*This is not one story…all of the stories in here do follow a theme though…each episode has its own title and own story line. Most of these are old stories I'm re-circulating*

The Parker Files

Chapter 1

Booth was watching the highlights from Tuesday's hockey games on Sports Center when Parker came out of his room and asked, "Dad"

"Yeah Park, what's up?"

"If you ask a girl on a date, do you have to pay for it?"

What? Booth thought, he's 8, why is he asking this? "Well, if I ask a woman out, I typically pay for the date, but if she asks me, than I will offer to pay half, why?" Booth asked his son.

"No reason-thanks" Parker left to go back to his room. Shaking his head at his son, Booth turned back to the TV, deciding that the Flyers just didn't have what it would take to get to the cup this year; Booth muttered a curse and switched to the NatGeo channel. He liked to watch a little bit from it now and then so he could shock Bones with something he knew about Anthropology. He always got a little thrill seeing the look on her face.


"Yes Parker?" he responded warily.

"Um, when you go on a date with a girl and you give her flowers, does she give you anything back?"

"Not normally, no, flowers are a nice way to say hello, they usually make her smile and that starts the date out the right way, why?" He tried again to get his son to tell him why the sudden interest in dating.

"Oh, just curious" he said, again going back down the hall and shutting his door.

Booth chuckled, leaned back against the sofa and ran his hands up his face and through his hair. Sighing slightly, he thought, not that I would know what it was like to go on a date, haven't asked anyone out in a long time. The only person I want to date I see every day at work and that would just be a huge mistake. Although, thinking of her his smile was wistful, just picturing her hair pulled back, a few stray strands, her elegant neck and bright blue eyes. Yeah, he thought, that's who I'd like to take out somewhere, dancing maybe?

"Hey Dad?"

"Hey Parker"

"Do you have to kiss a girl on a first date?"

"No Parker, you don't have to. If the date goes well and you think you'd like to see her again, you can give her a kiss at the door, maybe on her cheek or on her hand when you say goodbye. If she likes you, she may even lean in and kiss you goodnight, but you don't have to, you can hug or shake her hand too-What's with all the date questions bud?" Booth answered heading down the hall to his son's room. Pushing lightly on the door, he saw Parker sitting on the floor, his cell phone in his hand. "Who're you talking to Park?" Booth asked.

"Eric-we were trying to figure out how to ask a girl out and how much money we would need, and, well…you know, his mom is single and you are single so he's been asking her questions and well…we were…ummm…just trying to figure it out"

"Parker-tell Eric goodbye-we need to talk"

"Eric-hey I have to go, my dad wants to talk to me. No, I'll tell you in the morning…I think so, would she? I don't know, my mom might…"Parker said into the phone, the whole time his dad motioning him to hang up, "okay, yeah tomorrow, okay bye." Hanging up the phone Parker jumped up on his bed and looked up at his dad, Booth sat down on a chair that he had spun backwards and got close to his son.

"Parker-were you and Eric trying to set me and his mom up on a date?" he asked, trying not to make his son upset.

"NO!" Parker said with a giggle, "that would be funny though-although she did tell Malcolm's mom that you had a nice butt at football practice" he laughed a little more and smiled at his dad. "No, I was thinking about asking a girl out myself" raising his chin and puffing up his chest a bit, he almost dared his dad to laugh at him.

"Really? You don't think you're a little young to start dating?" Booth could see how sensitive his son was to this and wanted to treat him like a man, not a boy, but still wanted to laugh out loud and hug him.

"Dad-I'm 8, I'll be 9 in three weeks, I think that it is time I grew up a little. I've talked to mom and she said if it was okay with you, she would take me to our date and you could pick me up. I just didn't know how much money I would need, and whether I had to buy flowers and..well…I'm not sure about the kissing part. That's kinda of gross, but maybe I could shake her hand?" He looked at his dad; his eyes so like Booth's filled with pride, defiance and slightly scared. "So-if I ask her, will you pick me up?"

"Is Eric asking someone too?" Booth asked Parker, "Is this like a double date?" he was trying so hard to keep a straight face.

"No, just me, he's still got 6 more months until he is 9" Parker said with a slight sneer, "besides, he doesn't even like girls, he thinks they're dumb"

"Well Parker, some of them are, just like boys are dumb too, you know" Booth said.

"Not this girl" said Parker, "this girl is the smartest girl I've ever talked to in my whole life! She's even smarter than you dad!"

"Really? Wow-she must be really smart then, because I'm an FBI agent and you have to be pretty smart to do that" Booth told his son with a smile. "I know dad, but this girl is very smart, and she's pretty too-almost as pretty as mom!" his voice dropped down to a whisper, "but, don't tell her that ok? Mom's pretty sensitive about that kind of stuff you know."

"What does this beautiful genius look like" Booth asked his son trying to remember if there were any girls that would have turned Parkers' head at school.

"Well, she's taller than me, she's got blue eyes and brown hair and she's not afraid of gross stuff, she likes dead things and she smells real good too."

Booth thought of a tall, blue eyed brunette while Parker was talking to him and he thought, yeah my girl smells good too, and she's wicked smart, not afraid of anything and is prettier than your mom. Booth men have the same taste in women it appears, he thought. "Parker, if you want to ask this young lady out on a date, I would be happy to pick you up afterwards, her too if she needs a ride. Do you think she will say yes? Have you given any thought to where you would like to go?" he asked him.

"I think she will say yes, she's very nice, but I don't think she will need a ride home-Eric said I should ask her to go to the Discovery Center and then to the park for ice cream, since you can walk there. But, I thought maybe I'd like to take her to the zoo. They have new baby alligators there and I know girls like baby stuff, so maybe she'd like that?" he answered hopefully, his pleading voice for his dad's approval of his good idea very evident.

"Yeah Park-I think that would be a great date" Booth answered huskily his chest swelling with pride and his emotion evident. "I think she would like that-do you want to get her some flowers? I can loan you some money?"

"I have $28 saved up from my chores and from mom…um…how much are flowers?" he asked.

"Well, I think $28 will get you into the zoo, get you an ice cream and still let you buy her flowers, but let me spot you $10 just in case, okay?" Booth told him, "When do you think you'd like to ask her?"

"I think I'd like to ask her on Sunday. I know she's not busy that day because she doesn't go to church and I come over here on Sunday's anyway, so that would work out okay?" He said, yawning.

Looking at the clock above his bed, Booth saw that it was 20 minutes past his bed time. "Why don't we talk more about this at breakfast champ? You need to get ready for bed right now, although, I think Sunday would be great." Booth told him getting up, "Get into your jams, brush your teeth and come see me when you're done, okay Park?"

"Okay dad-and dad, thanks" he said, getting up and giving him a hug, "thanks for not laughing at me"

Booth knelt down in front of his son and looked him straight in the eye, "I'll never laugh at you Parker-I think you have thought this out, you are well prepared and I'm proud of you, I think this is good idea and I would never laugh at you, never" standing up, he gave his son a hug and left so he could get ready for bed.

Going into the living room Booth shook his head at his son, what a great kid. He wanted to know how not to mess up a date and how to do it right, at 8! Well, almost 9, but still! He knew that he was at least 11 before he had thought to ask a girl on a date, and he for sure would never have thought to ask his dad or his pops that kind of stuff. I'm a lucky guy; I've got a great kid he thought.

Parker came in a few minutes later and gave his dad a hug and told him good night, he had said his prayers and brushed his teeth also without being asked a second time. "Wow" Booth said under his breath watching his son walk back down the hall, "you're certainly growing rather quickly Parker Booth."