitory in House Gryffindor everyone was asleep. Everyone except for one Harry Potter Harry who couldn't sleep. He had tried twisting and turning and even counting sheep but that too didn't work. Usually when this he would simply fly outside the castle but with dementors patrolling outside the castle looking for Sirius Black that option was out. After some contemplation he decided to do something that he had been meaning to do for a long time.

Explore the Chamber of Secrets.

He shrugged 'It's better than aimlessly wandering around and possibly getting caught by a teacher' thought Harry as he began to ruffle through his trunk looking for his invisibility cloak and the recently acquired broom and Marauder's map.

An hour later he was standing in front of the Snake-engraved metal door holding his wand in one hand and broom in the other. The route had been surprisingly difficult due to patrolling teachers, prefects and certain hated cat but thanks to using his invisibility cloak in conjunction with his Marauder's map he had been able to come here without alerting anyone. Harry watched as the metal door opened upon his parsel-tongued command. The chamber was just as eerie as he had remembered it. Alighting his wand Harry stepped in and curiously started looking around here and there.

A while later he came upon the carcass of the Basilisk he had to kill at the end of last term. He shuddered remembering the incident. He was very surprised to find that the Carcass had barely begun to decompose and there was very little stench.

'Probably some kind of powerful magics hat kept the beast alive for nearly a millennia. I should look into what could be done for it' mused Harry as he began to walk along side the width of the giant serpent trying to get a rough measure of its length. Along the way he found something very peculiar. He could have easily missed it had he not been so close with his wand shining light on it. A section of the wall was damaged and cracked probably done by the snake during their fight. As he got close he saw that a few bricks had been loosened form the wall and had fallen away and that there was something on the other side.

'A secret chamber within a secret chamber' chuckled Harry excited with the prospect of exploration as he cautiously began to make a way big enough for him to pass through careful not to bring the damaged wall down on him. Several bricks and stones later, a dirt covered Harry slowly crawled through the hole big enough for him thinking about what secret treasures and artifacts he would find or new secret passages he would explore. After passing through and standing up, he looked around slightly disappointed as the small dusty barren room. It held nothing except for one thing. For in front of him sitting innocently on a pedestal was a smooth metal sphere the size of a soccer ball. He moved close to get a look at it ….. and that's when his famous potter-luck kicked in.

Suddenly the sphere started to glow and spin as circular grooves appeared on it. The now spinning sphere slowly started to hover and a whine could be heard similar to that of a large machine powering up. Sensing danger and cursing his luck Harry started to slowly walk backwards from the latest oddity in life. 'Why can't I enjoy anything in peace without something weird and bad happening?' thought Harry more annoyed then scared at the unknown phenomenon in front of him. His instincts were telling him run. Fast.

But it was already too late.

The Sphere gave off a flash of light before it opened up like giant blooming flower and in the blink of an eye moved towards the boy that had intruded upon its sanctuary and latched on to its face and promptly rendered a panicked Harry unconscious

Alterans were one of the oldest and wisest races in the known universe. They were wonderers and explorers who liked to learn of the mysteries of the universe. For that they had to travel far form their own people sometimes even for decades. Such long journeys could always harm the learning process of their young ones and that was absolutely unacceptable to a race who valued knowledge above all else. So like any other problem they used their superior technology to compensate for it.

Field Educator Repository Unit or FERU was specifically designed for alteran children and teens who were hundreds of light years away from civilization and its proper education system. FERU was primarily a miniature version of the repository of knowledge that contained all the basic and some intermediate level education courses that alteran children learned. It had four primary abilities. Scanner, Memory dump, Practice nanites and Basic fabricator.

Unlike the original repository that had the unfortunate habit of dumping everything it had into the receivers brain all at once, FERU would first scan and measure the current capacity of the child and dump only a grades worth of knowledge in compressed packets one at a time. FERU also had an interactive program that helped the child understand difficult concepts. When all the provided knowledge was unraveled and absorbed, the child would come back for the next grade download, they would have to pass a series of interactive exams to prove that they had learned and understood all that was taught or dumped. There could be anywhere between 20 to 50 download dumps depending upon the intellectual capacity of the child and take anywhere between 3 to 20 years to master it all.

When FERU deemed that the child had learned all the basic level education, it would provide the child with Practice nanites. Another ingenious technology of the Alterans that was basically an extremely advanced and technological version of modeling clay. With its help the student could learn to make and experiment with all basic types of science and technology. Nanites resided within the student's body and/or clothes. It also could be used by FERU to monitor the child's health, in emergency provide immediate health care and in case of attack absorb energy based fire (like replicators). The nanites were an essential part of the student's training as they could only be manipulated by the student by mental control, a control that would be necessary to work many advanced alteran tech.

The last piece of technology within FERU was the Basic Fabricator. Available to the students only when they had mastered some of the essential intermediate courses and had acceptable control of their nanites, it was used to build complicated pieces of technology that the practice nanites were unable to build. It was essentially the final piece of knowledge and technology that when mastered would end FERU's training.

In short FERU was a high school in a ball. It was an everyday student's dream come true. No classes, no homework and all the knowledge directly available in the head.

It was unknown when or for that matter why such an advanced piece of technology was hidden within a magical school of all places but what was known was that like the original Alteran repository of knowledge it was most definitely NOT designed to be used by a primitively evolved 21st human

FERU unit designation 302-beta-196 had been activated. Had it any emotions it would scream at the utter injustice of it all.

It had been sitting innocently in the city ship Atlantis' Storage facility along its brethren minding its own business like a good machine when that crazy rogue scientist Janus had come barging in, took it from its storage space to his lab where he had tinkered within it extensively. Later after they had left the Pegasus galaxy and had returned to Milky Way galaxy, he had chucked it through a quantum mirror to an alternate reality where there were no Alterans at all. Only odd mutated alteran/Human hybrids descendents of Alterans that had no understanding of technology beyond the wheel.

There it had been found by primitive humans. It had many owners since then from kings, to thieves until finally it had been taken by 4 Hybrid humans with extraordinary powers that they called magic. They had stored it here in this underground secret chamber for over a millennia. But that wasn't the end of cruelty upon it. It had just been activated by the human child it was suppose to teach and the child being not a completely evolved alteran simply didn't have the brain capacity to use FERU properly. But the crazy Scientist Janus somehow knew that and had programmed it to use the advanced nanites Janus had given to it to alter the brain of the primitive hybrid Alteran/human to compensate for it.

Fortunately for all FERU didn't posses any emotion or independent thinking capacity that some of the alteran AI units contained.

So like a good machine that was stuck its future students face, it did as programmed and performed a deep mental and physical scan on him. What it fond was very unique.

The humans here had the ability to control their internal energy that the called 'magic' in a wide variety of ways. The energy was very similar to the zero point energy the ZPM power source the Alterans used. Their brain however was not as evolved at it needed so it began the tedious and complicated process of altering the brain to an advanced level to allow much greater processing and storage brain capacity.

Simply put it changed a normal mentally abused Harry Potter in a child genius. He now had perfect eidetic memory and IQ of over 250.

Not that its student Harry Potter wasn't Intellegent but due to the abuse he was just not ambitious enough to do better in his studies and life in general. He was just not taught to think for himself. That will soon change. Once finished with the complicated operation, it dumped the first set of basic lessons in to Harry Potter's Brain, unlatched itself form his face and went dormant again.

What the limited machine didn't know and couldn't ever possibly comprehend that with its actions it had changed the fate of this planet this alternate universe.

For good of ill no one knew for sure.

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