His ebony hair fell to the pillow as the albino lay next to him. The silver hair of the albino was soaked in sweat, blood, and cum. The stitched man turned to look at his lover.

" Ready," the stitched man asked.

"You fucking bet," the violet eyed man replied. The ebony hair moved off the pillow. His long ebony hair laid upon the thighs of the albino and stuck to the droplets of sweat and the streams of cum left their after the last interaction. The violet eyed man moaned in pain and pleasure as the red and green eyed man thrust into the silver man's entrance. They moaned loudly at the same time.

"Ah…Ka…Kakuzu…ah," the silver haired man moaned.

"Hidan, don't squirm," the ebony haired man ordered.


"Fine if that's what you wish."


"Damn you're needy."

"Ahh." Kakuzu thrust harder and faster into Hidan. Hidan moaned loud and cute. of the bed.

"Cut me. Stick your strings in me and turn my organs into mush," Hidan begged his lover.

"You really want pain," Kakuzu asked with a raised eye brow.

"Ye..yes." Kakuzu pulled his still erect member out and looked at Hidan. He released his strings and tied Hidan's wrists together and pulled the strings over a rafter as to lift Hidan off the floor. Now hanging his lover got ready for anything that was coming to him.

Kakuzu put nine strings into Hidan's entrance and started to pump them in and out. Hidan moaned louder then ever. Then there were strings going down Hidan's throat and around his throat. Kakuzu was going to strangle Hidan. The strings that were down his throat wrapped around an organ. Hidan's stomach, lungs, ant heart were grabbed. Hidan lunged Hidan's organs. The strings sliced his stomach and cut his heart and lungs. Hidan dropped his head in pain. Kakuzu pulled his strings out and pumped the others one last time. Hidan came all over the room. Kakuzu pulled all of the strings back and caught Hidan as he fell to the floor. Hidan had blood running from his entrance and mouth. Kakuzu placed Hidan on the bed and laid next to him awaiting the violet to return to his eyes. After ten minutes of white eyes staring at him, Hidan's eyes returned to violet.

"So, how was that for pain?"

"Oh my Jashin, that was incredible!"

"I said I would give you pain."

"And you did."

"Now we have a problem."

"What is it?"

"I'm still erect."

"Oh. Let me take care of it."

"Ok." Hidan moved down to Kakuzu's member and he rubbed it. Kakuzu moaned at the touch. Hidan grabbed Kakuzu's member and placed it in his mouth. Hidan began to suck and lick the fully erect member. Kakuzu moaned loudly and he then called out Hidan's name. Hidan heard the moan of his name and then he started to run his teeth over the member of his stitched lover. Kakuzu let a moan of pleasure and pain pass his lips and to the ears of his silver haired lover.

"Hidan, I'm…going…to…" Kakuzu came in Hidan's mouth. Hidan slid up next to Kakuzu and swallowed his lovers cum.

"You taste so good my love."

"Shut up."

"Why the fuck should I?"

"Because I know someone that probably tastes a lot better." Hidan saw Kakuzu's gaze and blushed. Kakuzu smiled at his sliver haired lover. They laid there looking into each others eyes and listen to their beating hearts.

""I love you 'Kuzu-Chan!"

"I love you too Hi-Chan!" They lay there and fell asleep in each others arms.