They call us rangers on purpose. We protect Pokémon and they protect us. We work together to protect nature and endangered species. That is what, Jackie and I (the name's Brent, by the way) do for a living. We protect endangered species such as Cresselia, Farfetch'd, Lapras, Stantler, etc. from poachers.

I walked over to Jackie, whom had a file in her hands. She smiled and handed it over to me. "Let's see…," I read:

"Species: Cresselia. Type of emergency: urgent, needs to be taken care of immediately. What's happening: Cresselia are being hunted down and shoved into crates so poachers can sell their feathers in pillows and fed growth hormones so that their feathers will grow back faster. Clients: Jackie and Brent. Dangerous?: Yes, guns are allowed if poachers go out of hand."

"This sounds extremely dangerous…," Jackie sighed. "I don't know if I want to do this." I smiled and hugged her.

"Jackie, we can do this, let's go. Let's be careful. I have to do this… Cresselia is in my family's crest. I can't let them destroy such a beautiful bird like them… they have always been a part of me. If a Cresselia dies, then a part of me dies…. C-come on…"

"Brent… yes… let's go, come on, we need to get ready."