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It might have taken them longer than expected and the roughest ride ever but Derek and Penelope had resumed life as a partnership, not two spiralling separates that metaphorically cried for one another.

Now Derek was going home to his wife of 2 years. Still that hadn't settled in with him, Penelope had taken her time but had from the word go expressed her unadulterated love she still held for him and he knew it was no lie, he had the same feeling for her. After 5 months of on the slow they moved in with one another, after another 5 months they were engaged and now here they were. He pushed his way into the house, it was late and he didn't expect her up. He went through the house; locking it up as he went, setting the alarm he headed upstairs, pushing the bedroom door open he saw Penelope asleep, her back to him.

He crossed the room, quietly making it to his side nearest the door and watched her breathing rhythmically. He took his clothes off and grabbed his trousers from under the pillow and slipped into them, as he finished Penelope turned and he looked, seeing her still asleep, his eyes roamed.

Smiling satisfied he looked at her stomach, it was getting big now and so should it be. He looked at Penelope, radiating with pregnancy beauty. He still couldn't believe it that his wife was over 8 months pregnant with the babies that the doctor repeatedly could 'perfectly healthy'. The 2 words that were like music to their ears, especially Penelope's. In a few short weeks he was going to be a father to twins, one a boy and the other a girl. The little boy, they'd taken as a sign, was to them their second chance at having another baby, twins made it promising.

He climbed onto the bed completely shattered and Penelope instinctively moved, she snuggled into him immediately in her sleep and he held her tightly.

'Your kids are keeping me up handsome.' Penelope groaned sleepily into chest. 'I need sleep.'

Derek smiled, laughed a literally and put his hand on her stomach. He slowly began to rub circles into it and he felt Penelope relax some. 'Better?'

'Definitely.' She said quietly and saw her briefly became healthy and rhythmic. Derek learnt forward gentle and kissed her stomach.

'Night night you two.' He whispered and as he laid back he kissed Penelope's forehead, he then let her mould herself to him and when she had stilled for a bit he put his hand on her stomach and let the sleep he needed to take him over.

Waking up he saw that Penelope's side of the bed was empty, he rolled onto his side when he heard a muttered swear word, pulling himself from the comfortable spot he went in search of Pen. Walking into the bathroom he found her sitting against the wall around their bath tub.

'Morning hot stuff.' She said tiredly and continued to rub her hand over her stomach, while the other stayed on her back. 'What you doing up?' She said like nothing was wrong, she knew he'd frozen when he'd seen her, he knew what was happening. She looked up biting her lip, breathing heavily as a contraction began to seep back in. 'It's early.' She said and groaned.

'Woman why didn't you wake me.' He said as she breathed out and looked at him.

'Because I just needed to go to the loo and instead my waters broke and now I'm here scared to move.' She let him get her up and help her into the bedroom. 'Your mom said it'd be early.' She said as she knew she had time to relax until the next contraction, she just watched as Derek began to grab things, plopping the readied go bag on the bed he began to find Pen's clothes. 'Dress, 2nd one in the wardrobe will do handsome.'

'How are you so calm?'

'I've had signs this is coming for the last couple of days, realisation only came when my waters broke.'

He nodded and helped her get her vest top off and then helped her into the dress. 'So how long have you been in that bathroom?'

'About 2 hours.' She told him coolly, her expression calm, her mind really rallying around.

'Pen...' He warned with a slight growl. 'Damn you and your hard headedness.'

'No, you were sleep, it's been a long week and I'm not gonna give birth right now.'

'And you know that for sure do you?' He said with an eyebrow raised. 'Think you can ring Hotch and tell him why I won't be in to fill in paperwork while I get dressed.'

'You got it my chocolate God.' She said and reached for the phone while Derek raced around, she just casually put in the Hotchner's number and let it ring. 'Hey boss man.' She said and as the words slipped out she felt a contraction coming on. 'We won't be able to make it in.' The pain exploded then and she had to bend forward and let out a groan to help her. 'Sorry Charlie Brown, I'm in labour.'

'You're in labour!' Derek heard Hotch yell through the receiver.

'Yeah well and truly making the next generation of BAU finest debut.' She said with pain still in her voice but everything else subsiding. 'No paperwork for Derek today it seems.' She joked and watched as he finished pulling a top on. 'I think this is my cue to go.' She told Hotch and said bye before looking at Derek. 'It's too slow at the moment.'

'Na uh baby girl, you're pregnant with twins, doc said as soon as you start to get you in.' He said and Penelope found herself up and out of the house and into the SUV, getting to the hospital everything was a rush and for the next few hours Penelope was a blur, Derek's was lived in a worry bubble.

He was more than a proud dad come the next day as Penelope continued to rest, his worry had escalated when the delivery got difficult and she was rushed in for a c-section, but as soon as he heard his son cry, followed by his daughter his worry slipped slightly, then when he saw Penelope resting he knew everything was going to be okay.

Now he sat here with his son in his arms and as he traced the features he had to wonder one thing and that was whether or not his first son would've looked like this. He liked to think so. Penelope was holding their daughter and she was overwhelmed, she never thought she could feel more than complete in her entire life. Both Pen and Derek had thought that their ultimate fulfilment would come when they said 'I do' and it had until this day when they sat as a family.

The team had already had introductions and now they were waiting upon the arrival of the rest of the Morgan women to introduce Alexander and Ellie Morgan to, they needed to meet the pair that had healed long waiting wounds.

Penelope and Derek knew that both these children would be more loved than ever due to the loss that their parents had gone through in the past and that wasn't a bad thing. In the end it had built them up to be better parents.

And until that day both Derek and Penelope knew that true love never died and theirs certainly wouldn't.

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