Double Date Mayhem

Chapter 2

Parker's Jr. High class wandered through the exhibits and suffered through the battle explanations for what seemed like years, but was really only a couple of hours and then the teacher announced that they would be going to the cafeteria for lunch. Arriving in the cafeteria, the kids were let loose to choose from a vast array of food, all of which was prepared on sight, everything from macaroni and cheese to steak and potatoes. Standing in line for the made to order sandwiches, Parker was looking around the room to spot his friends. Just as he got to the front and was paying, he saw the trio of scientists walk in and he waved to catch their attention. Seeing his wave, Angela waved back and pointed to a table by the windows. Nodding, he grabbed his tray and said, "See you Connor" with a big grin and he held his head high threading the tables to reach the one where his extended friends and family sat. The kids that were already seated watched him in awe. The guys were impressed with the two lady scientists and the girls in his class? Well Jack was pretty nice to look at too. Parker sat down and smiled shyly at Angela before greeting Jack and then turning to Dr. Brennan and asking how she had been since he'd last seen her. "I've been excellent Parker, I have been able to work on my latest novel quite a bit as there hasn't been any fresh cases to work on, and I've been working on some remodeling plans for my apartment. What about you?" she asked, spearing a tomato from her salad.

"Oh you know baseball, school, the usual. Are we still on for Tuesday?" he answered.

"Of course, you and your dad are always welcome for macaroni and cheese" she winked and smiled.

"How come I've never been invited for Mac and cheese? "Angela asked, "I like it too."

Jack interceded on Dr. B's response, "Probably because this way she gets to spend time with Parker, I mean another couple of years and he's going to be going to high school, dealing with girls and all that stuff, right Park?" he grinned at the blush that appeared on his face.

"Yeah, although I'm already into girls Jack" he said slyly.

Angela pounced on this announcement, "Anyone in particular? Anyone here?" she asked, looking around at which girls would have caught his eye.

Laughing around his mouthful of sandwich and nodding, he said when he was done chewing, "Yeah, a particular girl and she's here, but that's all you will get out of me Angela."

Angela laughed and said, "Okay Parker, I'll leave you alone." She winked at him and the four of them continued their lunch chatting about his classes and what his plans were for the summer. When lunch was over and the students had to gather again to be counted and loaded back on the bus, Parker asked, "Dr. B, do you want to come to my game on Saturday? Maybe we could get lunch afterwards?"

Brennan thought quickly about what she had planned to do on Saturday. She had planned on coming to the lab to work on some bones from limbo. "I don't know Parker; I've got some bones in limbo that I was planning on working on."

"Oh come on Sweetie, those bones will be around for awhile, let's go to his game, it sounds like fun! That is Parker, if you don't mind me inviting myself?" Angela jumped in.

"Oh no, I don't mind, I'd like it if you came," he said shyly. He was thinking that he would make sure that his uniform was nice and crisp and that he played better than his best game if she was to come.

"Angela, you're right, I can work on those bones on Sunday instead, Parker, I'd love to come to your game. Where is it at and what time is it?" Brennan said.

Parker gave them the details and then told them he'd see them then as he threw away his trash and headed over to join his classmates. As the kids filed out of the cafeteria, Parker waved good bye to his friends and quickly made his way over to Malcolm and Conner. "Angela and Dr. B are coming to my game on Saturday, I need a way to get Dr. B and my dad together, got any ideas?"

Jack, Angela and Dr. B headed out of the cafeteria and back to their offices, saying goodbye at the doors to the lab, Brennan went into her office and Angela turned to Jack and said, "I get the feeling that Baby Booth is up to something with Brennan, did you get that vibe too?" Jack nodded and said, "I thought the same thing, perhaps he's thinking it's time he tried his hand at a little match making. I noticed he didn't mention that Booth was going to be there too."

"Yeah, I wonder if Brennan realizes that." Angela mused, thinking of her friend. Jack was actually wondering if Angela realized that Parker was also crushing on her pretty hard. He grinned to himself and decided that this was going to be an interesting time in their lives. He and Angela had been apart for some time now, and although he knew that he would move heaven and earth to be with her again, she wasn't ready for it. He knew too that teenage guy crushes on older women were a rite of passage that had to be seen through to the bitter end.

"What's that grin for Hodgins?" Angela broke into his reverie. "What? Oh nothing" he said as he headed to his station. Angela watched him walk away, her brow furrowed. Thinking to herself that he knew more than he was saying she went into her own office.

Brennan settled in at her desk and was staring at a blank screen. She'd intended to write a little on her book but was feeling somewhat at a loss. She thought about her conversation with Parker and wondered if agreeing to go to his game was a good idea. She assumed that Booth would be there as well, possibly Rebecca and Brent too. She wasn't sure if it was appropriate for her and Angela to come after all. She and Booth often did things together in a friendly capacity on their days off, and of course, Parker always joined them for dinner on Tuesday nights, but this seemed different somehow. This seemed like it was more like a 'family' outing. Angela was coming, so there was still another person involved, so it wouldn't actually be like a date or anything. It would be a friend of Booth's going to his son's baseball game that seemed to be a pretty normal event in social norms. Shaking her head to try and focus she was again distracted by thoughts of Parker and Booth. Sitting on her desk in a little gold macaroni covered frame was a picture Parker had given her years ago. It was him and his dad on the carousel at the park; he must have been about 4 or 5. She picked it up and looked at it closer.

Parker was going to develop into a very handsome man, very much like his dad. She'd noticed today that he was starting to fill out and facial characteristics of his fathers' were becoming more evident. Looking past Parker to Booth, she was a little unsure of the hitch in her chest. Booth was her best friend, closer to him than to even Angela in some ways; she'd always respected and admired him, both as an agent of the FBI but as a father and friend. She'd felt her body's natural attraction to him as well, but always attributed it as a normal human response to visual stimulation. Looking at the picture of him, 6 years or so ago, she wasn't quite sure to make of the feeling she had now.

Just then her thoughts were broken by the man himself coming into her office, "Hey Bones, what are you doing?" he asked, as per usual a smile on his face. Setting the picture down, she turned her blue eye gaze to him and said, "Oh just trying to work on my book, what are you doing? Do we have a case?" she started to rise to grab her kit.

"No, no case, just got bored working on some paperwork and thought I'd come over to see if you wanted to have lunch?" he sat on her desk, his jacket unbuttoned and his leg dangling over the edge. "Oh, well I already had lunch, thank you." She said sitting back down.

"You did?" he looked disappointed, "Why didn't you call me?" he pouted.

Rolling her eyes at his little boy antics, she said, "I was invited to join Angela and Hodgins in the cafeteria for lunch. Parker was there too, we had a very enjoyable meal."

"Parker was here?" he asked incredulously wondering why his son didn't call to tell him he was coming over.

"Didn't you know about his field trip?" she asked confused.

"No, neither he nor Rebecca mentioned it." He said wondering why.

"Oh, well he was here with his school, they apparently toured the museum and then had lunch and then they were on their way to the monument district." She explained.

"So how was he? What did you all talk about?" He asked, settling into her couch. The whole time he was internally debating whether to confront Rebecca or not, he was upset that he didn't even know his son was coming today, but his partner did. Wait a minute he thought, if she knew he was coming why didn't she say anything to him?

"We talked about his summer plans, school, the science club, he and Angela and Jack talked about girls and…" Brennan paused, she wasn't sure, but thought maybe she shouldn't say anything about being invited to his game.


"Oh, and his uhhh...friends." she finished lamely. Booth saw right through that, Bones couldn't lie at the best of times and never to him anyway.