It was raining when he first saw the child. He, for all of his powers, did not see or hear the child. No, it was the cries of a dog that alerted him to the presence in the alley. The cries were pained, and it was the pure terror in the sound that caused him to investigate.

Walking down the alley, he approached the noises. To his surprise a small child was causing the terror in the canine. The child would slice a bit of fur off, and lick the blood from the strip of flesh. Once all the blood was gone, he would repeat the process, thus causing the dog to cry out.

Alucard studied the boy, for the behavior he was displaying was unnatural. He could smell no sign of a vampire on the child, and he knew that the child was human. What he could not explain was the reason for the child's actions.

Finally done with his perusal of the child, he made his presence known. Alucard knew he was a sight. He had just finished killing a small group of vampires that resided in a nearby church. Alucard knew for a fact that he was dripping blood onto the alley way floor, and that he smelt of gun-powder. Yet, even with all these negative facts, the child did not run away screaming in terror.

No, it did the opposite of what Alucard was expecting it to do. The child just continues it's strange behavior. When the dog had finally lost consciousness or died, Alucard did not care for a lowly form as it, the child finally looked up. It was with eyes that practically glowed green that the child looked at Alucard.

The eyes were surprising, Alucard acknowledged that. He took the time to Look at the face which had been hidden by shaggy ebony hair. It was a small elfin face that looked back at him. With small eyebrows, and large luminous eyes. The skin was as pale as his own, and the child's lips were a crimson color. Alucard suspected that they were naturally red, and that the blood from the dog only enhanced their color.

So busy with examining the child, Alucard missed when it began to move. When a hand reached out and grabbed his crimson cloak, he was surprised. The surprise slowly melted into amusement as the child took his hand away from the cloak and licked off thee residual blood. The amusement grew into pleasure as he saw the child go back for more of the blood dripping off his cloak.

Filled with humor at the situation, Alucard reached a hand down to touch the child. When the child moved to suckle at his fingers, he belatedly realized his hands were drenched with blood. Taking a firm grip on the child's face, he made it look at him in the eyes.

Alucard saw nothing within those emerald eyes. They were as empty as if the child was already dead. When the child's tongue flicked out to lick the remaining blood off it's face, Alucard saw the eyes fill with contentment. 'What a strange human child. If it were not for his eyes and the scent of it's blood, I would have thought it was a vampire.'

He was brought away from his thoughts by the quiet rasp of the child's voice, "Different."

"What is different, Child?" Alucard amusingly asked.

"Blood. On your hands. Different." rasped the child.

Indeed the blood on his hands would taste different from the blood the child had been consuming. Not only was the blood not from an animal, it was from the vampire he had killed earlier in the evening.

It was an interesting child that he had run across that evening. That a human could so easily amuse him. There were several things that caused him to make a decision, and these were just a few of them.

Taking the child into his arms, Alucard strode away from the alley. When he finally left the alley's mouth and had moved onto the sidewalk proper did he pose his question.

"What is your name?"


And vampire and human child left the village.

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