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Tony Dinozzo was a hated man.

Somewhere out there was an infinite list of people who hated him, who loathed him.

Five different schools, three different forces, and a federal agency helped write that list.

Every week he made a new enemy, someone that wanted revenge, whether they carried out their plan or not, they had one.


That was where the list got its thickest.

There was probably once a time, when he was just a wee probie at NCIS, where women were the only enemies he made. The list was endless…

And when it came to putting away the bad guys, now that list was probably longer than Santa's naughty list. Some of them didn't even know his name, yet they wanted him dead.

"Go to hell."


"Get a life."

They muttered as the silver bracelets tightened around their wrists.

Some of them got their revenge, some of them planned their revenge, some of them forgot about their revenge. But they all remembered him. He ruined their lives, caused their lives to spiral downwards. They lost their jobs, their family, their friends, their dignity and pride.

How could you not hate a man like that?

And he didn't have much luck with other agents either.

Most of the FBI knew him by name, some by face, and some by stories. But they weren't all good, in fact none of them were.

And the lady's in the evidence garage didn't appreciate his sexist humor either. The techies in MTAC hated his constant commands. And don't even get me started with the people in human resources.

But at the end of the day, Special Agent Anthony Dinozzo sat comfortably at his desk, surrounded by the team.

Abby, Jimmy, Ducky, McGee, Ziva, and even Gibbs all relaxed around the bullpen, unwinding from today's case. Just sitting there, laughing, eating Chinese food, and enjoying each other's presences.

Tony looked around.

With friends like these, who need enemies?

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